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  1. Sciurus carolinensis

    premium collectible not there?

    Same problem here. It's not showing up on Jellyneos item database either. Maybe the coding isn't worked out yet. I'm sure they'll figure it out. Who knows how soon it will be.
  2. Sciurus carolinensis

    Avatars: What have you got?

    After I lost about 17,000 np in one go at the lever of doom with no results, I took a very long break. Today I set a limit of 10,000 np and started pulling. I got it on the 3rd or 4th pull. Wow. Also, the mazzew that has been aging on my side account is now 4 days away from 221 days old, so when I move it to my main I'll have another avatar in less than a week. Once that happens, my only petpet related avatar left will be the meowclops one.
  3. Sciurus carolinensis

    Have any of you found your Magma Pool time?

    I found it by accident many years ago. Then stupid me didn't write it down and forgot it. It was sometime before dinnertime, I think. I just haven't looked for it yet.
  4. Sciurus carolinensis

    Plot prizes are here :)

    I got everything you listed plus The Wraith Resurgence Stamp. I don't collect stamps, so I sold it pretty quickly. here's what it looks like.
  5. Sciurus carolinensis

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 134!

    The thieves are the last obelisk avatar I need, so I'm going with them and hoping for the best. I've been training with faerie quests mostly, and my battle pet is ready to take on almost anybody.
  6. Sciurus carolinensis

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    I got silver, but because finals were going on at the same time most days I just quickly beat Abigail and got back to work. I probably could have beat AAA more times than I did, but no avatar for me. 😞
  7. Sciurus carolinensis

    Faerie Quest Help

    Cheapest according to the ssw is 165,000 np Here . Better hurry, because the next cheapest is 310,000 np here Edit- looks like you're a new account. Can you afford it? Check your neomail shortly.
  8. Sciurus carolinensis

    Avatars: What have you got?

    I may have to try again with that one. I gave up the day I lost over 15,000 np pulling the lever and still didn't get it. How long did it take you?
  9. Sciurus carolinensis

    People's pets are turning into wraiths . . .

    I guess I'll put my aisha out front, as she is already a wraith :)
  10. Sciurus carolinensis

    Avatars: What have you got?

    I discarded the ketchup ice cream from my monthly freebies (I always discard gross food), and got this because of it!
  11. Sciurus carolinensis

    Changing Positions/sequence of Pets

    From my experience, they are listed in alphabetical order according to their name.
  12. Sciurus carolinensis

    What's your failure today?

    I just lost about 19,000 np at the lever of doom. Still no avatar.
  13. Sciurus carolinensis

    Pirate Flishy??

    According to Jellyneo's item database, it's not paintable, which might be why it's not listed. Another possible reason is it was just released today. Lucky you!
  14. Sciurus carolinensis

    Thank goodness!

    So I've been trying to get the turmaculus avatar, which of course means losing a petpet. Out of my petpets, only my magmut isn't painted, so I've been waking him up with that one under the assumption that he would be less expensive to replace. Now I'm very relieved that I haven't lost him yet! I just checked my petpets ages, and he is my oldest petpet at 2077 days old. If I paint him a color that the petpet protection league hasn't picked yet (yellow looks like a good choice), I have a chance at a trophy. I'm going to remove my fire grackle bug for safe keeping and replace it with cheaper turmaculus food for the avatar.
  15. Sciurus carolinensis

    A total Doh! moment

    The height limit makes sense. Part of San Francisco is built on bedrock, but part is built on filled in portions of the bay. My parents lived in the bay area at the time of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. The fill under the Marina district where my mom worked basically behaved like a liquid (geologic term is liquefaction). Even small buildings are likely to collapse when that happens, skyscrapers don't stand a chance.