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  1. Thank you Nuuu! Not sexy!! __ I think that the second option would be the best even if you have to "pound" a pet :( I don't really like that idea as well, it is very sad isn't it?
  2. WOW!! How lucky!!! It is my dream to visit Japan!! If you can (and it is allowed here) can you post photos of the place you'll stay? You don't have to appear in them, just the surroundings and parks and streets and AHHHHH ALL
  3. That was indeed my intention! To make her look sweet, trustworthy and kind! She's the Head of my neofamily I'm waiting to see which specie will @deboratibi choose
  4. I didn't think at Mariah at all!!! I don't even like her I love my Zaffie though
  5. Sorry that I answered so late, work has been crazy lately. @deboratibi thank you for your lovely suggestions I think that the first one is a very good solution according to the wide options NP customization brings The white dresses make her way too white for my taste, as you said yourself. The blue skirt is very beautiful as well! I may switch with the shell's one from time to time. Yeap! Exactly my thoughts!
  6. Hai Deb! I feel your frustration since I am still indecisive about on what am I going to do with my Fountain dip! (it doesn't have a limit of time to use, right? Because I'm counting on it and let months pass by until I'm able to move pets between my sideaccounts) I'm afraid I can't help you much but between those 2 options, if it was me to choose, I'd go for Pastel Zafara because 1- I love Zafara's; 2- I looooove even more Pastel Zafaras, that color is gorgeous; 3- They're easier to customize than Wockies, as they're standing and not in 4 legs; 4- The brush color is very soft so it can go along with a wide range of colors in the customization And Zihea is a lovely name! You should definetely use it! Sorry couldn't help myself! Need to share my Zafara! (maybe it'll help you decide for the Pastel )
  7. That happened to me as well! But it didn't bothered me since I still got the avatar in the end! 7 months is a lot! But congratulations!
  8. But isn't Kau day on the 19th? I like both colors just find it a bit weird, as many people here, that some have bells and some don't.
  9. So I wrote a huge text and then I *stupidly* went back with chrome and it is all gone @jellysundae your suggestions are very welcome of course! And will help me for sure! I love love Cloud Gnorbus but I'm finding her a bit hard to customize (with NP of course). Table cloth describes it perfectly! Thank you I love the color of it though, looove soft colors Holiday Hair Bow's if I could turn it to purple, dark purple or blue it'd be perfect Lacy Gnorbu Headband the flower on it fits Staralay perfectly but (TNT ) those straps... she didn't take any tooth out! Lime Helmet that made me laugh, thank you for making me laugh when I'm upset with TNT *hug* Sparkling Blue Headband I did notice without reading your comments Shell hair clip I looove those colors! Fit her very well and on top of that she has a skirt with clams! That is a BIG CONTENDER! Lovely Gnorbu Beauty Mark It is neither lovely or beautiful... cmon TNT The Faerie Top... it is a no go for me. The colors all mixed (including background) don't go well, in my point of view of course. I found a pretty top for her but it is NC I also looked up on my Closet and found 2 bows from when I opened my account 6 years ago. These: Tiered White Top, from Festival of Neggs this year
  10. @jellysundae For now he'll have to deal with the fanatic Grundos and lovely dock background because his owner is very busy nowadays I love the dark green shrubbery, that color is so pretty I have one on my other Faerie Uni for a long time now :) Gorgeous, isn't she? Thank you Jelly and @deboratibi for your (very much appreciated) ideas and feedback! *big hug* I now present you Staralay my recent adoption from the pound I'm a little unsure (because NP customization is what it is) on whether to use anything on her head, I think that something alike a hairpin is what I'm looking for. Also, I'm not very content with her shirt and would like to know your opinion? Thank you sweeties!
  11. I absolutely LOVED the Elderlygirl! I loved it so much I'm considering getting one in the future!
  12. It's a good idea, it'd give me the impression that he roots for Roo Island for the cup though Which he doesn't! But the idea is very good, thank you Jelly I liked your idea as well Debora so I went to check the price for the Cart and.. Price unable to be determined by JN staff on November 2, 2016 There are only 3 on Trade Post, meaning it is higher than 100k. I'm not sure if I want to give that amount of money for something I'm not 100% sure I want. The glasses he has costed 500k but I was deadly sure I wanted them and he'll keep them forever and ever but the cart.. I like the Grundos because they have lots of colors so I think I'll use them for now. But I'm very inclined on trying to find another background for him (even though I LOVE this one, the colors are very very very pretty) after I got some feedback from you and still not find something I totally love. What do you think? :(
  13. Ahhh 25 June is bad for me! I don't think I'll go further than Rank 5 *shame on me*
  14. Did you see the Grundos? It kept bugging but now I think you can see it. The Cart is a good option BUT as you said that edge is $#/#$(!)"(=!/"#($/ I think that having a Cart is better than have nothing at all It doesn't trick my "prettier" box but it is still better than nothing Yes, please PLEASE PLEEEEEASE TNT gives us more things to work with
  15. The boat lantern would definetely look better if it was off but even off I'd still feel that "emptiness". The altador pillars.. ahm.. doesn't make sense for me. Color wise it is good but I don't like to customize my pets color based, I liked to have a sense. The Yooyy Garden Pond would be way nicer if it was larger! But so far it is one good contender. The basket is very sweet indeed and would make sense, but alike the lantern I'd still feel that emptiness. I took a small trip to DTI and would like to know your opinion This one I find very cute, I just wished there was I'd like it better if it didn't have the lower part, only Sort of makes sense to have a Hot Dog cart near the more species and not only grundos there. Because the arch. sea. I'm afraid that Grundos at Roo Island doesn't really make sense. I don't know.. at this time I'm just shooting stuff here Ahaha! How cute of you! Awan is just the first of many more pets to come here, so prepare yourself Don't hate me