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  1. Happy Poogle Day!

    my labrat just got zapped poogle the other day, and I took a close look at him and realize how poogles have this weird baby neck thing going on, where they have that chin and then that neck fold right underneath. I don't know how to describe it other than being like a baby's neck, but I really don't like it haha ;w; I also don't get what the candy is. Like if I didn't know it was supposed to be candy, I'd have no idea! Maybe it's some kind of weird specific delicacy or something??
  2. Unreleased Disco Darblat and Dung Turdle

    oh wow I see someone's puttin' the turd in turdle
  3. Neopets Merch!

    Actually, it's funny for me that you bring this up right now because I finally got into merch! I literally bought a sweet yellow ixi last week to match my boy Elkara, and he just got here. He's so adorable. Then funnily, my family was at a flea market and none of them even know what a neopet is, but they saw a bunch of the little mcdonalds stuffies and somehow knew they were neopets lol My mom said "they just LOOK like a neopet," and they bought them all. Only $1 each! So within a week i suddenly have a lot more cuties in my life ;w;
  4. Pet leveling for battledome

    i've heard a lot of recommendations for turned tooth. It's relatively new, and i picked up a couple for like, 130k i believe? but they do a LOT of damage for something with so low rarity. I heard they rival a lot of stuff you can get from the hidden tower so people advised you to grab those!
  5. Pet leveling for battledome

    From what I understand, movement is useless these days, and the rest of your stats should be balanced. i think you should also keep all the stats even so that you can spend the least amount of codestones to train them as possible, so from my limited knowledge i'd recommend training hp?? I think at a certain level it just gets cheaper to train level only, so that you can make it to the secret ninja school, but i dont' understand it all 100% :'D Hopefully someone with some more knowledge can give you better advice than this haha.
  6. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 113!

    I've seen the prediction be wrong before, but this time I heard the boards are going for seekers too, though that might be wrong! I don't read the boards myself. I tend to wait a day as well, but this time I guess I'll just go with seekers since it seems to be pretty unanimous. I still need that thieves avvy too, dang it. I missed it last time there was a big thief win, due to the predictions being off like i said. :')
  7. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 113!

    seems like word on the street is most people are going with seekers. I prefer the sway, because of Cheaper by the Dozen and Refreshed Quest Request though. I have a fairy quest fortune cookie just sitting there, waiting for the refreshed quest boon haha I'm torn between going with the popular faction, and the one I actually want to win ;w;
  8. So, THIS happened today, now what do I do? D:

    Oh gosh I thought you got banned! Thank goodness it was "just" a p3 lmao I'm jealous you got a zytch! They're soo cute. I got a scoach the other day but no one wanted to buy it so I put it in my SBD Congratulations! That's a nice little chunk of cash there if you can manage to sell it!
  9. rift_gal

    like Mouseykins said, yep! I love morphing potions. Any pet I want that doesn't have an MP is sooo much more expensive to get haha. I was recently wishing maraquan aisha had a morphing potion too. :')
  10. Happy Ixi Day!

    danng the shading on the marble ixi is beautiful, though i can't say i'm a fan of the color ;w; I wish it was less greenish or something, it has a bodily fluid look to it, or maybe beer?? but somehow it also almost feels like an acquired-taste kind of thing and the more I look at it, the more I like it. help. The pastel is really lovely though, and I like that it's not too washed out. The soft purple and yellow is so nice.
  11. rift_gal

    Welcome! Remember that there are also maraquan morphing potions, which are generally a lot cheaper than the paintbrush! https://items.jellyneo.net/search/?name=morphing+potion&cat[]=2&start=450 This should work?? If not, search for morphing potion on jellyneo and go to page ten, the maraquan potions should be there. :) I morphed rometus into a maraquan gelert for 2.5 million
  12. petpet lab ray

    Do you also have the regular lab map? You need to have that before you can access the petpet one.
  13. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 111!

    This is so terrible :c I really hope you get your account back. Especially since it wasn't for you cheating, I think you have a pretty good chance. I heard you just have to be really persistent. I believe in you!
  14. What was your final rank this year?

    Oh wow that's so terrible ;w; I'm glad you guys didn't both get frozen or something, but still, playing all those games and getting nothing to show for it is just painful. The anti cheating measures this year were a little excessive. Though, it's not so much that, but that they don't really seem to have enough staff to deal with all the support tickets they get and a lot of people were just honest players that got caught in the crossfire. I don't think I'll be making much of an effort next year.
  15. What was your final rank this year?

    I made it to rank 3, mostly just playing SoSD. Yooyu ball gives me severe anxiety to the point where i just can't really play it at all haha ;w; Because of my anxiety, I've never done anything more than place in the past though, so I was proud of myself! I could have ranked up more but I just saw some people got frozen and stuff and I thought like, one of my biggest regrets would be if I ended up losing my account for playing in a tournament I didn't really care much about in the first place, so I just sat back, satisfied that I'd done more than just a couple games this year. :)