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  1. got it thank you so much!!!!!!! Happy Valentines Day everyone
  2. i need the theme and already have the card
  3. Welcome to the fourms . hope to see you around also
  4. i had a bunch of stuff i had for the charity corner and when i put them if my SDB they were there but i just checked now its saying i only have 1 of each :( i dont know what happend
  5. @Scoobert_Doo Thanks you very much your to kind
  6. water faerie quest i need help finding The Magic Paw
  7. welcome to the forum glad you made a new account , i recently made a new one too i use to play neopets all the time when i was younger
  8. thanks so much for the reminder just got the avi
  9. free training at the swashbuckling academy is all i know
  10. i keep getting junk but i really dont have much to give lol XD how do you get such good items
  11. such a hard choice but if i were u i would do the pb, grey pets are the cutest im also trying to save for a grey pb ...lets us know what you pick
  12. wow so many lucky people i have yet had anything real lucky happen to me This post has been edited by a member of staff (Spritzie) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please make sure your post adds to the conversation. Please only post if you have had something lucky happen in order to continue the discussion. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  13. i was zapping my petpet and i somehow i lost my only petpetpet in the process . is it because when i zapped my petpet he vanished so the petpetpet went with him?
  14. i sorta know how you feel i was 19 when i found out i was gonna be a mommy and wasnt quite ready but once he arrived all that changed now i have 2 precious boys :) congrats on baby number 3 and good luck :D
  15. i believe this will help this is the site i use to see what items look like on my pets