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  1. Hi Oshawott! I'm really glad to welcome you to TDN and I love your usernames (the neopets one made me laugh.) :laughingsmiley: The wish list gifting is coming to an end but if you want to pitch in here is the link http://www.tdnforums.com/index.php?/topic/47691-2016-tdn-christmas-wishlist-gifting-post/:santa:
  2. Ellen I am so sorry about you being stolen from :( :crying_blow: , but at least if you tell a staff member they might be caught. For anyone who wishes to gift me stuff here is a link to my wishlists http://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/cate2013/115523/please don't go onto my other wishlist as I need to update it. I am looking forward to gifting others :santa: but if I give you something it will be vestki2 who will send it to you(I can't gift others yet.) Sent to: midnight_spell360 - a bunch of petpets
  3. I am new to TDN but not new to neopets. I am quite an avid pokemon lover and I am really surprised that no one has taken this username.
  4. Welcome back Satyrus 1! TDN has soooooooooo many cool members and I'm really excited that you're now one of them. :laughingsmiley: :santa: