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  1. I don't know about you, but I really enjoy checking out other people's galleries to see what their interests are on neo or what unique themes they can come up with (like law, alliteration, or items whose names are 40 characters or more in length). I personally got a pet gallery dedicated to Ixi right here. It's missing a few items that I'm probably never gonna get, but I'm still proud of it So... what do you guys like to collect? Show off your galleries here!
  2. Got all 8. Now I just want this event to end already. I guess all we're missing is the reveal of the bad guy.
  3. Wraith Resurgence: Fiendish Formations

    Click anywhere on the game, hold, and drag from left to right. Alternatively: see those two little circles right at the bottom of the game? Click the first one. That should take you back to the first four levels.
  4. Cannot access weapons in the Battledome

    Yup, it will. But the good news is your win/loss count doesn't really have an impact on... well, anything
  5. Cannot access weapons in the Battledome

    It is a known (and annoying) glitch. Try withdrawing from battle and challenge your opponent once again. That should bring your weapons back :)
  6. Battledome: New Survey Released

    I think they worded that question very poorly. You see, people in the Battledome chat have been asking TNT/JS for years to add a 4th difficulty to the battledome, a difficulty that increases your opponent's HP every time you beat them. This is how the Battledome worked in the past, but this HP increase system was replaced when the battledome was revamped, and now we just have three "static" difficulties. Just to clarify: battlers don't want to replace the new system with the old one, they want to have them both, as in, they want the HP increase system to be optional. The problem is that JS doesn't really explain this in the survey... and what's worrying players the most is that maybe the staff will get rid of the new difficulty system when no one actually wants that.
  7. Battledome: New Survey Released

    I just hope they bring Defenders of Neopia back asap. I've been stuck on mission 10 for years now and I wanna update my trophy Also, all I can think of when I look at that banner:
  8. Now I feel dumb for starting the game all over again so many times Thanks for the tip!
  9. Neopets & You

    When did you first hear of neopets? What made you try it? Back when Neopets was at its peak everyone at my school started playing it. I wanted to play so bad (after all the concept of owning a "virtual pet" was fascinating to me) but my family didn't own a computer at the time, so all I could do was hear everyone gushing over the site. The Neopets craze died down pretty quickly, however. Fast forward 3 years, I'm at an Internet café when I suddenly remember this pet site everyone used to talk about. I find it, but I don't understand how the heck I'm supposed to play (partially because I was technologically illiterate back then :P) so I just forget about it for a while. I believe that was in 2008 'cause I remember seeing a marquee with King Roothless in it. A year later I decide to give it another try and what do you know, I succesfully create my first account. What kept you playing? The worldbuilding and the immense variety of things the site had to offer. There was always something to do and there were tons of updates that kept me hooked. Now I just play out of habit. Nostalgia is another big factor too. What fascinates you the most about it? That it's still alive. That's no small feat, although it's all thanks to the loyal userbase and not because of JS/TNT. I also love the old artwork. I'm a sucker for artwork. What annoys you about it? The lack of new original artwork. How many times were you on hiatus and why did you come back? I think just once. My account had a fake birthday and one day when I was trying to log in I was asked for it but I couldn't remember it, so I just stopped playing for a few months. I didn't mind at first since I was bored with the lack of updates, but eventually I sent a ticket and got my account back.
  10. What's your Achievement today?

    Got a FFQ today:
  11. Wraith Resurgence: The Infirmary Part 6

    I hope we are finally done with those concoctions. After I completed the latest step I sold most of my ingredients to get some quick cash. They sell like hot cakes!
  12. Wraith Resurgence: The Infirmary Part 5

    Some people think the achievement "One of Every Kind" will be unlocked if you used at least one of each potion during the infirmary step. Of course, this is just a theory, but it's a pretty sensible one if you ask me. We'll know if it's true once we get to use Concoction X on the next patient.
  13. Nay for stitches in my hand

    Sorry if I sound rude, but why would you keep these dogs under the same roof if it's quite likely that one could kill the other? After those two "death matches", as you call them, took place, did you at least consider to separate them permanently? I know it must be hard for you and your dogs, but if you really love them, I'm sure you wouldn't want one of them to, you know, die. If they fought like that three times already, it will happen again. Once again, sorry if I sounded rude. Hope your hand gets better asap.
  14. Faerie Quest Help

    Here you go!: http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=punk_hottie_666&buy_obj_info_id=32720&buy_cost_neopoints=3400 Cheapest I could find :)
  15. 2017 TDN Christmas Gifting Post

    To whoever sent me a Spring Tulip Bouquet: thank you! I forgot to look at your username :( I believe it started with "bur", but that's all I remember. If you see this and you have a wishlist, shoot me a message!