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  1. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    It hasn't worked for me once yet in the past hour.
  2. Faerie Quest Help

    Hey everyone. The soup Kitchen Faerie has asked me for a Large Fishy Smoothie. Thanks in advance! Also really glad I finally found out my password for the forums! It's been so long!
  3. My health is out of control (kind of graphic/TMI)

    Hey, I recently went through about two months of doctors appointments, ultrasounds, etc. I don't want to elaborate on all of that but the hormonal IUD has been a huge help and I would suggest you look into it if you have really heavy/crampy periods and/or feel like your hormones are outta whack. Feel free to message me if you want more info, I'd be glad to share my personal experience if it helps out.
  4. Faerie Quest Help

    Brilliant light blinds you. As it fades, a Light Faerie says, "Thank goodness you're here! Please find me Wrawk the Merciless, kind Neopian." Did anyone else receive 2 gifts today too?
  5. Faerie Quest Help

    An Air Faerie swoops down and exclaims, "Hurray, someone who can help! Please find me Millipod Powder!" Looks neat
  6. Get the Pteri - Darigan avatar!

    Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Pteri - Darigan' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! This link worked! Thanks so much <3 You've been such a huge help!
  7. Faerie Quest Help

    A Water Faerie sniffs and says, "You probably won't help, but I need The Gelert Diaries for my studies. I can't tell you why."
  8. Faerie Quest Help

    Thank you so much!! Oh, that looks perfect. I knew I could count on you to be a big help with my cooking. Khaladin's gained 2 defense points and 2 hit points! [e] Brilliant light blinds you. As it fades, a Light Faerie says, "Thank goodness you're here! Please find me Yes Boy Ice Cream, kind Neopian." Looking for a Yes Boy Ice Cream please and thanks c:
  9. Faerie Quest Help

    I was too late and missed it :(
  10. Faerie Quest Help

    On the hunt for Small Kalery Smoothie . I managed to do one SW before it booted me off and it was 99k... Really hoping there's someone selling it for less
  11. 1st constellation problems..

    I decided to start the Altador plot and I'm already stuck on the first constellation. I have the constellation finder open but I'm not really sure how to control the telescope to find each star nor am I sure which stars I'm looking for. Is it the sleeper coordinates I should be looking at? As well, the add star button won't work for me.
  12. Faerie Quest Help

    Thank you so much! I managed to snag one from this list :) You know, this quest-giving business is easier than I thought it would be. For your efforts, Khaladin's strength has increased! -- [e] A freckled Earth Faerie smiles at you. "Hi there! Would you do a quest for me? I need Stream of Light, please." I'm now looking for Stream of Light, please and lots of thanks :)
  13. Faerie Quest Help

    Surprisingly those all sold within the last three hours :O Thank you for the response though! My friend has a dog much like your profile pic named Casper
  14. Faerie Quest Help

    A young Fire Faerie steps forward. "Wellington Boots" she blurts. "Oh, I mean, please find me one. Thanks!" - Hey everyone. Is there someone who can help me out with Wellington Boots?
  15. Faerie Quest Help

    You are supposed to bring me: Tears of the Water Faerie Water faerie's shouldn't cry!! [e] Together, our hard work will help make Faerieland flourish. For your efforts, Khaladin's defence has increased!