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  1. My shop somehow got named "Closed Shop." I swear it wasn't me. I can still use it because i was able to empty my shop till less than an hour before noticing that something had happened. This is what my front currently looks like. After noticing, I immediately changed my password and added a pin to my account. Nothing seems amiss otherwise. Any ideas? My account was recently returned to me after being frozen for two months. Is it possible that it's been like that ever since it was first frozen and I'm only just noticing it? I remember that I had to re-price everything when I returned. I hope that's the reason, although I'll feel really silly if it is.
  2. My main account, squirrely520, has been unfrozen! It took about two months and I had given up hope. I am so relieved, and it's just in time for the Altador Cup too!
  3. Got a new high score of 1926 in turmac roll. Nowhere near the trophy, but given that my best yet had been at least 500 points less, I'm proud of it. I was really on a roll for a good while and the high scoring berries definitely helped.
  4. Any one want a Blobikins Pull Along Toy? I'm asking for 150k. My main account was frozen, so I'm selling all the stuff from the gallery of my former side account that has become my main account. Unfortunately, there isn't much of value besides this.
  5. I opened up a ticket about my frozen account the day I realized it was frozen. I opened a ticket about canceling premium a month later (when the money was taken out), and the second ticket has been answered and taken care of (so they said). My first is still open. I'm working on rebuilding after a month of not having the heart to start over. I think I know why they froze me. My side accounts are on different email addresses than my main account. It wasn't to purposefully break the rules. Long after my main account was created, I created an e-mail to direct spam into. I used that for my side accounts to avoid getting a bunch of e-mails that I didn't want. I didn't look closely enough into side account rules. I was frozen a few days after creating a third side account, so I'm assuming that's the reason. Since I really did break the rules, I doubt squirrely520 will be unfrozen. I'm really mad at myself over it, especially all the training that I did over the past year. At least I had little_shade_tail to fall back on, and its based on a make-belief game I played with my sister as a child so I have a connection to the neopets on it. Its going to be a lot of work, especially getting a battle ready neopet trained and getting enough neopoints to do it.
  6. Bad news. My account was frozen last month. In the middle of daily dare and right after I'd decided to try out premium too. I have my side accounts. I can use one as a main account while I'm waiting for my ticket to be answered, right? I fear that my main account is lost forever though, and I'd put so much effort into it that I gave up for a month. Then they took money out of my bank account for premium on my frozen account. Should have sent a separate ticket for that beforehand I guess. Thankfully I was on the monthly plan, so it wasn't more than 8 dollars. To a college student that's a lot though. I think I want to start again. If my account is ever returned to me, can I transfer what I get on my new main account to it?
  7. Maybe this thread can help me. I can play most games, but anything requiring the shockwave plugin hasn't worked on my computer for years. Hannah and the Ice caves used to be my favorite game when I was younger. Thankfully, I got the avatar for the pirate caves before it was too late, because no more Hannah for me. Same goes for attack of the slorgs, which I did NOT get the avatar for. I've clicked the download links and followed the instructions many times on three different browsers and two different computers, but to no avail. I gave up a long time ago but if I thought there was a fix I'd try again. Anyone know what to do? I have Google Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer as my browsers. Firefox was downloaded specifically because I was told a long time ago that it would fix the problem. It didn't.
  8. Sorry for the long buildup to my question. If I'm wrong about what's in the buildup, please correct me. If I'm right, maybe someone will find it useful. So I've become really into battling in the 1 player battledome recently. I started out training my jubjub, Anarchy_3_3, specifically to get the meuka avatar sometime between last years faerie quest event and now. I got it eventually, and kept going. My jubjub has long since gotten me the ghost lupe and the black pteri avatars, and I hope to one day to have her able to beat the space faerie (I have her as a challenger already from one of the pieces of merchandise I asked my dad for years ago- before I even used the battledome). In the meantime, I discovered the usefulness of beating the other challengers within my range for the various prizes. There is something I don't understand though, and I can't find the answer anywhere. According to the source I'm using (Jellyneo's battlepedia) the amount of damage my own neopet can deal with an equipped item (assuming for the sake of simplicity that nothing is blocked by the opponent) is based on her attack stat and the number of attack icons that item deals. The amount of damage she can block with an item is based on her defense stat, the amount of icons of each type that item blocks, and what type of icons she was hit with. Anarchy_3_3 is level 63, has 138 hp, an attack of 81, and defense of 94 (Thank you to the latest faerie quest event for really adding to her training). Lets say she throws a shooting star muffin (15 icons, 5 each of fire, air, and dark). She has the potential to do 30 damage if the opponent blocks nothing or if she uses lens flare, since 81 attack means 2 damage per icon. For defense, lets say she uses the parchment cloak to defend from an opponent with her exact stats throwing the same muffin back at her. It blocks no fire icons, 5 air icons (yes, her intelligence is above 150), and about 2.6 dark icons. 94 defense means 2.5 damage per icon can be blocked. She gets 10 damage from the fire attack, the air attack is completely blocked, and she gets only 3.325 damage (not sure how it's rounded in actual battle) from the dark attack (2.67 icons multiplied by 2.5 blocked per icon), for a total of either 13 or 14 hp lost. First off, Am I right? Main question: do the challengers in the 1 player battledome have stats that behave in the same way? All I can find on different guides regarding the opponents themselves is the hp each has on each difficulty level and each one's abilities and items. It would be nice to know, for example, how much damage Viras Winged Dagger's 8 icons of darkness can do when fighting her at a medium difficulty before I decide what items I should use to go up against her. I could always purposefully take a hit without trying to block anything to satisfy my curiousity, but losing isn't fun and my jubjub doesn't have enough of a hp advantage over medium toughness Vira for that to not be a major risk. Can anyone help answer this?
  9. That warning came too late for me. Every time I play kass basher, I'm reminded of one of the worst bungles I've ever made during a neopets game. You know how there's a very rare chance that you can hit kass with the tree itself? Last December I got that, waited patiently for the wind to be right, hit Kass, held down space bar, and released it at the right time. Then, as he landed, I clicked to bounce him farther. One. Too. Many. Times. I have a farthest whack number that shows every gamein the bottom left of the screen. It reads 1129. I feel like the game is mocking me, as that score never got sent because of that one extra click but it probably won't go away unless I get another chance with the tree. I haven't seen it since. I'm so much better at the timing now, so I bet I could hit it it even farther if I got another shot. My official high score is 987 from within the past week. Imagine the exact same hit except with the tree instead of the bat. Anyone know the numbers of how small the chance is?
  10. Is it cheating to use my side account to find the link to the right shop? I already did, and copied and pasted the link to buy it with my main account. Now I'm a bit worried about whether or not that was allowed. Thank you so much for that link, Charelan- I'll use that from now on. Last years event was great. I got two trips to the rainbow fountain- the first was from the grey faerie, the second was from Naia herself. Thank goodness I got the second one- the kacheek I had active when I completed the quest for the grey faerie was not the pet I'd been saving up for the neopoints for a wraith paint brush for, and she only gave me access for my active pet. I painted him eventide in the hopes that the pretty color would ease my disappointment. It didn't, and a year later he is now a fire acara (and still a work in progress). I continued getting the quests each day, and soon I got another chance. I doubt I'll be that lucky again, but I can hope. I got a fortune cookie to increase the odds. So far this year, I've helped a light faerie and a fire faerie. The pet I'm focusing my training on is now 2 higher in level and 3 higher in strength. Useful.
  11. I'm an impatient person. I tried for a few days to attach a scoach that I'd bought a few years back. I eventually gave up and sold it again. Same thing happened last year with a wormoeba that I'd actually spent some time saving up for. I don't plan on trying again anytime soon.
  12. When I remember to do my dailies, I fish with all four. Because of this, my oldest neopet has the highest skill level and my youngest has the lowest. I had a several years long hiatus from neopets though, and when I'm busy I may either neglect my dailies for long stretches of time or only do Trudy's surprise. Because of that, my 9 and a half year old Aisha only has a fishing skill of 196. I've never gotten anything particularly valuable, but I got the avatar before I was purposefully collecting avatars, which was nice.
  13. I love sea slugs, so my maraquan snowbunny is perfect.
  14. Oh wow! I'd never noticed that about dress to impress before! Another piece to the puzzle, I guess. Thanks!
  15. I painted my jubjub woodland several years back mainly because I loved the way the dark blue eyes look against the green body. A few months after, I was shocked to go to my quick ref page and see that her eyes had lightened and her eyebrows had changed to green. I joined jellyneo forums specifically to ask why the change had occurred (They are boring and inactive compared to here). I think they thought I was making it up though, because when I went to take a screenshot my jubjub looked the same as before so I had no proof. Since then, she looks like the rainbow pool says she should look like most of the time, but sometimes I'll see the changed appearance at one of the pages where her picture is visible. I finally took some screenshots, so you won't think I'm crazy or lying. The first was taken at my quickref page. The second was her preview at the NC mall at the exact same time as the first. Any knowledge as to why this is? Like I said, it has confused me for over a year now.