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  1. Daily Faerie Quests 2017!

    I'm so glad to see they are doing this again! :) Of course like everyone, I have my fingers crossed for a Rainbow Pool dip. I had a Grey Faerie quest today, but got air faerie's blessings. But maybe next time?? Wishing everyone lots of good blessings and at least one dip in the Rainbow Pool! :)
  2. 2016 TDN Christmas Wishlist Gifting Post

    I didn't have any of the items that you wanted that are left on your wish list, so I bought some stuff from your shop so you can use the nps as you wish towards your goals. :D
  3. 2016 TDN Christmas Wishlist Gifting Post

    Oh, what fun :) I'd like to add my lists as well. The first is for Rainbow items and the second for books. :) All of these items are very expensive and/or unbuyable~ I am listing these lists in hopes maybe someone has one laying around collecting dust in their SDB/closet that they didn't know what else to do with. LOL :D But I don't want/expect anyone to buy them. If I don't receive anything, it's totally fine. :) Happy Holidays to everyone~ and I look forward to continue to gift others :) http://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/dolphindreams/ I don't know if the link will post, but here's a link to my gallery~ any missing items would be welcome~ but please don't buy me anything!. :) http://www.neopets.com/gallery/?gu=lavender_unicorns Thank yous :D raven622x~ Half Rainbow Jelly teganrose1~ Rainbow Ice Cream Sandwich rockangel_star~ NPs ranga_muffin~ NPs Spritzieblue~ NC Bright Rainbow Dress and NPs charelan~ Rainbow Pteri Feather Stamp vetski2~ Drink of Good and Evil, Confetti cleanup, Quiggle Facts, Spinacle Spheres Lolly Bouquet, Balloon-shaped Candy Drops, Fruity Kiko necklace, Negg Crayons, Hat Box Stack, Rainbow Chomby Morphing Potion, and Origami Pets 101. bck32808~ NPs rejoyce_20~ Ghi Pharun, Mynci Tail Lollypops, and Courful Zafara Bangles life_eclectic~ Baby Usul Bobble Head marjolein71~ Success Pending Hopping Hasee Toy rn_tracy1_rn~ Classic Uni Jokes, The Holiday Sand, and Tonu Trivia twiggy321177~ Draik Paladin midnight_spell360~ Rainbow Sea Life in Shell Pot, Rainbow Paving Stone, Freaky Factory Plushie, Rainbow Umbrella, Rainbow Divider, The Rainbow Pool, Tangram Bonsai, Negg Candy Bracelet, and Rainbow Propeller Beanie. mouch30~ Angry Xandra Bobblehead jlxy13~ Ryshu Bobblehead, Snowager Bobblehead, Grey Faerie Card, Mynci Box of Candy, Colourful Gazebo, and Eye Pops xxdecemberzchildxx~ Usul Plush and Gumball Gift Set, and Flying Saucers arctic_fox790~ Evil Genius Gummies paperdoll66~ Altador Cup Fanatic Bobble Head and Usul Plush and Lolly Set buizin~ Colourful Zafara Notebook, Gummy Fish, Assorted Gummy Quiggles, and Color Wheel Puzzle. irdalin~Gemmy Beans scooby_shaggy2004~ Yummy Drops firaplays~ Colourful Building Blocks and Colourful Uni Folder ** Everyone has been so amazing, thank you all so much! :)** ~~ I wanted to add that I have listed everyone that gifted me an item for my Rainbow Gallery, on my Rainbow Gallery Thank you list, by your neopets name. BUT if you'd rather not have your name listed, PLEASE let me know and I will gladly remove it for you. :) I also would like to list those who gifted me an animated item on my Moving Items gallery (haven't done it quite yet), but same thing~ just let me know if you don't want to be listed... :)~~