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  1. Orange avatar

    Oh gosh sorry, it happened right at the same time that you commented so i thought it must be you! if anyone from here grabbed that from me, maybe you'd wanna share it again too? the items only go up to like 1000 np at most, and most of them are real cheap, so you won't get too much from it anyway :') ohhh noo for some reason i always get them both confused- i was just thinking of the avatar solutions from jellyneo- http://www.jellyneo.net/?go=avatars the tdn tracker is best, yes! well, just shows i'm unbiased, but the tdn people did a really great job with it :') thanks you guys! also thanks for the correction!
  2. Orange avatar

    oh wait omg was it someone else that offered me 100 np and a lupe gnome?? i just assumed it was you and clicked accept ;w; unless you're asking what you need to do to get the avvy, and all you have to do is look at your inventory with all the items there! Sorry if that wasn't you, i didn't even think to look at the name because i only got one offer! EDIT: also, welcome back to neopets! if you want a great way to track avatars, i use jellyneo :') http://thedailyneopets.com/neoavatars/solutions/11/
  3. Orange avatar

    great! glad to help out! :)
  4. Orange avatar

    yep that one! maybe most people have it but if anyone doesn't, i've got their back lol
  5. Orange avatar

    I realized how many item avatars are accessible, and managed to bump myself up to 202 secret avatars! This also means I now have all the items needed for the orange avatar, if anyone wants them! It's not the most expensive avatar to get but it was a hassle to collect all 8 items so I'd be happy to offer them to anyone who still needs the avvy! I don't need anything in return either! It might be cool to even do a lending chain if a few people realize they need it still, but I have no idea how to organize that :'D Lot 420616436
  6. Unreleased Petpet!

    so does that mean he became a zombie and THEN died?? lol
  7. Haunted Hijink's 2017!

    ahaha omgg that's absolutely the perfect way to put it! Just gimme the pizza
  8. Haunted Hijink's 2017!

    i don't normally go for the events but dark and spooky items are just too fun! I actually grabbed the 16 pack this time if anyone has the cash, and is willing to play the russian roulette of trying to buy NC, having this as pretty much a new daily is fun!
  9. nope you're good! the mme will morph through all the different forms it's going to take, and then at the very end when it's all done, they'll all appear in your inventory! maybe even a bonus item if you're reaaally lucky
  10. nope same thing happened to me! lol I had a spooky bori boy and suddenly he was in a beautiful dress~ you can change it out whenever you want!
  11. Wheel of Excitement down?

    this has kinda been happening to me too, though for some reason the top of the wheel is visible so i click it, and when it starts spinning the whole thing loads?? flash has been super screwy for me lately, i wonder if it's flash-related..
  12. Happy Bori Day!

    Oh i suppose that's true! It's just weird to me how they're like, little and curved like a claw, especially inside such large actual-claws haha :') You're right though!
  13. Happy Bori Day!

    aw man i like them both a lot but not in a way where i'm like I NEED THAT i was even not daring to hope for marble because i collect marbles irl, and i like marbles AND boris, but i dunno, it just doesn't jump out at me. I think both the koi and shoyru capture that magical feeling of a marble better. Dang.... I want to love them, and i think they're well done, but they're not great enough for me to use my fountain quest on them haha EDIT: oh gosh do the bone claws inside the transparent bori imply bori claws are meaty? lol oh nooo
  14. Do you know any Neopets artists?

    ohh gosh somehow that went RIGHT OVER MY HEAD
  15. Do you know any Neopets artists?

    if you go to deviantart.com you'll find a lot if you search neopets! a lot of the google image results come from DA if you search for specific pets and stuff haha