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  1. smoss1

    The Runway: Special Edition Votes!

    I like Entry # 1 as well. The theme fits the Jerry the Petri the best I think😁
  2. smoss1

    Getting apples from the Healing Springs

    Haha yep😁 the apples I received are also nameless. I can get about 200 np for them at my shop. I know the healing springs faerie can do better than that!!
  3. Yay!!!😁 TNT after a long while finally releases an update yesterday for versions of Ghoul Catchers! (Tried the updates on my iPod, iPad, and android phone - have not tried Facebook version) New Additions: -layout and graphics changed slightly Faster load times - OMG this is great!!! Once loaded inside the app and levels, the transition from loading between rounds is almost instantaneous. This way, there will be less time dedicated to earning 50k a day. More Ads/ video Ads to earn more NP - On the main level select page, there is an video ad available to watch for a chance to earn 1k np or lives if you have less than 5. Also, there is a chance that players can double their reward after finishing a level. I think it is about 5 times during my daily NP grab that that I was asked if I wanted to double my reward. Despite this, there is still the cap of earning 50k a day. Glitches I have noticed: *Ghouls not clearing/appear in the same place as other ghouls - occasionally, a ghoul will “get stuck” in the same place as another ghoul and will not move. So it can be hard to tell which ghoul will move. And this glitch stays between rounds as far as I have noticed unless you reset the app. *Text for 50k NP Daily limit reaches not resetting - I had played again today on my android phone after the 5pm NST reset time for earning NP again after earning NP yesterday as well and despite the game saying I had reached daily limit of NP, the points were added to my account as usual. It also lagged my pages for a bit while refreshing on the Neopets website. *Videos failing to load sometimes - This may be entirely my fault anyway from having such an old device such as my iPod Touch 5 gen from 2013 but no ads even show up load on this version I have on this device. This problem only happens on this iPod of mine so far. Also, there have been people on the boards complaining about issues that they do not receive NP or the game doesn’t load after the update installation. I have not experienced this myself, but it is good to be aware of this persistent issues. Overall, the amount of glitches in the Ghoul Catchers app were not reduced from before, but were traded out for new ones. Hopefully TNT will update the game again soon. Maybe... but still, it’s nice to see that the app can be downloaded again and is a little more accessible to more people - and that TNT has not forgotten about Ghoul Catchers. Has anyone else has noticed anything that I didn’t mention? I don’t know a lot about the Facebook version myself so I’m not sure how well it is working like the other versions. Good luck everyone!😉
  4. smoss1

    Duplicate Potion of Healing PSA

    I tried looking at the site events board that hardtotame posted. Maybe Neopets accidentally awarded the potion of healing as a glitch?
  5. smoss1

    Losing faith in Neoquest II

    You can do it! It should take long hours to complete anyway as @Midgetlegs said. Maybe 30 or so? You can put on some music that you like yourself so it isn't so boring. I usually watch a movie or YouTube videos while I am playing to help pass the time.
  6. smoss1

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 106!

    Awakened and Sway are so close percentage-wise. Going with Awakened this time, though. I'm going to battle extra just in case. Let's hope!
  7. smoss1

    Turmaculus Alert!

    You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and now your pet is a little stronger thanks to Turmaculus!!!
  8. smoss1

    Shockwave games issue

    Shockwave games won't work with chrome past version 44 which was released in late 2015 because they had stopped support. And chrome will not let you downgrade (for security risks reasons). So it will not matter what you try in chrome, you will never succeed past version 44. and using the current updates for web browsers, it is difficult to get the games fully working. Firefox and IE are the only ones that I have had success in but I cannot send scores due to compatibility issues. Here are some ways I have tried to get the games as functional as possible and able to send scores: *try the Opera web browser ( This works most of the time, may need to reset the games a few times) *download an older version of safari for windows (5.1.7). Apple does not make safari for windows anymore so downloading this old version works. However, if you use this option, it is a huge security risk for your computer if it is not a virtual machine you are attempting on, download it, install Adblock immediately and use for shockwave games only to stay as safe as possible. But there is always risk involved while using an outdated so be advised and cautious. *Use a virtual machine for Windows Xp, vista (it may work with 7 but haven't tried it). It forces you to download an older version of the web browsers that have better support for shockwave. *creating (internet explorer) tabs of the games in chrome ( others had success with this trick but I have not) Unfortunately you need workarounds these days because of the old and outdated technology. And even then, Hannah and the pirate caves and Gormet Club Bowls and have an unremovalable black box in the top left corner. It frustrates me so much! But I have managed to get the avvie for HATPC with that stupid black box, so they are playable. The other games will sometimes crash but most of the time will work fine.
  9. smoss1

    Turmaculus Alert!

    You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has decided to grant your petpet a level!!! Your petpet is now level 3!
  10. smoss1

    Turmaculus Alert!

    You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has given you a Book of Swords!!!
  11. smoss1

    TDN was gone and I was scared!

    Never seen the viagra ones... but I believe it. There are certainly obvious fake and scummy - sounding scams out there. There are also a few facebook scams that I occasionally find. I had already forgotten the name that they would use but the name was very obviously marketed to be remembered (some sort of rhyme scheme). They were love gurus to help you find your true love or make someone love you. Only for $67 or pounds you could find your true love! Just reach us through our WhatsApp!! I guess after you took the blue pills bought with "legit" munnies for that wedding night you will have semi regrets to how your bride turned out and try to compensate for finding this love guru to help you find true love ... while paying him with counterfeit money.
  12. smoss1

    Battle Faerie Avatar?

    It is awarded by randomly battling any opponent; it doesn't matter the difficulty. Like the other battledome opponent avvies, it won't give you a notification that you have received it because of the new battledome. You have manually check your avatar count or view your preferences to know if you have received it not. Since it's random, it can be very unforgiving, unfortunately... Other TDN treads posted earlier said that they received it around the medium of 800 battles. But it could take thousands before one can actually receive it.
  13. smoss1

    Faerie Quest Help

    Can anyone help me find SW links for Large Cucumber Breezes Smoothie? Thanks in advance! Edit: Thanks a bunch kayahtik!
  14. smoss1

    TDN was gone and I was scared!

    It's funny that almost everybody had similar reactions @jellysundae Oops... I didn't even think about that... I guess this user could have grabbed my info if he really wanted to. I guess you don't see me around on the forums anymore, you'll know why... But I did use a linux computer with nothing on it, (I just use it for surfing the web) so hopefully I'll be fine and and they won't snag onto my IP or something. It was probably a good idea that you stayed away from the post just to be sure. But at least it's gone now so that nobody can see it. I also wonder why anyone would openly advertise this in very active forums? I still can't get over that.
  15. smoss1

    TDN was gone and I was scared!

    Glad you guys got it back as well! *jumps for joy* Something bizarre happened today. I checked TDN and the recent posts feeds were back up. Yay! Ian hadn't posted that they fix the issue yet. The management said that they would have the issue fixed in a couple of days. Around 12-ish NST there was a post from a user that said: I SELL CONUTERFEIT DOLLARS, EUROS, POUNDS, YEN, ETC. EMAIL ME @BLAH BLAH BLAH@GMAIL.COM or something like that. I had checked their profile and... of course, it was made 1 hour prior to me opening that post and their Neopets account did not exist. I reported it right after, still just confused with what I just saw. I didn't know if it would work anyway since TDN had just popped back up but I tried. Of course, this post was removed after I checked TDN later. And... Ian said that they had fixed everything! Whooohoooo!!!!!! This scenario was so bizarre and I just sat confused in a chair for 10 minutes. It's not something that one expects to see here. This may may not be the first time this has happened here (maybe other scam or illegal posts pop up every once and a while) but it seems like a BIG coincidence that this post popped up as TDN magangement were finishing up their issues