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  1. Faerie Quest Help

    i was able to get one thank you so very much.
  2. Faerie Quest Help

    can anyone help me fine a Magic Vial please.
  3. issues with neohome

    so i have been having issues decorated my neohome. if i can get it to load nothing will save but my biggest issues is a lot of my items will not even go into my storage shed even tho they are for the neohome like the basic black floor tiles, i ended up buying two because i thought i didn't have one, turns out it was in my safety deposit box. i cant seam to put it in my storage shed as it will not give me that option. can anyone help me with these issues. i would really like to customize my neohome and have it save, and i would really like to get the basic black floor tiles in it as well.
  4. Is anyone collecting petpets?

    i do. its one of my goals in neopets (at least one of each petpet including each variation of them) my other big goal is one of each plushie.