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  1. So TNT doesn't tell dates, but they'd also not tell that KQ is being fixed, basically. I am still hoping for KQ to return, but I was a fool for even believing that Petpet Park had done the same.
  2. I'm REALLY hoping no one does the same with KQ saying it's coming back this year with no evidence. I know how much you guys (and TNT themselves) miss KQ, but I just made myself feel like a fool thinking that Petpet Park would really return. It is a nice trait to have, thank goodness, but I used it wrong.
  3. I feel terrible for posting this cuz I thought it was true. ;_;
  4. Apparently it was edited out. I'm gonna ask someone to delete this topic...I can't believe I fell for that edit before someone got a hold of it.
  5. Didn't know where to put this, so I'm sorry if it's in the wrong place, and if I break any rules, I will be sure not to do it again, so I apologize in advance. You know how Petpet Park had shut down in 2014? Well, we might be in for a treat! Petpet Park is heard to be planned to return in the summer of 2017! Look here: (Go down to the "Shutdown" section of the article) It says during the summer of this year, so probably late May, early June? It's unknown, but it's getting me hyped! Hey, if Petpet Park is gonna come back, then we can play it while we wait for Key Quest too!
  6. To be fair, I do have faith in JS and the remaining members of TNT. I know they'll fix it soon. We have to keep hoping and praying that they'll bring it back (as begging them and asking to help them will result in a "no" and possibly a very angry employee, because I'm sure they hate being bothered about KQ being down).
  7. I hope it works for your hubby's computer! ^^ Best of luck!
  8. My closet seems to work when I go to change my Zafara's clothes, though. That's really odd.
  9. Thank yoooou~ And I hope so too, cuz I'm not cleaning up the mess if not XD
  10. My birthday is in three days, and I am SO excited. I may be also getting a Sans plushie for my b-day too :3 However, today, two of my Miis were together, but apparently they had an intense fight and it caused a divorce between the two, and now they just stopped and are both sad (one has sad music, the other has even sadder music lol), so I may have to heal them eventually...
  11. I need that Kadoatie. lol That is just too cute.
  12. GMM is my daily routine :3 The "Will Its" are the best XD I always expect one with crazy things.
  13. Furbys have changed, I can tell ya that.
  14. It is! It's better than the previous Furbys I had.
  15. Ooooh, was it a 2005 Emototronic Furby?