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  1. Playing with the CC NC items.

    That depends from person to person. Some are interested in other NC items, other want GBC. But in any case, just send a neomail to them asking what would they want (you may get yourself the neomail avatar on the run )
  2. Playing with the CC NC items.

    GL with that! Most of DTI's user have a huuuuuge page. But you can always use CTRL + F to write the item. And check from there :)
  3. Playing with the CC NC items.

    Tate's looking fabulous! The Carmariller would fit perfectly there!
  4. Your Fashion Counselor!

    The goats from the gif are definetely babies! Mines appear to be bigger because they're spoiled by their mom and ME muahaha so they grow faster! I still don't know which color to choose, but I'm very inclined for the white. But I can't commit 100% to it yet. The red one looks good with the flower and altadorian outfits, but not with the Folk. The Biscuit only looks pretty with the altadorian one in my opinion. That's me right now. Decisions. Decisions.
  5. Old Member Coming Back

    Yuiina is 27 Welcome back Enby :) Hope your recovery is going well.
  6. Your Fashion Counselor!

    @Duma As long as she is happy and you're happy that's all that matters! And switching backgrounds/outfits/items is always fun ;) @deboratibi Yes! I have goats as pets! Have them for 2 years now and was the best thing I could've done. Goats are amazing! You can ask @jellysundae and she'll confirm that I do have goats Had to collect all the colors and outfits or else I'll never decide. And it's driving me crazy that I can't make a final decision on such thing. That's pretty much my personality. I want something -> I want something that fits almost perfectly -> Have many options -> Can't decide on what I want -> Can't rest until I make a decision -> Drive other people insane Help!
  7. Your Fashion Counselor!

    @Duma my work is done then Glad I could help. Keep us updated about her :) @deboratibi Exactly my reaction when I read from TNT they were created based on deer. For me they were always goats and always be! Goat is also my Zodiac sign!!! Did you know I have 11 goats as pets? I'm glad I was able to help, I had lots of fun with Elvithia to be honest We had the same thought about the lime green part on the dress but maybe for you it wouldn't make a difference. Biscuit has an amazing eye color, that I love, but I am afraid wether it'll look good or not on the 3 outfits and why can't Biscuit Ixis be like this With FEW chocolate chips!!! I'm really going nuts trying to figure out the best color for her Biscuit Christmas Pink Plushie Purple Red Royalgirl Speckled White As for the male, I'll probably go for pirate. It's a neutral color, wanted the eyes to have another color but maybe in the future I can get him some contacts or something :)
  8. Your Fashion Counselor!

    And I'm back with some ideas for you guys and in need for some help as well Elvithia First of all, why did you point out the red dot in her eyes, now I can't unsee it!!! @deboratibi I gathered some items that I think fit her and I'll separate them by categories. I used both NC and NP. Backgrounds Altador Forest Background Creepy Cave Background Dark Secret Background Games Graveyard Silhouette Background Moon and Stars Background Neovia Shop Silhouette Background Saskias Cart Silhouette Background Nox Castle Silhouette Background Ancient Sacred Grounds Background Crypt Doorstep Background Eliv Thade Castle Background Lair of the Beast Background Neovian Canal Background Nightmare Cloud Castle Background Paranormal Forest Background Skeleton Moon Background Spooky Old Foyer Background Background Item Black Bat Attack Gnarled Tree of Barbats Large Candelabras Background Item Surrounded by Wraiths Tree and Pumpkin Silhouette Foreground Rock Gate Foreground Cover of Darkness Foreground Lantern of Holiday Cheer Undead Apple Tree Foreground Boat Lantern Full Cauldron Haunted Wood Foreground Malevolent Tombstones Old Picket Fence Skeletal Hands Foreground Haunted Woods Archrway A Rolling Fog Fancy Wrought Iron Lamp MME18-S2a: Gothic Branches Garland Spooky Moon Spyders Web Covered Chandelier Dark Faerie Magic Staff Black & White Candle Stick Foreground Black Candle and Pumpkins Foreground Bubbling Cauldron Dark Mystical Book Foreground Darkness Attacks Gnarled Heart Tree Hidden Vine Path Foreground Spooky Cast Iron Gate Foreground Wraith Staff Clothes Charming Witch Dress Classic Neovian Outfit Dark Faerie Gown Wigs in case you may want one Deadly Beauty Wig Dyeworks Purple: Silver and Scarlet Ombre Wig Lavender Highlights Ponytail Wig Magicians Wig Wraith Ombre Wig To finish, if I'd have Elvithia for myself this is what I'd wear https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1584037 Duma's Robot Kacheek I gathered some items I think would fit her and I hope I can help Backgrounds some are way out of what you wanted but wanted to show you other ideas I had for her like travelling in a space ship or visiting planets with extreme weather (cold or hot) or different geology like maractite or fur (ahahaha) Creepy Cave Background Dark Cave Background Exploring Kreludor Background Haunted Weapon Silhouette Background Ice Volcano Background Itchy Invasion Background Magma Falls Background Maractite Cavern Background Melting Test Station Background Mystery Swirl Background Resistance Headquarters Background Space Station Airlock Background Sparkling Icy Winterscape Tyrannian Volcano Lair Background Shooting Star Background Breathtaking Night Sky Foreground Strange Green Mist Foreground Cobbled Maractite Path Lit Candles on a Stream Foreground My Mechanical Buddy T-3000 Sky Full of Stars Glowing Spell Runes Foreground Freaky Factory Tubing Garland Glowing Spell Runes Foreground Cover of Darkness Foreground Dreary Foreground Grundo Admirers Foreground Miniature Tyrannia Foreground Petpetpet Covered Foreground Rocky Ground Shiny Obsidian Foreground Strange Blue Mist Strange Red Mist Foreground Strange Yellow Mist Unique Pond Rocks Foreground Items I think I went away from what you asked but I fell in love with one item and it was hard to look other way xD If she was mine, I'd use this, she's fighting an annoying plague in her ship Sorry if it wasn't what you were expecting, I left the link for you to be able to play with all my options above :) http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1593150 Kikool I've recently switch his customisation. I love it. He loves it! But we feel like something is missing in the background or foreground. My future female Ixi color http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1589371 I want to create a female Ixi because I find their specific species outfits very pretty! And even though Ixis are "supposedly" created resembling dears (which I don't think so), they're very similar to goats. And I love goats! So I need this Ixi ASAP There are 3 major outfits I'm in love with and the one above. And I need help to find a color that looks good with all of them!!! I like White but it is bothering me a lot the color of the eyes when I use the Folk outfit on her. I know there are contacts I can get but they're NC not NP. Yuina does not have NC. My future male Ixi color http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1564876 Same as the female, I fell in love with Ixi's male outfits And same as female.. I'd like to choose a color that'd look good with all of them. I was thinking on purple or pirate but would like to hear your opinions :)
  9. ever trade an item by accident?

    You got them back? Congrats! Your mistake will help many people that'll read this post for sure
  10. Happy Uni Day!

    Seems like I'm the only one here that was dissapointed with Uni day. I can understand why I think since I was ver excited for it! It is one of my favorite species after all. The colors: Swamp gas shouldn't be a color at all in my opinion so. Toy very dissapointed. First, the mix of orange+purple is a NO GO for me, so many colors and shades to choose from and they chose those.. Second, the Toy color has so much potential and they're wasting it as usual. I was expecting something like this About the outfit: I don't dislike the dress, just the colors could be more "cheerful". The wig covers her face too much and the horn .. well the could have made it better xD
  11. Pet Lends Suspended for April!

    That was very lucky of me and kind of you! I can start zapping pets on my main this month after I'm done with the pets avatars Or else I'd need to wait until May :(
  12. Pet Lends Suspended for April!

    Ahhhhhhh I just applied now, I know I'm late Wanted to submit yesterday but had no time :(
  13. Your Fashion Counselor!

    This one is the best in my opinion but when I have time I'll try to explore what other items to use on her hand ;) @deboratibi I'm also working (slowly ) on Elvithia! When I have everything ready I'll post!
  14. Your Fashion Counselor!

    I think it looks best on the Kougra :)
  15. Neopets & You

    @altargoblin The layout is very outdated and there are too many posts about the same thing! They could stick to one. It's more than natural for that to happen without moderators and rules. In my opinion it is bad because, for example: one person that is asking for help for something in particular makes a post and if other 5 people post at the same time it'll be easily forgotten. So no help for that fellow! Hard to explain why I don't like it. I just don't like it. I think that your friends will love to have to deal with you for a long time As for my story, it started around 9 years ago. I received a phone for my birthday and there was a game already installed similar to mario! It was a lutari instead I enjoyed the game so I went looking for more games from that brand. I discovered then the site itself! I created a female Uni as my first pet and my goal was to paint it Faerie ... I just had no idea HOW back then ahahah Created another Uni as her brother and started to develop a story for them. I don't really remember what happened.. but I think that I wanted another name for my pets and I had no clue that you could trade or pound pets.. so noob back then , that I created my current main account! I was on a looooooooong hiatus, around 5-6 years! I decided to check neopets back because of nostalgia mainly. All these modern things... cartoons, games.. so much "digital" that I felt the need to come back. I, luckily, was able to enter my account! And I've learned soooo sooo soooo much since I came back around 1 year ago. I can tell that now I'm truly enjoying neopets! What I like to do the most ... hmmm ... neopets have lots of things to do. I think that creating my pets and giving them stories and personalities is what I like the most! I also am trying to finish my neoHome since I'm back, shameful that it's taking more than a year But few variety of items to work with and glitched things doesn't help at all. And after I'm done with the house, who knows when , I'll dedicate my time improve my gallery dedicated to my favorite faerie of them all! I'm very attached and caring to my pets so NO BATTLE, NO TRADE, NO POUND! Things that I don't like in neopets: - Shortage of NP wearables / There could be at least simple pieces with several colors like Shirts, Pants, Hats but not even that. - Habitarium is no longer available / I loved that game so much - Late news and few contact from TNT with the community / 8 years back was very different from now - Glitched items - Old accounts not getting deleted / Or at least they could make the names available again by sending the pets to the pound - Those filters and captchas