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  1. GamNep

    (sort of) new here!

    i think at one point i must've had around 20 of the plush toys! i still have most of them. not a lot i know, but it was hard for me to find the plushies. i have a bunch of the ones from mcdonalds, and maybe about 5 of the regular plushies. if i'm ever in goodwill or at a flea market and see anything neopets related i'll still snatch it up! i actually had more figures than plushies now that i think about it. i had this faerieland playset too, that was so awesome... but i think my mom gave most of my figures away. ;-; i also had this oval shaped card reader with mini figures, and a blue robotic kacheek toy.
  2. hi there! i joined the boards about 2 years ago but never actually posted anything until a few days ago. still a lot of things change in 2 years so i kinda wish i picked a better username lol. anyways i figured i would introduce myself on here as i learn how the forums work and such. i've liked neopets since around 2004, and been playing since 2007, but my current account was started in 2014. i started by collecting the plush toys a few years before i made my first account, but what got me really into neopets were the video games; the darkest faerie, and petpet adventures the wand of wishing. anyways feel free to add me on neopets - i will accept any friend requests. though i've been playing for a while but i still consider myself a casual user.
  3. GamNep

    Tarla's Toolbar Treasures

    http://www.neopets.com/freebies/tarlastoolbar.phtml Circa 10:25 AM NST - got a Purple Zafara Gnome Plushie
  4. GamNep

    Welcome to February!

    I finally got through the lag to get my monthly freebies!! :))
  5. The lag is letting up at least a little bit for me. But it's still driving me insane!!! My current is hungry and I don't think I can get through to feed him without it taking forever. ;-;
  6. GamNep

    What Tablet do you use?

    I use a really old Wacom Bamboo tablet (I'm not sure exactly which one it is) and Paint Tool Sai. And I usually upload to dA - if I upload at all; I'm pretty insecure about my art cuz I'm not very talented lol. :x
  7. Did I say how much I wish I could change my username 

  8. GamNep

    What's Going On with Neopets??

    I'm having problems today too; every page takes an incredibly long time to load for me. I've tried on the school's library computer, on my laptop, and on my phone, and with several different browsers, and nothing's working. Eventually it will load but a lot of the images don't show up. The past week I've been having trouble with the Battledome too, actions time out more than usual. I figured it was just the abysmally bad internet connection I have at home but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was connected to the new Wraith stuff as well.