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  1. New to Neopets and TDN

    Hi Oshawott! I'm really glad to welcome you to TDN and I love your usernames (the neopets one made me laugh.) :laughingsmiley: The wish list gifting is coming to an end but if you want to pitch in here is the link http://www.tdnforums.com/index.php?/topic/47691-2016-tdn-christmas-wishlist-gifting-post/:santa:
  2. 2016 TDN Christmas Wishlist Gifting Post

    Ellen I am so sorry about you being stolen from :( :crying_blow: , but at least if you tell a staff member they might be caught. For anyone who wishes to gift me stuff here is a link to my wishlists http://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/cate2013/115523/please don't go onto my other wishlist as I need to update it. I am looking forward to gifting others :santa: but if I give you something it will be vestki2 who will send it to you(I can't gift others yet.) Sent to: midnight_spell360 - a bunch of petpets
  3. I am new to TDN but not new to neopets. I am quite an avid pokemon lover and I am really surprised that no one has taken this username.
  4. Hi there... new guy here!

    Welcome back Satyrus 1! TDN has soooooooooo many cool members and I'm really excited that you're now one of them. :laughingsmiley: :santa: