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  1. sophie24

    When will lutari's be available to make?

    And the annual Lutari day returns! So excited to be able to add more precious Lutaris to my life <3 <3
  2. I never thought I was going to get this avatar. Thank you so much!
  3. sophie24

    New TDN Forum Member :)

    Welcome! Hope to see you around :) This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Mouseykins) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep posts 7 words or greater. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  4. So I have about 50 or so nc items in my gallery that I want to remove so I can change the theme of my gallery, but that isn't working. I keep getting an "RPC error" It's really frustrating and wonder if anyone knows anything, or if the nc mall items are just broken or what. Any help will be gladly appreciated. EDIT: Figured it out, no need to reply.
  5. sophie24

    Question about current rankings.

    Currently in the way Round 1 scores things/makes standings, Wins (in YYB,SLSL,SOSD) make all the difference. I see that Maraqua is in 4th place (@8 currently tied w/ Virtupets and Krawk Island) for the most wins/loses in the round robin style. So Maraqua is in 4th place in the Round 1 atm? However, just pure score points are going to make all the difference in finals which will solidify who is where. (At least this is my understanding / It is quite confusing)
  6. sophie24

    Is premium worth it?

    I used to have premium, but when the costs added up and I had to drop it for a few months it broke my heart to have to get rid of that 5th neopet. The SSW was really nice, but getting that 5th neopet feels like an emotional trap to me. In my opinion, the perks I would sign up for are the SSW and the monthly premium collectables. As someone who loves NC Mall stuff, I think it's really cool you get an item you can only get if you have premium. Sorry I can't say a pure yes or no, just thought I would share my opinions/experiences. :3
  7. Hello everyone, I've been wanting to do the Defenders of Neopia stuff for a long time. I got the Pant evil as a battledome challenger and have beat him 3 times, but still return to headquarters and it acts as if I haven't yet. Is there something I'm missing? Is this broken? Do I have to do something special to get the bike? It would be much appreciated if you could help me out.
  8. sophie24

    Dealing with the Darigan Yooyu

    There are three strategies I use (most of which have been mentioned): let the other team score in their own goal (happens more than you might think) use a boost that makes the goal bigger go up to the goalie and do an exchange right in front of the goal, what i've observed is that its chance whether the darigan yyb goes the way you want it to (backwards or forwards), so usually i just exchange it with the goalie until it goes forward. (that sounded super confusing- i hope you get what i mean! xD)
  9. sophie24

    Not Earning Rank with Practice Team?

    I understand why they do it, since it's important that players take a break every once in awhile (what better way to make people rest their hands). However, it's just unfortunate that people get the day off from work yet can't make any progress on their rank. Ah, well. Enjoy the day off :)
  10. sophie24

    Altador Cup Staff Tournament

    Agog: 844 Senor Malo: 1230 Axe Bond: 860 Kikocat: 1883 Beast Master:951 ~~~~ Seems like it might be smart to drop Agog and Axe Bond... even though I'm sad because I like Shenkuu and Mystery Island, but if it's about earning neopoints.... Seems like so far some good choices are: Forwards: Senor Malo (Until we see a better score than 1200-ish) Cherry Blossom Defenders: Kiko Cat Scrappy Goalie: Binary Supergoo /Ehlo Froyo P.S. Why they guilt me like this? (It's really hard to drop Beast Master since I'm faithful to Meridell....) This is tough!!!! xD
  11. sophie24

    Reaching All-Star while hating Yooyuball?

    That sounds really tough, best of luck in getting to allstar! Just take care of your hands especially grinding things like MSN. May want to do that today since it's on bonus
  12. sophie24

    what even is this forum

    Hello! Glad to see you around even if it's just a short while. My name is Sophie, feel free to neomail me anytime. :)
  13. sophie24

    Big Fruit Machine Win!

    I'm always lazy about doing my Fruit Machine daily, but this has given me a newfound motivation
  14. Congrats! I need to remember to be more casual about it... instead of holding myself to the same level as people who are already rank 10 (i have a hard time believing it) I've been enjoying myself on the forums since they are so alive, but also kinda shocked by drama this is already happening? People are complaining that they aren't given enough "thank you" for their support/scores. Some people are also really on edge since balancing work with play time is stressful. It just seems childish to me that it's happening. So, tip to all I guess is to steer clear from that.
  15. This is very similar to my lineup, except I chose AGOG (mystery Island) for my forward instead of DJ Skellington. This is my first staff tournament but I went with teams that I like just to choose, we will see. I gotta remember to do it every week though.