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  1. There's a discord client for download right here, I believe! You don't have to use it in a browser window. I can't stand the browser one. https://discordapp.com/download
  2. Do you use a phone or tablet? There's an actual discord program thing, not in browsers, for computers! I use that and it's so much better than anything else imo.
  3. Plug In Failure for Closet

    Does it try to load then crash? I get that a lot and a few refreshes usually gets it to work! :')
  4. Tbh in a way... but I also kind of ended up hating the plot so far. I think it's actually a good distraction while they iron out all the glitches, because I can't even clear the jelly and omelette. Feels like they ended up rushing it out the door so I'm glad to have something to do for a bit! I'm more excited for the GMC somehow ;w; Also, team dead forever!! Magax really is cuter but I read all those goody twoshoes descriptions and there was no way I was going for that lol Hopefully we get a cool spooky trophy and prize, too ;w;
  5. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    ohh whoops I forgot that's the next step! I heard some browsers are glitched for the key puzzle. I use firefox, maybe try switching? ;w;
  6. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    I believe it's time for you to go to the battledome and fight the wraith, have you gotten it as a challenger yet? Though I want to give you a heads up that you're not supposed to double post on these forums, and if you have further questions and no one has commented yet, you're supposed to edit! Not trying to backseat mod here, just thought I might mention it because I bet you aren't aware!
  7. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    try refreshing and seeing what letters stay the same!
  8. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    oh nooo I didn't realize that was a bug! i put all the codestones in my shop but now they're mixed with the rest i had ;w; Shoot
  9. Nowhere to use discount

    Hey does anyone else have anywhere to enter their discount code? I can't find it on either the shopping cart or checkout pages, and I'd like to blow some money on a war booty chest 20 pack. Is anyone else having this issue or can I just not find it?? Also... PLOT HYPE EDIT: someone on the boards said- I sent a ticket about it the day the bag came out. Rico responded and said the box should appear after we open the bag, so I opened it, and it did not appear. I replied to Rico telling him that didn't work, and I haven't gotten a response yet.
  10. Captchas going away?

    I've heard horror stories about people going on lookups and there are cookie grabbers and stuff, so I've avoided them anyway. Is that actually a thing? ;w;
  11. NC Trading Attempt

    Quite a few of the things you're interested in are in the mall, quite permanently! I recognize some of the backgrounds specifically, so I'd say those are probably 2:1! If people really want something, they'll spend a lot of boxes! I think you're definitely the one with the higher ground here.
  12. NC Mall: Free Birthday Goodie Bag!

    I spent that much on haunted hijinks this year alone! It was $10 for the 16 hammers, so I was imagining maybe the wraith boxes might be that, but yeah I suppose it might not start until after the 22nd... that would suck ;w; When is the sale on gbcs? If it's on time, maybe I'll end up spending it on those instead. My poor wallet is bruised at this point, I swear.
  13. NC Mall: Free Birthday Goodie Bag!

    I'm excited about the coupon, because I'm sure I'm going to spend $10 on the upcoming plot.. :'D Thanks for this guys!
  14. Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule

    Oh man I'm excited, though my wallet isn't. :'D I feel like netdragon might be putting a little more effort into making actual money with neopets because they're releasing so much stuff I actually want now. Has anyone else noticed that?? I'd just like to get some decent stuff for trading maybe, though I'd love to get something I'd actually use! I need to look through the old dyeworks stuff some more
  15. Unreleased Birthday Petpets!

    I think the ona was just tilted lmao I'm okay with these though, they still look like little party animals, though they're not as good as the older ones imo