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  1. Warning

    I had this happen to me years ago when the original company still owned them, it was the same thing it is now, admin edit glitch. Thank you for the warning!
  2. Anchor Management

    Krawk Island's never been safer than when you chose to man the cannons.Before retreating, the krawken happened to drop: Forgotten Shore Map Piece
  3. Grave Danger

    Furza brought you Happy Face Latte
  4. Forgotten Shore

    A deserted shore stretches along in front of you.What's this? It looks like you found something buried in the sand...You have received 2,000 Neopoints
  5. Coltzan's Shrine

    AcidSky walks slowly up to the strange shrine... Thank you for coming here, young Neopet... You find a dubloon lying in the sand. One Dubloon Coin
  6. Mysterious Negg Cave

    Correct! The negg slowly opens, revealing a prize! Hair Chopsticks
  7. Anchor Management

    You'd think those pesky sea creatures would be getting' the message by now...Oh, look! It's a parting gift from the krawken: Pirate Attack Stamp
  8. Tombola

    You put your hand into the Tombola and draw the following ticket... Oh dear, that's not a winning ticket :( ... but you win a Booby Prize!!! Never mind, why not try again tomorrow? Your Prize - Star Fish Sandwich Aahh... Im feeling sorry for you, why not have 271 Neopoints as well!
  9. Today's Random Events

    A Scorchio in a pointy, purple hat hands you the Kreldyfloss (TCG) and says, "This will be a nice addition to your album!"
  10. The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity

    There is no response from the plushie, but as you turn around you kick a small object. Oh, it's a Purple Cybunny Balloon!
  11. Coltzan's Shrine

    Gaias_Prayer walks slowly up to the strange shrine... Thank you for coming here, young Neopet... Gaias_Prayer has gained 1 point(s) of defence!
  12. The Fruit Machine

    Congratulations!You have won 5,000 NP! You also win: Mallard
  13. Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb

    You've been here for quite a while now. You don't know how many days exactly, but you know you've passed that same carving at least 14 times. Exhausted, you decide to take a break and sit down for a while. EEP! What in the world was that? You look down to discover you'd planted yourself right on top of a Petpet. Poor thing. You wonder how it got here. Wait a tick! What's that under the Petpet? You shoo the little critter away and open the small box that almost escaped your notice. It's no massive treasure, but it's better than nothing. With all you've been through, you decide it's best to quit while you're ahead and you quickly make for an exit.
  14. Anchor Management

    A magnificent shot! That's the last you'll be seeing of that one...The krawken leaves behind: Forgotten Shore Map Piece
  15. Tombola

    You put your hand into the Tombola and draw the following ticket... YOU ARE A WINNER!!! You Win 130 Neopoints plus the following items...