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  1. Shockwave games issue

    Thank you guys for all the suggestions, I will try these tonight and cross my fingers that something works!
  2. Shockwave games issue

    Alright,I'm sure this has come up in the past but I've been trying all night and am getting incredibly frustrated. Do the shockwave games (Attack of the slorgs, dice escape... etc.) just not work anymore? I usually use chrome then read shockwave isn't compatible so then I downloaded internet explorer 32 bit since my operating system is Windows 10 64 bit, downloaded shockwave on there but when I go to play a game it still says that schockwave isn't installed. I've been banging my head against the desk all night and googling for an answer but I've come up short. Anyone have any solutions? I don't like having 3 avatars that I'm unable to get because I can't even access the games
  3. Daily Dare

    Yayy!! Super excited to start another round of DD, glad that it's finally really up and WORKING! Good luck to all, hopefully there will be some decent prizes along the way :)
  4. Daily Dare

    Glad I'm not the only one! I love Show Low! We've talked about buying a second place there to get away from the God awful Phoenix heat in the winter
  5. Daily Dare

    Am I going crazy or was there a newsflash earlier that Daily Dare was back? I saw it on the front page earlier and now it seems to have disappeared... I clicked it and it still had all my prior stats for last years challenge so maybe they just goofed up and it wasn't quite ready yet. Does anyone know if DD is supposed to start in the near future? Looking to best AAA this year :)
  6. Who Wants The Neomail Addict Avatar?

    Great idea! My username is tenacioustears. Let the neomails start to fly!
  7. What's your Achievement today?

    While out for a stroll, shashashakeit looks down and finds 15,325 NP on the ground. Today looks like a lucky day! I've never had a random event finding that much money :rock: While out for a stroll, shashashakeit looks down and finds 15,325 NP on the ground. Today looks like a lucky day!
  8. Mortog Smooch Avatar

    Thanks everyone! I'm determined to get this thing, about to go play it about a bazillion more times until it finally decides to stop being difficult and just gives it to me :)
  9. Mortog Smooch Avatar

    That's what I was afraid of. Thanks for the input! Fingers crossed I can get it soon so I can stop playing that wretched game :)
  10. Mortog Smooch Avatar

    How long has it taken those who have it to get it? I can get three in a row and then it seems like it's impossible to get that fourth one correct. I think this is purely based on luck but does anyone have any tips?
  11. Hang Out and Post

    I know how that is! Between work and school I have had absolutely no life. Now that it's summer break it will be nice for both of us to spend a little more time doing the things we enjoy- like Neo! Welcome back :)
  12. Who is the most famous person you have ever seen/met?

    The most famous person I've met is Steve-O from Jack*** . He is super skinny and sick looking in real life and can go from being cool to snapping at someone in 2 seconds flat. It was an interesting experience...
  13. The Big Bathroom Issue

    I really don't understand why this is even a debate. People have been using whatever bathroom they want for a very long time and I don't think anyone has even noticed. It's not like there is a bathroom police. To me the fact that people automatically correlate using whatever bathroom you feel comfortable in with rape is mind boggling. If a person is going to physically attack another person in the restroom, I highly doubt it being illegal to be int here in the first place would keep them from doing so. There are doors on the stalls in women's rooms since everyone seems more concerned with the women's restrooms being shared. It's not like there's a big long hole in the ground and everyone has to do their business next to one another. If I walk into the restroom and some big burly man with a beard walks into the stall next to me more power to him. How about we all just go to the restroom and not worry about who's relieving themselves in the next stall?
  14. Hating your pet's name

    Luckily I don't put too much stock in my Neopets names because when I first started my now main account I was obsessed with Gossip Girl. I named all my pets after my favorite characters in the show and thought it was the most clever thing I have ever done. Oh how times change!
  15. The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    The ray is fired at shashashakeit... ... and he gains 3 strength points!!!! Your eyes recover quite quickly after the giant explosion, but that's more than you can say for your Petpet. The Kookith is kind enough to sweep up Spiffy for you and you head home. Meh. Come on petpet lab ray... my poor pile of soot :(