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  1. 800 seems like a really low score. I think even skipping most of the levels you should be able to get it.
  2. Beat Chadley's score pretty quickly, even though I never really did get the hang of the controls. I just sort of luck-bobbed through it with a score of 500 something.
  3. I quit after I needed to restart on round 2 about a dozen times. Then I came back, took it slow and didn't try for bonuses and managed to get it in a few tries.
  4. I know in high school I had a period that lasted non-stop for 13 months. That's when my doctor put me on the pill, which fixed the problem. Though my doctor never really explained anything about what was going on. I assume it's a hormonal thing, but if you're already on some sort of birth control then that solution had already been tried. On a side note, I switched to an IUD almost on a whim about 2 years ago. I have no complaints aside from it being the most absolutely horrible pain I've ever felt EVER. I guess if you've had kids already it hurts less since your cervix is used to being opened, but yeah. Installation was very bad.
  5. Ooh, the eye shadow does look nice. It's very demure. The Green and Gold Star Eye Shadow looks nice as well, but that's a NC item.
  6. I tried a couple of things out. I think speckled is a good color so I stuck with that, although Christmas also works well in my opinion. So here's with just the Misty Shenkuu background: Here's with the Shenkuu House with River View Background with the Shenkuu Tea Tray and the Festive Shenkuu Lantern Garland: And here's the Mysterious Forest Clearing Background with the Peaceful Shenkuu Tree: I feel like something cool could be made with the Simple Wooden Stage background, but I couldn't really make anything that caught my eye.
  7. Wow, that really does look like it's illuminating the cave. I like that a lot.
  8. I think the hat takes away some of the regalness of him. Here's 3 I think kind of work. The Altador forest makes his colors pop, the Cave Painting is more color matchy, and the Jhudoras Bluff kinda has a whole Robin Hood vibe.
  9. I've been sitting on some KSON shares that have been in the red since I bought them. It was the only time I invested in a higher value stock and it's been idling ever since.
  10. Phew. I thought I missed out on it, but apparently I already had that one. That's a crazy narrow window.
  11. I like the Christmas one. The robe brings out the green in her eyes.
  12. Yeah, happened to me too. I hit 100k yesterday I believe, so at least there's that. Honestly, if I didn't see this thread I probably wouldn't have even realized that I didn't actually spin it. I'm pretty scatterbrained about dailies.
  13. Oops. I have no idea how I managed to pull that one off, but yes, you are correct. My bad.
  14. I know this post is a bit old, but oh well! I feel like it's almost a trope at this point to develop feelings for a college professor. I know I went through it twice myself. Actually, the second time got a little weird because we we're close enough in age and it was kind of a mutual thing. Once I actually got to know him though, all those feelings went right out the window. He was actually a pretty creepy dude. I had definitely been putting him on a pedestal. It's so easy to idealize professors.
  15. So much of what you wrote applies exactly to my life to the point that it's eerie. I'm not great with advice, so I don't want to get lengthy with my response. I will say that the great thing about writing is that you can do it in the small moments of time between things. Every time you write, you're improving your ability at it. I think it's kind of an amazing time for writers because you can do all the writing and publishing yourself if you want to. You're limited only by your own dedication. Yeah, it can most definitely be difficult to make a living at it, but if you're passionate about it, it doesn't necessarily have to be the thing that pays the bills, you know? Politics-wise, yeah, things are...not good. There's a lot of fear and hate being brought to the surface right now. I know it's not the most helpful thing to say, but hold on to the goodness you find. Things will change, even if it looks like things are backsliding at the moment.