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  1. Krawk Island's never been safer than when you chose to man the cannons.Before retreating, the krawken happened to drop: Forgotten Shore Map Piece
  2. It was very kind of you to visit this worn little plushie. Oh, what's this? There is a NEW plushie on the ground nearby! You're sure you can give the Faerie Bori Plushie a new home!
  3. Holy cow pants! Congratulations! It's safe to say that your accuracy is unmatched in these fair waters.Scurrying away, the krawken leaves you: Pawkeet Pinata
  4. Hello and welcome, I'm a long time on and off again player, you may add me if you like. I kind of run around on neopets like a nutter and just do a bunch of random stuff with scatter brained goals that are set. lol Hope you enjoy your stay.
  5. Thank you for coming here, young Neopet... You find a dubloon lying in the sand. One Dubloon Coin
  6. You put your hand into the Tombola and draw the following ticket... Oh dear, that's not a winning ticket :( ... but you win a Booby Prize!!! Never mind, why not try again tomorrow? Your Prize - Tiki Tack Keyring March 28, 2017: You put your hand into the Tombola and draw the following ticket... Oh dear, that's not a winning ticket :( ... but you win a Booby Prize!!! Never mind, why not try again tomorrow? Your Prize - Toy Sailboat
  7. So many plushies..... lol You'd think those pesky sea creatures would be getting' the message by now...Oh, look! It's a parting gift from the krawken: Pirate Ogrin Plushie
  8. Brute squad it is! This should be interesting, I've started getting my max neopoints and item prizes in the Battledome daily now, lots of fun doing about 20 or so battles a day.
  9. You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has decided to give you 350 neopoints!!!
  10. Woo hoo! Logged out and cleaned out my cache, etc, and now it is reading correctly. @Ian thanks, mate!
  11. I only really do point and click games with neopets, the arrow keys on my keyboard are really small and hard to use, so unless they change those keys to w, a, s, d, probably won't be seeing me do any of the games that require use of all 4 arrow keys. I'm not really looking for a trophy out of this, I'm just happy to be participating in neopets events again after being away for so long. Didn't really like today's game much, my mouse is new and kind of sensitive since I haven't messed with any of the settings yet, and lag, lag, oh and lag, I might have done better, I dunno, if that lag wasn't there. Anyway, challenged Abigail today, got a score of 158 Decision Time Today, you have a choice. Would you like a swanky prize or a Battledome boost? Parachute Chimes +2 Increase in Speed I chose the Parachute Chimes Hurrah! This was your prize for defeating Abigail (and wasn't she a good sport): Abigail's Prize Parachute Bookmark Day and Date Prize Parachute Chimes
  12. Bank error in your favour. Collect 1,051 NP. March 27, 2017: A freshly-painted swamp gas Techo walks by. Ewww!
  13. Ooh, that was a sneaky one! No match for that deadly aim of yours, however...It seems the krawken's left you a memento: Pawkeet Pinata
  14. Woo hoo! Got to do this day, had the skip the last two days. I play on a laptop and my arrow keys are aweful, so I just skipped those days. I'm just happy to be participating at all in this. Got 1538 as my score, never played this game before, that was my second try, might start making it a regular game. Hurrah! This was your prize for defeating Chadley (just like old times, right?): Chadley's Prize Janitors Apron Day and Date Prize Mop Wig
  15. I'm having the same issue in regards to the avatar counter not updating on the boards as casperiscaptain, I have done all the basic troubleshooting of clearing history, cache, cookies, etc (I do this standard when I close my browser), checking unchecking the avatars, etc. Everything reads correctly on the site, the counter should read 183 avatars. As far as the other issue I mentioned, it's something I think that has to do with me and the neopets site, I've always had trouble with coding working for me there, usually I can figure out the issue and fix it myself, this time I am having no success, I don't think it's something that TDN can fix, as this is an issue that has lasted 16 yeas, about 4 computers, and 3 different browsers. lol