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  1. heartybfast

    Daily Faerie Quests 2017!

    Same here, I didn't get the crafting quest too today so I couldn't refresh T_T I hope Delina will be back tomorrow, now I miss her! EDIT: I just noticed that my neoavatar-counter signature is not updated (I have 6 more than the sig counted) - the number is correct on my TDN account avatar checklist; what did I do wrong? :o
  2. heartybfast

    Avatars: What have you got?

    My last one was "Grarrl Keno"! I googled around and got a tip to go with the same set of random number and keep refreshing at the hatching page. Took a little while but saved me from the headache of inputting numbers to the eggs!
  3. heartybfast

    Pet Specific Clothing?

    I feel you... I tried RSing some "expensive" clothes at Uni Store but I've been having trouble to sell them. The cheaper ones are also slow to hit ;-; I'm a bit sad that most all-species customs are NC, I hope they will release more NP clothes...
  4. heartybfast

    School Girl Customization Help!

    Since you already made a DTI account, how about posting a link to your Kawaii Aisha custom here? That way other people can easily try their custom ideas and post back a link that can easily show the items
  5. heartybfast

    Which faction are you joining for the 102nd round?

    Very late reply but I'm with The Sway this time Edit: and of course I forgot that I was also with The Sway when I won the avatar, looool orz
  6. heartybfast

    Petpet suggestion

    Ahhh I kinda feel you. I didn't know about p3 and when I heard they'll disappear when you detach the p2, I feel so sad, like why is this should happen :( It'd be nice if they allow us to "transfer" p2+p3 between our pets...
  7. heartybfast

    Are Guilds a Thing of the Past?

    The Harry Potter guild I'm on right now is pretty active. New posts, events, quiz, even homeworks & tests every day :o I agree, the very sad thing about Neopets guild is that message board which seem stuck in the Y2K-ish era :( During CC, they mentioned that "The donation will help build our new Community Hall!" I hope that's not only for Neoboards but also for the guilds.
  8. heartybfast

    What is your fishing skill at?

    Wow all those high level fishing skills! I'm still somewhere almost 20, high-five @sylphrenai! xD Especially when I'm playing on mobile phone, I get too lazy to switch active pet :<
  9. heartybfast

    Vote For The NEW Paint Brush Colour

    I also voted for Marble~ But I hope they will release the paintbrush for ALL three of them. That would be so nice of them... Also - are those pets @jellysundae posted UCs? Are they still available now? I've never seen any, so interesting!
  10. heartybfast

    Hello =)

    Hello! Welcome to TDN forum~ I'm also still new-ish around here :3 I never entered any of the contest before. Do you have any tips/pointers? I don't feel confident at all on customization :(
  11. heartybfast

    Avatars: What have you got?

    Recently I got into 200th avatar! (now 202nd) I thought I'll never be able to get more than 190 :o Thanks to ALP and lots of generous players, I got lots of help <3 My last two are "Let it Snow" and "Grundo - Forever Orange" :)
  12. heartybfast

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 101!

    I just completed minimum 10 fights required for the boon. Well, I did around 14 this time... Is there any other incentives to the Obelisk War other than being on the winning team / avatar / boon? I haven't heard about scores or trophies or the likes, but I'm only a newbie in this war :o
  13. heartybfast

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 101!

    According to this, Brutes has highest chance of winning, tho not by wide margin, but I still hope Awakened will win!
  14. heartybfast

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 101!

    @sylphrenai LoL! But I'm joining Awakened this time; bcoz I like the twins, hehe. How about you?
  15. Yeah, the lab can take away stats, that's why I'm scared! But I think I read somewhere that after achieving a certain stats number, it'll be relatively safe to use lab as training tool. I'm not sure about the number though... The training cookie is 125 NC and it grants you 30%-75% (random) reduction time training for 5 days. It was my first purchase on NC, using the starting bonus The faerie quest fortune cookie is 100 NC and it grants one faerie quest each day for 9 days. This is also another way to increase stat (except Air Faerie who gives +MOV *useless* and Crafting Faerie who asks for NC items >,<)