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  1. MedEx

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 151!

    I still need the thieves guild avvie so I guess I'll join them, but I can't even remember the last time my team won one of these. 😕
  2. MedEx

    Unreleased Snow Petpets!

    How exactly do people find these petpets before they've been released? Also, swabby is fantastic.
  3. MedEx

    Trying to whet Turmy's appetite...

    If I was Turmy I'm not sure I would want to eat the new petpet either. It's too cute, I would feel so bad about it
  4. MedEx

    What is that one avie you just can't seem to get?

    I don't think I have any of those lol. Is there anything I could be doing wrong?
  5. MedEx

    New Year Comes New Changes!

    Oh, dang. I understand the reason why this is being done, but now I won't be able to join the chain :(
  6. Posting this here to make sure I can find this thread later. Thanks so much!
  7. MedEx


    It is interesting because the description on jellyneo reads: Send a challenge to battle a Darigan Tonu. You can either win or lose, but you must be the one to initiate the challenge. Which didn't work for me or the people in this thread, but why wouldn't they have changed it if it was wrong?
  8. MedEx

    Dreaming up Avatars

    Of course anyone who joins automatically gets it before they've added anything to their SDB. With the trading post one, I think you could do something based on how many trades you've made and that could be a little more fair.
  9. MedEx

    Sad Pet?

    Feels like grey would have been a better option for sad pets tbh. But maybe that looks cool enough that it would be a reward for mistreating your pets.
  10. MedEx

    New Avatar: Brain Tree Quests!

    I would really like this but I guess I don't mind waiting until after halloween when the prices probably go down.
  11. MedEx

    Last to post wins!

    yup heres the last post so we can all just chill out now
  12. MedEx

    The ALP

    doesn't it work as one item worth 1 mil or multiple items worth 5 mil?
  13. MedEx

    The ALP

    Will we ever get something in the lending program to fill the "I taunt the pant devil" avvie? I would be willing to make a donation to help get one started
  14. MedEx


    Just saw a portal to brightvale at the giant omelette. Can anyone tell me what that's all about? Sorry if this is a repost
  15. @xanthocomically he should be on his way to you now!