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  1. Looks like today's challenge is not up yet, even though it's past midnight NST. Second time this happens so far EDIT: It's up. According to someone on the neoboards, Chadley's score was 1510 for a minute, but they quickly changed it to 800. Weird.
  2. Another easy challenge, it seems. My highest score in Cooty Wars is 1153, so I had no problems beating Chadley
  3. Daily Dare has always been my favourite event, and even though I don't really play Neopets' games during any other time of the year, I'm really good at them (I'd go as far as to say it's the only thing I'm good at in Neopets, actually :P). Besides, every single day we are rewarded with 2 or more items for beating AAA/Abigail/Chadley. I also love how silly but charming the concept of DD is. This overly arrogant Blumaroo thinks he's the best player in the world and so he challenges every user in Neopets to beat him? Gotta love him What I don't like about DD is how since 2013 they haven't really done anything to mix things up. In 2009 they introduced Lulu and the NC component, then in 2010 we had the staff tournament, in 2011 they added bonus prizes, team challenges, and a staff tournament with different rules; and finally, in 2012, we had that whole bug thing which led to Roo Island's redesign. All three Daily Dares that came after that have basically been the exact same in terms of stucture, even if they introduced a new character in 2013 (besides I don't like Chadley unlike most people). And probably the thing I dislike the most: just like with every other event, they keep reusing art since 2012. I used to always look forward to every event just to see what new artwork they'd come up with, and was always excited to see how cool the main page of DD would look like. But now the main page has this poorly-sized banner with old artwork and the same logo that was used 5 years ago, and AAA and Abigail are still using Neovian-themed clothing when that was supposed to be a one-time thing and now it just looks out of place. I get why they do this: they are short on staff and resources, and the artists have to focus on prizes rather than new banners and stuff. Still, it makes me a little sad. As for GMC, it's just a nice little event that was made so that players have something to do when the staff takes a break due to Thanksgiving. I don't have much to say about it.
  4. 425 points? Chadley's gaming skills have deteriorated over the years... Also, did they mess up today's dialogue? The one between AAA and Abigail.
  5. Cheapest I could find with normal Shop Wizard: http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=demoness_sapphire&buy_obj_info_id=47631&buy_cost_neopoints=975 http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=denny3d4n&buy_obj_info_id=47631&buy_cost_neopoints=1100
  6. Beat Chadley with 775. That game's hard but once you get used to the controls it's easy to get past 400. I'm a little mad though. I had my score ready and then found someone on the neoboards to team up with, but when I sent my score I got an error message. I had to play like five more times to get enough points.
  7. The Wishing Well only gives you items that are rarity 89 or below, so that means no retired/neocash/special items, sadly.
  8. This background Jumpstart released today looks gorgeous:
  9. Don't give up yet! You still have 15+ days to beat Cheadley's score. JN's guide might prove useful. It has all the level maps.
  10. This is one of my favourite games even though I haven't played it in years. Had no problem beating Chadley today. My highest score is 3210
  11. If you still need it, this is the cheapest one I could find using the normal shop wiz.
  12. Monday and Tuesday it was Chemistry for Beginners. Today it was Kou-Jong. The first challenge lasted a day and a half 'cause DD went live in the middle of the day and not at 00:00 NST :)
  13. It's always at 00:00 am NST. Although today there was a one-hour delay for some reason.
  14. If you complete all stages on medium, you get a total of 250 base points. Stage 3 gives you 114 points, so you'd need to get at least 71 bonus points to get to 400. I'd recommend you to start over and get at least 75 bonus points on stages 1 and 2 each so you don't have to worry about getting bonus points on stage 3 (the hardest one). That's what I did. Also, for a lot of people the game freezes or doesn't load when they try to reset or start a new round. It's really annoying.
  15. To me, getting more than 600 points in that game is not humanly possible. Are you a robot?