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  1. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    Ah, I posted about this in the cupcake thread. Yeah, having the same issue.
  2. NC MALL: Third Free Birthday Cake!

    Is anyone having trouble using the NC Mall? When I go there, it acts as though I'm not logged in, but when I hit log in it brings me to the homepage and I'm already logged in?
  3. Altador Cup 2017 Prize Shops Open!

    I didn't care for any of the wearables, so I got 2 Stamps, 4 Pendant Rule Books, 4 Almanacs, 3 Cameras and 1 Table Fan
  4. Altador Cup 2017 Prize Shops Open!

    Huh. I wonder why the wall art is going for so much.
  5. Altador Cup 2017 Prize Shops Open!

    Can anyone tell me, is the Yooyu Felt Book an actual readable item?
  6. The Long Wait Begins...

    Well, my team placed more or less where I thought they would. And I was 398 yooyuball games short of getting either top prize, but I don't care much for either to be honest. All in all, I consider this a successful Cup.
  7. I didn't end up doing much on the last day. I was just in it for prize points, but my heart just wasn't in it.
  8. Kinda seems like they should either make it harder to get all-star, or just acknowledge ranks beyond it. Reaching the highest rank should earn top prizes. It just makes sense that way.
  9. Should be hitting all-star today. I didn't realize, though, that reaching all-star doesn't necessarily mean I'll be able to get the top prize in the shop.
  10. My dedication to playing is waning. I'm rank 17, so hopefully I reach 20 before I peter out entirely. I've yet to make it through an entire season fully dedicated.
  11. Is the 25th the last day of play, or is it the day that it's over? I'm counting it as a play day and I don't want to be unpleasantly surprised right at the end.
  12. Altador Cup Staff Tournament

    Congratulations! Okay... so that's... times 4... carry the 7... ah! Given your chosen team's performance, you've earned yourself 4027 Neopoints!
  13. Honestly I didn't know it was a practice today and it feels legit like a snow day! Gonna hang out with my friend for a while (which I would have done either way but now I don't lose game time), do some cleaning (fun!) and enjoy the break.
  14. Just hit rank 13, which isn't too shabby considering I missed the first 5 or so days. I might actually hit all star for the first time ever!
  15. It ends on the 25th but there are two(I think) more practice days where you get no credit for playing.