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  1. Hmm.. I never played this game even though I always wanted to. But here are some tips that help me find missing video game music: -You can try searching other websites even though the official website is gone. -On YouTube or other video sharing sites, you can look through let's plays or walkthroughs of the game. You can try and remember what part of the game you remember certain tracks to narrow down your search. I know this is more of a last resort type of answer, but hopefully you find what you're looking for. It may take some time to search, but I know it's on the internet somewhere
  2. That's awesome! Kudos to you! It sounds like an amazing opportunity! Is it for the cultural experience, language or both? Are you teaching adults or children? Do you leave soon or do you have time to prepare? It must be nerve-racking yet exciting at the same time. Happy travels!
  3. I'm not sure exactly when it resets (it should be 12:00 NST) but I am pretty sure that you do need almost every avatar to have a chance (even if you do reset at the beginning of the month) Depending on the achievement, it takes neopets a few days to process certain things. You can try it and see what happens but many other people are attempting to get this avatar as well.
  4. You will definitely beat the final bosses on evil mode. I have beaten about 6 months ago with only 3. And I didn't even use all of them. 7 should be fine. As long as you keep an eye on your health at all times, you should be golden. But wow, you have been trying the past few weeks to get the last few potions? You definitely deserve a trophy just for that
  5. You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and now your pet is a little stronger thanks to Turmaculus!!!
  6. Can anyone help me find a Large Mango-Melon Smoothie? thanks in advance Edit: Thanks Hanso!! sorry for the late reply.
  7. I guess it's just glitches. Last week, I had lost my streak while I was trying to build it up again but Neopets said that I had already played Trudy that day. It did reset itself the next day but I was almost done with my streak... oh well... Hmmm... what does it say? Does it not reset itself? Or does it not show up at all?
  8. Maybe it needs to be another type of medication or birth control. I got on it for the same reason plus my stomach cramps would not let me go to school when I was in high school. I had to try a couple of meditations though. My whole goal was to continuously take the birth control so my period would completely stop. The first one I tried let everyone bleed every two weeks and were much heavier. My doctor said that I needed a stronger one. A few tries later and I finally had one that worked. I'm not on it anymore because it's not necessarily the best thing for your body to to not have a period for a super long time. But, over the four years that I used it, I didn't have a period. I really hope you sort this out... It's not fun to deal with
  9. I played NQI over the course of a couple of months. I took a few breaks in between while playing on the weekends. I would estimate that it took me >40 hours or so to complete both games while following a guide all the way through. It is quite an investment a time that is common with most RPGs. Both games are relatively similar in the basic mechanics of gameplay, but have different strategies to defeating bosses and obtaining/collecting items. I'll go through some differences of the games: Before you start: It is a good idea to get a map and a guide. The way the games are designed do not give you a lot of character space to get your bearings. You can complete the game without these things but I won't promise you will complete it in ~40 hours. At first, I tried to complete NQI without a map (big mistake). I quit after dank cave as it took me an hour to find my way out. NQI: * mono a mono battling system* - You are alone in this game. You are self-reliant with combat, healing and magic. It's not a bad thing, it just requires different strategies to defeat enemies and bosses. *ability to sneak around enemies* - Three ways to walk around in this game: Normal - run up into enemies normally, Hunting - run into enemies most of the time which is great for grinding and spam-clicking your way through the game as you move at a sluggish pace. *no money system, obtain weapons from trading raw materials* - enemies will drop potions to heal and raw materials to make certain equipment that you will need. You combine these by fetching the items required. *more grinding* - I do recall grinding more in this game. Its for the exp and trying to collect enough potions and raw materials. NQII: *building a party of four* - thoughout the game, you will find three other members to fight along side you. This can be helpful with certain necessities like healing and assistance in combat. But this also means you can run into up to 4 enemies at a time. *no sneaking mode* - This kind of sucks. There are only Normal and Hunting modes to walk in. *money system, buy weapons and items* - certain enemies also drop items like potions or seldom weapons, but most equipment you will purchase from the towns. Cons of Both games: * Impossible to navigate for newcomers* - You need a map. It is extremely difficult to find your bearings. It is technically "possible" to navigate through the game without a map, but it will take you considerably longer. *no audio, can be boring to grind* - This is probably expected with old Neopets browser games. But usually I would play music and watch a video in the background to entertain myself. Everyone should have their own strategy to entertain themselves. *when you die on the first two difficulties, they put you back at the beginning* - all of your progress: stats and weapons are still there, but you have to make your way back to where you were in the games. These are just the basic differences and my certain gripes and wishes of the each game. Personally, I prefer NQI a little more. It may have less story and you can't build a party, but I loved being able to control my character more without bumping into enemies every five steps. For all three modes, the sneaking mechanic is so helpful and I don't understand why they took it out of the second game. If it wasn't for this sole reason, NQII would be much less annoying in that regard, especially when you die and keep running into enemies that don't give you exp. That is also the reason why I prefer NQI slightly. I wish you the best of luck!
  10. Awesome! I'm glad you guys you it back. (sort of) Hopefully in the meantime, luck with TNT will spring up. I wonder why the BGC deflated in price so much?
  11. Thanks for starting this! I am pretty new at this, I want to try and build up my SDB so I can SDB feed (I think I might be more successful this way). I'm willing to spend the np. It's funny, I have grown some what contempt of Kadoaties in general just because I get pwned so many times by SW feeding. It may be the time of day that I feed (I'm not awake at 2am nst) It's nothing against them, but each time I see one, I am reminded of my attempts at kad feeding. I guess that's what happens when I have a kad feeding frenzy. Does anyone else think this? I would like to know how over-feeders feed and what methods they use to successor feed the most.
  12. You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has given you a Beef Jerky!!!
  13. You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has decided to give you 350 neopoints!!!
  14. Thanks for the info! Of course. I understand. I wouldn't want to retype it either. It's wierd that I just started having problems recently. (And also I hate it when I unintentionally double-post).
  15. Oh. Sorry... I didn't know it was also covering the current problems. Ghoul catchers had always been glitchy. I'm glad it is not just me.