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  1. I have a Kougra(my fave since I was like 3), Lupe, Peophin, Draik, and now a Scorchio
  2. My grandfather is one of those people who is completely against gun control. Like, no one is talking about pistols and rifles, but auto and semi auto guns should NOT be so easy to get.
  3. The main thing that shocked me was that he had like 10 weapons in his hotel room. How in the world do you hide that many?!
  4. Really cool topic! It's a little challenging because there are so many avatars to choose from. That and my dog doesn't know what personal space is lol
  5. So is the Candy color a Lab Ray exclusive? Or is there an actual brush for it?
  6. Labyrinth is my favorite movie of all time. It's so fun
  7. Awesome! You have voted for Marble. Thanks for voting! I ended up going with Marble because there's already a chocolate paintbrush and I always loved collecting marbles when I was little
  8. I'm torn between Marble and Candy...the candy is pretty and has more variation potential, but I also like the texture of the marble and marbles can come in all different colors and patterns...this is difficult
  9. I started playing Neopets again last summer after a long break, so Trudy's Surprise was new to me. I love it! I used to always be so poor because I was terrible at the games :laughingsmiley:
  10. I've always been obsessed with collecting plushies. There's so many and they're all too cute! I like how on Neopets you can collect as much of whatever you want without cluttering up your real house :laughingsmiley:
  11. I'm on chrome and I did all the quizzes for the books. The Puzzles and Games one is the only one that didn't work. It said the same thing you got.
  12. I always loved the Advent Calendar when I was little (free stuff is always nice). The little Snowager is so cute! :laughingsmiley:
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