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  1. hpb63094

    Happy Jetsam Day!

    I like the overall idea behind the woodland (sort of a kelp-y look), but those bold black outlines around the eyes and top fin do not match well with the green outlines on the rest of the body. They look like they belong on a different color! I also think whatever those spots are intended to be on the stomach should maybe have been scattered on the body a little more to make them a little less "nipple-like", as Angelo said lol
  2. hpb63094

    Enter The Runway #66!

    Really curious to see everyones' interpretations with this and what pets everyone chooses! There are some that seem like obvious choices, but nothing is ever obvious with the runway! Best of luck everyone! ☺️
  3. hpb63094

    Happy Poogle Day!

    Hmm, I'm not crazy about the woodland. Which is a shame, since most if not all of the other woodland pets have been gorgeous! It just doesn't read woodland/plant/tree to me (even though it has that oddly placed bush growing on its head and graining on its body).
  4. hpb63094

    The Runway Votes #64

    I relate to #13 very much right now lol Allergies are kicking my butt!
  5. hpb63094

    Happy Draik Day!

    @Scoobert_Doo I agree, I really like this stripe variation for the candy, it's a neat twist! I also completely agree that that custard is way too cheese-like! I was just looking at custard pets the other day and saw another one that came across as particularly cheesy, although I can't remember which at the moment. Perhaps it's an ill attempt at salvaging a lame paintbrush? 😜
  6. hpb63094

    Enter The Runway: Special Edition #2!

    Ooo, this will be fun! I anticipate many gorgeous entries this round! Personally, I'm a bit better at making kitschy/goofy looks, but I'm having fun with this already!
  7. hpb63094

    'Neopian Lottery' Avatar

    Hmm, so sounds like even though the glitch is fixed, it's still not super easy to get the avatar. Interesting! Best of luck, lottery seekers! I think there are a few pages that will generate numbers for you to play everyday and within a reasonable amount of time you *should* statistically win off of one. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the page though!
  8. When I logged in this morning, I had received this neomail from TNT: Subject: 'Neopian Lottery' Avatar Message: [Report Message] Hello hpb63094 We have retroactively awarded the 'Neopian Lottery' avatar to all our players who won the Neopian Lottery when the avatar was glitched. Congratulations, you are among them. Enjoy posting on the Neoboards with your new avatar. The Neopets Team Did anyone else get this? IIRC, I've only won when there have been multiple winners and I wasn't the first name (which I thought was the requirement for the avvie?) If they changed the rules, that's neat, but also kind of stinks since it makes the avatar more common. Ahhh, mixed feelings!
  9. hpb63094

    The Runway Votes #63

    WOW did you guys kill it this round! I'm happy I didn't try to enter, I couldn't handle being left in the dust like that! Lol
  10. hpb63094

    Do you guys no any cheap beauty products?

    The Igloo Garage Sale is always a good place to look
  11. hpb63094

    Enter The Runway #61!

    As a longtime Jubjub and fruit Chia owner, hopefully I am adequately prepared for this challenge! Lol
  12. hpb63094

    Happy Jubjub Day!

    At least the clothes are semi-usable for Jubs this year. I hate when they release dresses or skirt/pant and shirt combos, as if any of that would be even remotely visible on my jubjub! This little number has a cape, which is good for jub dressing, and wigs and shoes tend to be a good bet as well. I'm not super into the outfit overall, but hopefully they're starting to get that jubjubs are generally not a pet that can wear separates! Or even most singles! 😂
  13. hpb63094

    Unreleased Caption #1411

    He's crying because of a chipped tooth?! I was too distracted by his horrifying eyes to notice the rest of his face. I don't like to drag people's art, but those eyes are haunting me in my sleep! Ummm...Something positive...the skeith looks very much like a skeith!
  14. hpb63094

    Happy Hissi Day!

    They knocked it out of the park with steampunk and with the outfit, but the pink spot on the bottom of the polkadot hissi is bothering me. It makes it difficult to read where the body is curving, imo.
  15. hpb63094

    Happy Lutari Day!

    I love the little whisker-esque folds on the origami lutari, but I'm a little disappointed they strayed from the hand drawn aspect of the face the previous origami pets had. The eyes have it, but not the mouth and nose. Ah well, still cute, and an overall successful pet day I would say!