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  1. That is awesome! And so exciting! I'm currently looking for a full time job and it's really hard to find anything where I live :(
  2. I think I'm going to join brutes. I only have two of the avatars so far.
  3. These two are the ones I'm keeping a close eye on for my portfolio. I've only recently came back to neopets and this will be my first time selling some high priced stocks!
  4. Took me only two tries to beat Chadley's score. I used a game guide and it really helped!
  5. I did this when charity corner was happening. I found I had a snow bunny and I do not remember getting it at all! I'm really curious where I got it from.
  6. So far I've been able to beat Chadley everyday! I'm so happy. I'm actually really bad at the games so I feel pretty good about this daily dare so far. Maybe I'll get gold!
  7. This is my first time participating in the Daily Dare and I'm excited! I beat Chadley and I'm so happy! Will I be able to get gold? Probably not but so far I'm on a good start :)
  8. But the banner on neopets' home page says "Delina has new quest! Visit now to get one daily!"
  9. Same thing happened to me. I think maybe TNT doesn't really approve of us refreshing the Crafting Faerie? But then why have the option to refresh her quest then right? I refreshed her once, and then everyday after that I don't get her anymore. I've read that the same thing happened to people last year too.
  10. Now that is a problem I wish I had! 15 years (off and on) on neo and I've never had a FFQ.
  11. Hi. I've been doing some research on reselling and thought I would give it a try. So far I've stuck with codestones as I figured they are pretty easy to sell. I'm wondering what are the easiest to sell items? I figure paint brushes, and MP are pretty easy too.
  12. Welcome! I also played neo years ago, but I honestly find it more fun now that I am older. I hope you enjoy playing neo!
  13. Oh my gosh! One of my goals is to get a Kadoatie and that is the cutest thing I have ever seen!
  14. I'm so excited! I really hope I get a fountain faerie quest. But then I would be so undecided on what paint colour to choose! I also love faeries so it's even better!
  15. I managed to get 5 NEW avatars today! I'm so happy. I want to get to at least 200 avatars and I'm almost there!