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  1. flcoastallife

    I'm moving to the Japanese countryside!

    HI Fira! Do you mind me asking what company you're teaching with? I'm a teacher in the US but it's always been a dream of mine to teach abroad sometime. Thanks!
  2. flcoastallife

    Show off your galleries!

    I love looking at other people's galleries! My Aisha themed gallery can be found here!
  3. flcoastallife

    2017 TDN Christmas Gifting Post

    Happy Holidays Everyone! I am also a member of The Kindness Project Guild where we do this all year, but I'm so excited for TDN to get in on the fun! Here's my wishlist: https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/flcoastallife/ Let the giving begin!
  4. flcoastallife

    Birthday Question

    Can you tell me more about the birthday events? Where do we get the cupcakes?
  5. flcoastallife

    DonorsChoose Project

    EEK! I'm only $74 away from my project being completed! Every dollar donated matters and I'm so excited!
  6. flcoastallife

    DonorsChoose Project

    Thank you for the suggestion balloongal247. I wouldn't want to break the rules!
  7. flcoastallife

    DonorsChoose Project

    For who ever donated this morning thank you so much! If you let me know your neopets name I'd love to send you a little thank you gift!
  8. flcoastallife

    DonorsChoose Project

    Hi JellySundae! I grew up in FL (hence the name) but I now live in CO. Thanks for the kind words and your friend is lucky to have you to help support her. I agree the system is pretty messed up. I spend hundreds of dollars each year on my classroom from my own pocket and normally I would just suck it up and buy this machine myself but I'm in grad school right now and (you guessed it) my district isn't helping with tuition costs so all of my money is going towards that right now. Anyways- my project is only $179 away from completion right now! and even if you yourself can't afford to donate it would mean so much if you could share my project with maybe someone you know who might be interested. I love how supportive and kind this community is and I'm so proud to be a part of it! You can read about my project here: https://www.donorschoose.org/project/little-learners-need-labels/2646269/?rf=link-siteshare-2017-07-teacher-teacher_3912095&challengeid=20846841
  9. flcoastallife

    DonorsChoose Project

    Hello Friends! For those of you who don't know, I'm a first grade teacher and this summer I've been working very hard on creating a DonorsChoose project for my students. DonorsChoose is a site that allows people to donate to classrooms to help fund important materials that the school district does not supply. My project is for a machine that will allow me to create custom labels and flash cards for my English language learner students. My classroom has an increasing ELL (English Language Learners) population and I know this machine will greatly impact my students' ability to learn English. I have a sponsor match right now so all donations are being matched 100% which is super exciting! If you're interested in learning more about my project or possibly donating please let me know! Thanks!!
  10. flcoastallife

    Official Warning from Neopets Team

    Has anyone ever gotten a neomail from the Neopets team but can't remember ever breaking the rules!? I received this e-mail from TNT today and I can't for the life of me remember breaking this rule. I'm a pretty strict rule follower in most areas of my life and I've searched my memory of when I may have done what they're accusing me of happening. Has this ever happened to anyone else? How'd it turn out? What should I do?
  11. flcoastallife

    Festival of Neggs 2017 has started!

    Does anyone know how long this event usually lasts? I don't want to miss a day :)
  12. flcoastallife

    Welcome To April!

    OMG! You guys have to check out the results of the paintbrush poll! It's pretty funny what wins!
  13. flcoastallife

    Yay for I got a jobbbbbb

    That's awesome! I've always wanted to teach abroad. What program are you working with?
  14. flcoastallife

    Easy Way to get past the Water Plant

    Does anyone know if this method still works? I tried clicking the 8 links and it brought me to the neopets welcome page. Do I refresh these welcome pages or do I refresh the altador water distribution center page? Thanks, Scoobert_Doo I didn't see that they added new links. Thanks for the clarification!
  15. flcoastallife

    Good News & Bad News

    Thanks for all of your help and guidance!