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  1. YES!!!! A friend showed me this a few years ago (I think it was a McFlurry and some particularly crispy/salty McDonalds fries), and it was instantly delicious. It never tastes the same when I do it at home though, it definitely has to be fast food milkshakes and fries.
  2. I meant to join Sway, wasn't paying attention when I clicked, and I accidentally joined Seekers. Oops. If Sway wins, I'm going to feel pretty dumb! :P
  3. I love the birthday cupcakes, they're such a cute addition to the site. Just a quick warning though: you can only collect 1 cupcake per day, so if you have two pets with the same birthday, only one of them will give you a cupcake. (But the cupcake can be fed to any of your pets, regardless of which one's birthday it came from.)
  4. Yes. And you should have to do a ReCaptcha to refresh the Shop Wizard, and to visit the Healing Springs, and oooh, how about a ReCaptcha for every single stock you buy -- want to hit your 1k daily limit? THAT'S 1,000 "which squares feature a sign?" FOR YOU!!!! :rolleyes_anim: :rolleyes_anim: :rolleyes_anim: :rolleyes_anim: :rolleyes_anim: :rolleyes_anim: :rolleyes_anim:
  5. My current high score on this game is laughably low. Oh well. Looks like another game avatar I'll never get! :) Haha.
  6. YES! The greenery growing on them is totally the key to a nice relic pet. The Relic Peophin is my favourite because it has just enough greenery that it doesn't get overwhelming (unlike the Relic Jetsam, someone get on a gardener on that pet stat!) Otherwise, without any greenery to make them look like abandoned statues, the pets just look... grey.
  7. It's been a week (although in the world of Neo support, 'only' a week would be a fast turnaround!), but any update on this situation?
  8. Congrats on those events! But I think they were probably coincidences, as this September Faerie Festival is just a themed day and totally unrelated to all the Faerie quest stuff that happens in February.
  9. Considering we didn't get any new colours last year, I had my hopes up for Poogle Day this year, and I'm a bit disappointed with what we got. I'm not a huge Relic or Biscuit fan to begin with, and although the Relic one has some cute details, I'm not sold on the Biscuit -- is it just me, or does it look a bit... mouldy?
  10. That is the cutest Petpet I've ever seen! What is it? I MUST have it! :D
  11. scannerj


    WHOA, you're right! I had no hope that TNT would ever get around to fixing something as 'minor' as the Concert Hall bands, but lo and behold, I was able to watch Chomby and the Fungus Balls today! Very cool, well done TNT.
  12. THIS IS SO COOL! It's awesome how creative the Neo community is, to the point where they care for games that TNT has abandoned! I'm excited to try out the alpha version, thanks so much for doing this!
  13. I'm not a huge Vandagyre fan, but I love Chocolate pets, and this is cute enough to make me consider getting a Choc Vandagyre! LOVE the candy corn toes, the beak is a little weird, but the wafer cone tail makes up for that. TNT did a good job on this one!
  14. Echoing everyone else saying that I've definitely got my eye on the stamp -- but not sure what else, might hang on to my points for a bit longer without spending until prices for the prizes stabilize a bit and we can see what's gonna retain its value long-term.
  15. This is a really helpful thread, thank you -- just starting to seriously train my BD pet and I was wondering this same thing. :)
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