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  1. I think it used to show ads (the "movies"), and there was some sort of incentive to watch them back when it was functioning? I don't remember 100% though
  2. Too many wings! :(

    That definitely helps! lol I was thinking the same thing. It's not really fair to have you purchase an item and have it not fit properly!
  3. Too many wings! :(

    I don't know a ton about it, but I know that I have clothes that didn't fit my pets at one point (overlapping, or the wings issue) and it was resolved later. I also have some pets with wings, and their wings are replaced when I place a pair on them (although not this set), so I don't *think* this is intentional, it seems more like an oversight. I don't know for sure that it will be fixed, but I would think since it is something they generally do on most wearables and species they can go in and adjust it. Let's hope!
  4. Vote For Next Paint Brush!

    I for sure see steampunk winning by a landslide, which isn't a huge disappointment, but I'm not super excited about it either. It just reminds me a lot of existing paintbrush colors and available customizations. But hey, new neutral base colors? Maybe? The origami one is really cute, but it for sure would be difficult to dress, which probably isn't making it a frontrunner. Still, I like paintbrushes that can stand alone and look super interesting without heavy customization. It takes me back (like most of you, I'm sure) to when there was no other option but paintbrushes for customization. (*cue old person screaming "get off my lawn"*) Toy has potential to be good, but then again so did marble, and candy, and so many others that are now often lackluster and impossible to distinguish from one another. If they actually execute it well, I'd be excited to see where they take it. I heard someone mention maybe making the gelert or xweetok have a slinky body, which would be super cute! Burlap is cool and creepy, like a Halloween plushie or something! I'm not sure how many people will go for something like that, but I like it, and it seems super customizable. Hooray for (maybe) new spooky paintbrushes! It's a pretty good showing, all in all. I just hope the designs are good no matter what new paintbrush(es) is selected, because there's been disappointment in the past (I'm looking at you, marble!)
  5. Too many wings! :(

    Ah! That really stinks :( Maybe they'll fix it since it's a newer item and they haven't worked out all the bugs yet? They really do look lovely on your draik (and even with the current wings still in place!)
  6. Wraith Resurgence: The Infirmary Part 2!

    That's super useful and helpful, thanks Angeló! Musical_Shoyru I completely agree! Even though I have money saved up now after playing for years, I can't even imagine trying to do the plot if I was new or didn't have money saved up! It's crazy. Another thing that bothers me about the cap and the inflation is that the cap was instituted after people massively abused the system, so now some of us only have the capped amount of items, while others have hundreds or even thousands of wraith drops to sell in their shops at massive profits because they battled constantly before the caps were put in place! It's ridiculous.
  7. Boo on being an adult

    Oh jeez! I think you've had all your bad luck for the year in the last few weeks. You're handling it like a champ, though, and there's a bit of a silver lining already with getting the new appliances (although expensive), your husband finally getting medical care, and the cheese. Hopefully more silver linings on the way! We're all here to support you and listen to you vent when you need to!
  8. Happy Bruce Day!

    Dare I say, I actually like the polka dot bruce! The relic bruce and the outfit are just alright to me, though. Was kind of hoping for more on my favorite pet day, but c'est la vie!
  9. Painkillers taking a dangerous step backwards?

    I'm happy this is such a fruitful, open discussion. What a breath of fresh air in the often hostile online world we live in! Kudos, TDN community. Like others have said, tasty medication marketed towards children isn't new. Back in the 60s my aunt downed an entire bottle of baby aspirin Luckily, my grandparents noticed quickly and she was fine, after having her stomach pumped. Unlike baby aspirin, though, this medication seems to be better, as it's not harmful in large quantities should any young ones get it. I do see the concern that it looks a bit like candy, which can be deceptive. My sister and cousin once ate a handful of tums because they looked like Necco wafers... Plus, who knows, although it's marketed as a nice flavor, in my personal experience with medicine as a child, that was the biggest lie on the planet! I'm looking at you, Children's Sudafed To this day I can't handle artificial grape flavoring!
  10. The Runway Votes #49

    Ahaha I love these! It's times like this I'm glad we have the power to vote for more than one. @jellysundae I lost it at Billy Idol, too. So good! I may be biased, though, I still have my "Vital Idol" cassette
  11. The Runway Votes #48

    Thanks everyone! I'm honestly surprised you all got a chuckle out of the yurble as much as I did, especially with so many other entries that were acutally pretty haha! My favorites all placed though, so I'm not mad :)
  12. Games Master Challenge; Living or Dead?

    I'm worried about Barf Boat personally, but I won't be super excited to see Sutek's Tomb either!
  13. Games Master Challenge; Living or Dead?

    I was conflicted until I read that description for the Living Team. Magax is cool, but it was way too sunshine and rainbows for me! Haha, Hubrid Nox it is for me!
  14. The Runway Votes #47

    Oooh, it's taking so much effort to not vote for every one of these! Great job, everyone!
  15. Help me choose two new pets!

    Those are some great options, you definitely don't have an easy choice ahead of you! Personally, I really like the mutant pteri. It looks really powerful and regal, and the idea of you naming it after a mythological creature really sold me! Whatever you choose though, none of them are super common pet/color combination trends (at least not that I've noticed), so your pet will be pretty cool and unique regardless!