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  1. Free Jelly has been eaten

    Ah I wondered why I was gifted that!Thanks!
  2. Free Jelly has been eaten

    Well I just got my free jelly lol..they must be slow in catching all the meepits eating all the jelly ;p
  3. Free Jelly has been eaten

    Not sure where to post this so I think I will post it here..the giant jelly in jelly world seems to be ''eaten'' for 3-4 days straight now...at this time I normally do my dailies and have noticed the free jelly still is not back..anyone know whats up?
  4. I just thought of something for the people who have gotten their accounts back..is to screenshot the conversation that they have with the support whether it be tickets and/or email..that way if something like that happens again to your account you can send in the screen shots as farther proof of ownership..when I sent mine in I ended up updating it for 3 days because I had actually forgotten important info regarding the reason of submitting it and got a reply fast..not sure how the system works but updating your ticket often seems to get their attention but I wouldnt do it daily like I did mistakenly Id say atleast once a week would do it for updating.Anyways good luck to all who are trying to get their accounts back!I also noticed on the Neoboards waiting list for tickets people ARE getting their accounts back quicker a bit now..and to make submitting a ticket even easier what you can do is put everything down in wordpad or notepad and just copy/paste it into the correct information fields..it saves alot of time typing it all in
  5. Got my main back yesterday!Apparently my ISP was blocking the password reset emails..Alice had to send me the new one through the support email
  6. Just submitted my ticket..really hope I get an answer sometime soon
  7. Manged to make a side account with no problems..also I was going through old passwords and links I had written down from NP and found I have a few old neoboards links wrote down (this was before I knew how to copy/paste lol) would they consider old neoboards links as proof of ownership aswell?Also is listing it as password/account access help the route I should take?Sorry it has been so long since Ive had to do something dealing with the help/submit a ticket process..one more question does anyone know if Embarq/CenturyLink blocks Neopets emails now?Last email I had gotten was for an event back in Sept this year
  8. Ok thank you guys for all the help!!I will try to make a side account in the mean time.Would it be wrong of me to use the side account to look at my main account profile to help jog my memory of it?Also it might take me more than just the weekend to make a list of as much as I can before submitting my ticket..I know I have redeem codes of NP merch that I got long ago..problem now will be to find them lol.I will try to keep you guys updated on it
  9. Ok!I also just checked my mail again to see if I had any luck of the forgotten password mail coming by chance lastnight turns out nope nothing..should I use the same email I used for my main for my side account or make a new email all together?Sorry if I ask so many questions..but from what I have read many other players have their main accounts frozen if they make a side account or so..I just dont wanna put my main account at risk you know?Sure it is all online but heck I grew up with NP..even had much older accounts which became lost due to email changes years upon years ago so the account I have now has been my main since then.I hate to ask this but does TNT track accounts by use of IP addresses?I was thinking that if I cannot remember a whole lot of my account since I didnt store any info of it that I could send an email to them saying my IP addresses location and if they do use IP as a way of tracking(on other games Ive played this is one huge way of banning players who constantly break the rules)..also does TDN have any lists of like random NP items like grooming, toys etc?I know they have Advent Calendar Dailies listed from the years ago..I have a TON of random junk+some good old Advent stuff in my Safety Box..over the week end I will try to find as much as I can and see if I can make a side account as you suggested and send in a ticket with as much info as my main as possible
  10. Ok thanks!But I am not sure if it would be wise or even time worthy to try and make a side account to submit a ticket about my main account having issues..also I think I will stop trying to access my main account(trying to login to it) fear of possibly mistakely getting it frozen in the process..which is something I dont want..I will have to really try and remember much of my neopets and what I have done over the years..I think I may just wait until monday to maybe email their support since the weekend comes soon dont think it would do any luck sending it out now ...hopefully all these issues get resolved soon sad to see so many players have to have the same issues:/ I might even wait out the issue..but then again the longer I wait the less of a chance Id get of getting my account back
  11. Yes I did check my spam and still have not gotten an email back with the password:/ and that is good my account is still there!!I wonder if my issue has to do with what alot of others are having with the password change?I tried again to get into my account a few hours ago again and was asked for my bday which I put in and was again given the ''you have used up the number of tries'' thing again...so Im not sure what I should do from here..I could try to do the forgotten password thing again but if I did not get the email for it the first time not sure if trying again would do any luck..what would be the best option for me to do from here?
  12. Hi there!Im an old time neopets player just tried to login to my neopets account for the advent calendar dailies and seems I am locked out of my account:( I tried to do the forgotten my password and I never got an email...I have had my account for a long time 10+ years:/ I last logged into neopets in August and my account was fine..I have never had any issues like this regarding my account..and what sucks even more is that I didnt take the time to either right all the tinhs I would need possibly to get the account back or screen shot everything..and I have read the posts on this forum and it seems even if I were to submit a ticket or contact neopets I wouldnt get an answer soon:/ if anything if its not just a few people having this issue it seems maybe something went really wrong with neopets account security..also when I tried to login to my account I tried to put the password in several times to see if maybe I made a mistake with it..and have now run out of ''tries'' to access the account...sucks cuz my new pet drake I managed hatch last year a few days after xmas would be turning a year old this month..if someone could maybe check and see if my account is still on neopets that would really be helpful..try to view my profile animals6662