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  1. Thank you! I filled it out for the first pet I would like to borrow! Luckily I already have the Draik and Krawk avatars.
  2. Thank you everyone for your help. I will look up the TDN and JellyNeo's battledome pages, but you guys have given me a great head start!
  3. Oh so I don't have to put anything into movement? Snap, wish I had known that before, all those Codestones that could have gone elsewhere! I'll start to level up my HP then to start balancing my stats better. I was hoping the defense stat would help me not die as fast but now that I think about it HP would be a better idea! Thanks for your help!
  4. I really hope they do soon! Thanks for the link, I'll check it out!
  5. So I have been leveling up my Bori and wanted to know if there are any stats that I should be working on the most. I wanna be a battle dome master!! His current stats are level:76 health :118 strength: 151 defense: 151 movement: 80 Thank you
  6. I came back to neopets after not playing for about 10 years. I have been playing for about a year now. From what I can see most everything is the same, although I have been trying to get some avatars for games that have been under repair for a very long time lol. I'm sure they will figure them out eventually. One question I have, do they still do those big events where you have to figure out puzzles and complete story lines for prizes? Like they did with Altador? I really enjoyed doing those!
  7. If I had to choose between just those two options I would go with Woodland! That one is beautiful!
  8. I'll be online all day and I have the SSW. So if anyone needs help with anything please feel free to ask!! This post has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts on topic. This board is for asking for SSW searches, so please don't post unless you're requesting a search or providing results. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  9. Hi guys, I'm sure this has been asked a millions times, but how many posts and how many avatars do you need to start using the pet lending program? I know I have asked this in the past, but I can't find the response any more. Thank you
  10. I finally got it!!!! The rubbish avatar is mine!! Now I just have to figure out which one to work on now
  11. I was just pondering the same question! Thank you for the very detailed answer to this. Now I just have to get up to 338 and hope that I can some how get this avatar!
  12. After waiting for what felt like forever I finally got the Snicklebeast Avatar today and only a couple days away from getting the Slorg and the Huggy one!!! Still no Rubbish avatar yet though :(
  13. Welcome back! I took a long hiatus as well (about 6 years) but have been playing again for about a year! I feel kind of strange playing this game as an adult but it helps pass the time when I'm really bored at work! lol I currently only have one neofriend so if you don't mind I'll add you as well!
  14. Thank you both for explaining that to me! I was confused and getting a little annoyed because I was told I would be eligible for the Pet lending program once I hit 25 (got neomail from Deb explaining this to me) and I couldn't figure out why it wasn't changing the post amount even though I knew I had posted at least 5 times! Lol now I know Thanks again!
  15. Since yesterday I have posted a few times but the amount of post under my user name has not changed? It has said 11 after the last 4 posts I have made? Has anyone else had this issue before? *Edit it now says 12 after posting this one, but why did I not get credit for the other posts? (trying to get at least 25 so I can qualify for Pet lending)