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  1. They're both a great color and look good with pretty much any outfit. It's a very difficult choice! I like a bit more the brown though :) But you can't go wrong either way. Try to do as some friends wrote above: check many outfits you like :)
  2. Wheelers Coconut Bike Thank you :) This post has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  3. Soooooo after many delay (from my part) and also lots of busy time in real life I present you my newest ADOPTED and RAINBOW FOUNTAIN DIP: KIKOOL I used my dip a week ago I think and got his background + branches because I didn't want him to feel empty Still trying to find time to get his right cloths on *Checking @deboratibi examples * Moving on, I thank you ALL for helping me, couldn't have done it without guys
  4. It took me around 1 week of gameplay to attach mine and I only did it because I loved the p3 or else I wouldn't do it at all. Unless you love it I suggest you to sell it :)
  5. I'd say my fortune is a mix right now I have 10million in the bank at the moment and a few things in SDB that I'm saving until the values go higher in some months/years. I wasted a lot of money on my neohome (which is not completed yet xD). Have some expensive cloths in my pets that were above 100k and some expensive pets. So I think a mix? xD
  6. I think her neck looks pretty this way :) Have you made any change with her by now? My dear @jellysundae provide me with some information about your Tatofase. Like: What theme are you looking for? His personality What kind of items you like?
  7. Congrats Kaya @jellysundae no it wasn't me who said that for sure because I never done that before
  8. How nice! What do you do? It's "simple"! If you like it you can keep it but as @Angeló said if you ever remove the petpet from your pet it'll disapear :( If you don't like it: sell it! Or keep it in SDB for a while longer
  9. Not only with FFQ but customization for example, you never needed help
  10. Gnorbus are probably my favorite species of them all I'll always need your help! I'm just sad that I never had the chance to help you because you never asked anything :( Oh I will get them all for sure, it'll just take some time Plushie, elderly and maraquan! I'd go for Chocolate because it is the most expensive. So before Maraquan :) I'm almost 100% decided I'll choose Chocolate Gnorbu. I just need a bit more time and then I'll post here the final decision Thank you for your answer.
  11. I love jellysundae-help™ My intention was to seek guidance here, I already did in the past and the community helped me a lot! :) My biggest problem of them all is: If I choose a chocolate -> I'll be sad that I didn't get the others If I choose Maraquan -> I'll be sad that I didn't get a rare pet like chocolate If I choose Elderly -> I'll be sad that I didn't get a rare chocolate or the expensive maraquan If I choose Plushie -> I'll be sad that I didn't get a rare chocolate or the expensive maraquan Conclusion: I'll be sad anyway ! Like Jelly and Deb said such a 1st world problem I fell in love with Maraquan pets long ago and just their "posture" is cute enough for me :) Like my Coralia I want to give her a companion! And the M.Lupe is perfect Even if I won't get him with my dip I'll get it in the future for sure! Waaa I love Chocolate Gnorbus even more now! Your customizations are just stunning! And the plushie's ideas are also very cute :) If I choose the chocolate gnorbu it'll be FOR SURE a male but for the plushie I'm still debating. And Grandma Quiggle is just... charming xD I'll get one in the future as well for sure.
  12. There's already a 5th slot for Premium Users, maybe she meant that? Would be nice if it'd be added for regular users as well :) I like the color combination on Stealthy :)
  13. Congrats Angelo! Now, isn't there a pet that you want other than the ones you have right now? Like in sideaccounts? Now it is a good time to think of dreamies :) If not then you have to think on which one of them (stealth or water) you aren't completely satisfied with AND which is the one that is easier to customize.
  14. I'm deadly serious here.. I have no idea what to choose. I need help! The more "obvious" answer would be: - Chocolate pets (but I need to see some Chocolate NP customizations to seal the deal, hoping to see some here) - Maraquan Lupe because it is 6 million
  15. And I adore you for that I know right? *-* Granny can look fabulous with other cloths as well Question: Can I open fortune cookies on my sides? I think I read somewhere that I can't but would like to check with you guys.