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  1. I think I'll do that indeed. Thank you for removing it for me debora :) And a big thanks to you all that answered me
  2. I think they'll send you a neomail.. I think. I'm not 100% sure xD
  3. I think that removing the link would be rude as well, that is why I'm with such dilemma. I also think that Tibby doesn't use the account on DeviantArt or neopets so sending her a message won't do much. I hope that if I'm "breaking" any rule that I'll receive just a warning OR try to change the message to "Made by Tibby-Kitty". Can I subsitute the shield for a image alike this? With no shield at all? My skills with graphic programms are close to 0 T-T
  4. You can try xD I bought one for 100 yesterday on side account and got this Beautiful Shenkuu Mountain Background
  5. Thank you Scoo for taking the time to answer I also looked to many site and places and I don't really have a clear answer that is why I decided to ask here. About the picture: the link is in the picture as you can see here: http://tibby-kitty.deviantart.com/art/Baby-Lupe-278532816 She has amazing neopets artwork And I don't know how to remove the link from the picture (because my skills with photoshop and company are close to 0), if I knew I could substitute the link with, as you said, something like "Made by tibby-kitty". About the shield: I've seen some people without anything in the place of shield. For example our beloved @deboratibi! And some others. I also seen some with no shield but another image instead with "no sentence". I don't know how to put questions up for editorial
  6. As I was searching for items to suggest I found really great combinations. You can even switch items from time to time so it doesn't have the same look always. Your Chomby will never EVER look ugly with so many good items to use! Your Grundo and Kougra will need to wait for my suggestions ahah Making such a post takes lots of time but I'm willing to help you and if you're lucky other people will join the conversation :)
  7. Like @jellysundae said, Dress to Impress is the best site for you to put your imagination to work Here are some items suggestions I have for you :) Chomby Altador Forest Beautiful Desert Oasis Dark Cave Faerie Caverns Forest Glade Fungus Cave Gadgadsbogen Fruit Gormball Field Idyllic Nature Scene Lily Pad Lovely Spring Morning Mysterious Forest Clearing Perfectly FlatRock Quarry Raspberry Patch River Overlook Road to the Desert Tomb Scenic Tyrannian Star Gazing Stuck in the Lost Island Tropical Island Paradise Giant Plant Stalk Hanging Fronds Hanging Vines Peaceful Branches Bamboo Forest Discarded Tree Dreary Foreground Geraptiku Bushes Growing Vine Island leafs and flowers Island Plants and Torches Jungle Cliff Olive Tree River Rocks Scenic Fallen Tree Stately Tree Swamp Tree Tranquil Stream Tyrannian Flora Unique Pound Rocks Willow Tree For now that is all (I'm running out of time xD) I'll do your Kougra another day
  8. Hello :) I'm terrified of getting frozen! I've worked hard to achieve what I have today and I love love LOVE my account. So I come to you to ask about some things I'm not sure I'm doing wrong and if I can indeed get frozen from it. Image with a link as way to copyright As you can see HERE, I have a picture with a link to the artist site. I fell in love with that picture so I decided to put it there. I know that TNT is not really friendly with outside links but it's not like I can or want to take the credit of it. Is that picture breaking any rule and can I get frozen from it? Shield on userlookup Can I remove completely or replace it with other image that is not a shield? Is that breaking any rules?
  9. I only do her quests with 3 items The others I ignore. I'm not in a hurry with the avatar. When I get it I get it
  10. Congrats kaya I'm also trying for that avatar. But I'm doing a quest a day. Will try to take it easy Yes it did Thank you Jelly
  11. Congrats @jellysundae (yeyeye I can do it now ) Now re-sell everything xD
  12. I got mine lended by a very nice guildie or else I'd help you xD Good luck!
  13. Thank you for the links I've watched some videos before with watercolor but I never had the guts to start. My self steem doesn't help either. When I returned to neopets I got motivated to draw and paint my pets and petpets with watercolor (since I like the effect so much) but I kind of gave up. First my drawing skills are 0... I had the unis and me lines copied (of course I'd give the proper credit to their artists) and the rest I tried to make my own but I eventually stopped. The idea is great and it is something I'd like to acomplish but there are many buts xD
  14. I think it is working. I got it around 2 months ago Mutant Graveyard of Doom took me A LOT (really looooots) of refreshing. Don't go berserker on it xD Just refresh 1 minute each 5 or 10 minutes for your sanity sake and eventually you'll get it. For me while it took really lots of refreshes something good came out of it. I got a random event with a plushie paintbrush so it is not all so bad! Many refreshes also mean that your chance of getting a random event is bigger.
  15. http://www.neopets.com/island/tradingpost.phtml?type=browse&criteria=item_exact&sort_by=newest&search_string=Pastel+Paint+Brush There is one for 4mil now (yes they are a bit expensive :P) I don't like the nose either, I was waiting for the post to be updated with the outfits and/or other colors to comment but no new things yet :)