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  1. What's your Achievement today?

    I got the Mutant Graveyard of Doom II avatar today. It didn't take as long as I expected once I actually read the guide and figured out how to squash the enemies. My high score previously had been 400 something. Note to self- make sure I understand how to play a game before I give up on it for months!
  2. Today's Random Events

    Just got a sort of funny one. Thankfully, it had no effect whatsoever, except to amuse me.
  3. Looking to Advertise an Item to Buy or Sell?

    Does anyone want a Maractite Krawk Morphing Potion ? I'm willing to take around ten percent lower than the price I listed, which is 1.4 million. I am also selling several unbuyable plushies. These include Spring Usul Plushie, Springtime Mynci Plushie, Rainbow Kacheek Plushie, Halloween Grundo Plushie, Usukicon Y9 Collectable Plushie, and Masila Plushie. I can be flexible with all the prices, as long as the offer is reasonable. I changed the focus of my gallery from plushies to food, and I'm selling every plushie I can. Here's the link to my lots.
  4. Meet my Newest Pets!

    I don't particularly care for the name pattern I started when I created my account ten years ago, but I'm sticking with it so new pets don't seem out of place. This is Calamity_4_4. I created her in October when the new pet slot was introduced. I'm probably keeping her dressed for Halloween for the forseeable future, as I like her look. Baby is the only color I can stand on a buzz. Next time I get a fountain faerie quest I'm morphing her to the cheapest buzz color and then getting the Buzzin' avatar and turning her back to baby at the same time. I found it amusing to name a zombie "Relief," but I don't really know why. And this is my beautiful Disaster_2, created as soon as the woodland color became available for usuls. I was able to paint her right away because I got the Magax Vs. Nox Stamp and sols it since I don't collect stamps.I might not keep that petpet. I thought it looked good before I attached and painted it, but I don't think it goes with her. Unfortunately that means I wasted a fire petpet paint brush. I'll decide what to do about that later.
  5. Today's Random Events

    I didn't screenshot the random event, but I got one that said my active pet sneezed so hard she permanently lost a health point. Unfortunately, my battle pet was my active pet :(
  6. So, what are you listening to now?

    I have strange music tastes. I also am clueless about different genres, since I usually find my favorite song's by chance - either on a YouTube video or from riding in a car with my sisters choosing the music. Once I find a good song, I listen to it over and over until I usually get tired of it. The best songs are those that pass "the test" and don't get boring. The last new song I listened to that I really liked was Angel Down by Lady Gaga. It is still "being tested." My favorite song is "World of Stone" from the album The Village Lanterne by Blackmore's Night. Somewhere around second might be "Dead Boy's Poem" from Nightwish's Wishmaster. Mouseykins, you mentioned Nightwish. Do you like older Nightwish songs from when Tarja was the lead vocalist?
  7. Games Master Challenge 2017: Living vs Dead BEGINS!

    Thanks! I had to play again, but this time it worked! I've got all gold checks so far, and really didn't want to mess it up!
  8. Games Master Challenge 2017: Living vs Dead BEGINS!

    I cannot seem to send a score on spinnacles, and it's driving me crazy! Every time I try the success pending hassee just jumps endlessly. Anyone else having that problem?
  9. What's your Achievement today?

    I was almost holding my breath at the end. The timer in this game runs out way too fast for my liking. Ended with a score of 2153. My previous high score was less than half that. Thank goodness for the long extra time code, even though typing it was the reason I lost the round previous to the one I got the avatar in (I unpaused the game at the wrong time). I'm not very good at the fast paced games, so I'm proud of this.
  10. I'm so sorry Anarchy_3_3!

    I named them 10 years ago- I was a teenager. I wouldn't name them that today but I can't change them. The others are Chaos, Mayhem, and Havoc.
  11. I'm so sorry Anarchy_3_3!

    I solved the problem! I got a fountain faerie quest (I had a few faerie quest fortune cookies) and painted another pet, Disorder__36 into a woodland jubjub. I also got a kacheek life potion, and morphed Anarchy_3_3 into a strawberry kacheek, so I no longer have to look at an elephante. I really like kacheeks. Here she is!
  12. Faerie Quest Help

    Here's the cheapest and the second cheapest according to the ssw http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=xxkatie_wxx&buy_obj_info_id=22464&buy_cost_neopoints=1900 http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=nightabsm&buy_obj_info_id=22464&buy_cost_neopoints=1978
  13. Bad Luck On Jhudora Quest

    Really bad luck, especially for level 19. I'm sorry. I tried to get the honey potion once from Illusen, and made it through level 34 with no difficulties. Level 35 (my target), I was asked for an item worth 5 million. I've never even come close to having 5 million np, and if I did I wouldn't spend it to get a honey potion which I was able to buy myself once I'd given up.
  14. I'm so sorry Anarchy_3_3!

    Thank you. There's a chance that I'll keep her as an elephante for a while and morph/paint a different pet into a woodland jubjub. Battle pets are nice to have. I have a maraquan xweetok and a baby koi. I like both designs, but I can't do much with either in the way of customization. I'll have time to decide. if I get a fountain faerie quest, I'll choose one of them. Probably the maraquan xweetok- he was the result of a fountain faerie quest that I recieved when I didn't have a dream pet in mind, soI didn't save up for him. Actually, I like the sea slug design better than the baby koi.
  15. I'm so sorry Anarchy_3_3!

    I morphed the first dream pet I ever achieved from a beautiful woodland jubjub into a gold elephante just so I can use the Elephante Unguent in the battledome. I'm training her to beat the space faerie. My Rejuvenating Jar of Brains was no longer adequate, but most good percentage healers are way too expensive for someone who stinks at saving neopoints. I immediately felt a sense of loss that I'm sure won't go away until she's green and bushy again. I already bought the cheapest jubjub morphing potion, and will begin saving for a woodland paint brush even as I continue to train her. The day that avatar is mine, I'll hopefully have saved enough to get my beloved pet back. In the meantime, I REALLY don't like elephantes.