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  1. Funny Petpet glitch

    Update: I received my item from grave danger, but the petpet is definitely gone! How strange!
  2. Funny Petpet glitch

    Today as I was doing my dailies, I sent my petpet into grave danger (as usual), then went to try and wake up Turmaculus. Lo and behold, Turmaculus woke up...and ate my petpet. Yay! New avatar! But also, boo! Lost time put in to petpet related avatar! *shakes fists* Ah well, should've known better. Anyways, my petpet naturally disappeared, as one would after being eaten, but when I checked grave danger, it says the petpet is still puttering around in the catacombs. Guess I'll just have to wait 8 hours for this glitch to undo itself and for the poor thing to realize it was eaten Sorry if this is dull or old news, I just thought it was a pretty funny little glitch in the Neopet's matrix!
  3. The Runway Votes #40

    I'm really impressed with the entries this round! So many clever references!
  4. Peophus got customization Gold <3

    Congratulations! And for what it's worth, I think Peophus looks wonderful, just enough customization where you can still see your beautiful pet and your ideas behind customizing! Sometimes I think we take things a little too far with customization - just because we can put more in doesn't necessarily mean we need to! The customizations where it takes me a minute to find the pet come to mind But everyone has their preferences, so who am I to say?