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  1. Hanso

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    Oh yeah, me neither. I think (most of) the wearables this year are pretty neat, even the ones that are not Christmas/winter-themed. Today's background is pretty cool too.
  2. Hanso

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    Halloween has been over for more than a month, Jumpstart. What with the creepy items?
  3. Hanso

    Welcome to December with Advent Calendar!

    It looks like it's in pain... The PJs are cool thou
  4. I'm complaining a little, internally As you said, using the cursor can be a little tricky, and I really don't like how the rotating footer pictures are poorly resized: (here's the original image for comparison) Anyway, I just changed my theme back to Treasure Keepers and went on with my day. I got tired of complaining about JS a while ago. Besides, it's December, which means I'm 90% less grumpy than usual.
  5. Hanso

    Look what's still there.

    Don't take this away from Baelia. I'm sure the poor thing finally feels like she has a purpose in life taking care of the Hidden Tower. ... Maybe she likes her new job too much, so she took the necessary measures to keep her position... No wonder we haven't seen Fyora in a while.
  6. There's definitely not a reliable way to know who's gonna win, but I've correctly predicted the winner team all years except for one just by asking myself which side most people would consider cooler I take into account two factors: the character TNT chose for the team (design-wise), and the theme of the team itself. My reasoning is as follows: 2012: the pirates vs ninjas debate may have been going on for ages, but look up every single poll on the internet and you'll see that ninjas win every time 2013: Similarly, look up any "Day vs Night" poll and night always wins. Besides, the sun's cool and all, but people prefer the more mysterious and mystical moon 2015: Look at this image and tell me which faerie was drawn by the old art team and thus looks cooler and which one was drawn by the new art team and thus looks terrible 2016: This was the year that took me by surprise. I went with Heroes instead of Villains because Jazan has an incredibly huge fanbase on the site, but in the end the Villains won. Then I realised most people who play the GMC are either new players or players that haven't been on the site long enough to even know who Jazan is, so they went with the character that looked cooler, namely the demonic skeleton engulfed in flames 2017: Hubrid Nox is a vampire potato with a moustache, so of course Magax won. 2018: Chivalry always wins over thievery. Not to mention whoever drew Hanso in the GMC homepage made him look surprisingly scrawny... if I didn't know who he was I'd would've chosen the cooler-looking character i.e., Brynn (they used old art for her).
  7. Welp, I knew the Knights would win since the beginning, but I joined the Raiders anyway 'cause I like Hanso. Still, I've been on the losing team for 3 years in a row now, and seeing those silver trophies on my userlookup really bugs me. I'm fine with bronze, but silver? What an ugly colour. Next year, I'll choose the team most likely to win rather than the team I actually want to join
  8. Have you tried using the On-Screen keyboard on your computer (if it has one)? My notebook's down arrow key has been broken for over a year now, but thanks to the on-screen keyboard option I was able to get gold in Daily Dare and now I'm doing fine with this year's GMC challenges :) It can be a little tricky with certain games, but you get the hang of it eventually.
  9. Hanso

    Altador Cup XIII Begins!

    I don't know if that's true or not. In my case, it's gotten harder simply because I just don't play as much as I used to, so I'm kinda rusty. But who knows, maybe they did make it more difficult.
  10. Hanso

    What are you saving up for?

    Items for my gallery, but since the items I still need are pretty much impossible to find, I don't think I'll be spending my nps anytime soon.
  11. Hanso

    Nine New Stamp Avatars Released!

    Let's hope they release a few retired stamps every now and then so that some people can actually get one of these. On a different note, I actually like the idea of releasing a bunch of new avatars all at the same time. I just wish they weren't stamp avatars
  12. Hanso

    Altador Cup XIII Begins!

    I'll try to get to Rank 1 for the new avatar, but that's it. One win so far, wohoo! I really suck at yooyuball. Back in 2010 I could easily score 12-13 points per game, but now I can hardly get past 8 and the other team usually scores 2-3 times. Not that I care as long as I win the match
  13. Hanso

    Your pets' personalities

    That moment when the Koi Warrior tries to ruin your underwater tea party picnic so you whoop his butt I'm guessing no one should mess with your kacheek when gets fed up, huh As for my pets... back in the day I never really gave them a personality. I thought of them as innocent and cute and that was it, but that's boring, right? So eventually I changed my mind This is my first ixi. He's painted royalboy, so I imagine he's kind of a brat with a superiority complex. He has too few redeeming qualities and no friends other than his brother 'cause he often acts like a jerk, but I love him anyway My faerie ixi is more approachable than his brother, and has an insatiable sense of wonder, always trying to learn more about the world around him. He gets lost in thought too easily, and sometimes his eagerness to learn new things can blind his judgement (if he were a scientist, he would've died a looong time ago during a careless experiment ). This is my lab pet. I feel nothing for him, so I just keep him locked away in the basement and only take him out when I need to use him in the battledome. All those years of zapping and training have made him really strong, but he's terrified of his owner and would never harm a hair on his head. However, one day all his fears will turn into hatred and he'll kill me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Yeah, I have a dark sense of humor I also have a hissi now, but I haven't decided on his personality yet.
  14. I wouldn't go as far as to say it causes me pain. If anything it pains to think about all the effort some people put into getting to All-Star Also, don't take my comments too seriously. I just like to exaggerate But yeah, I do believe the AC is a bad event. There hasn't been any major change in the last 8 years, and for an annual event to remain engaging, you need to spice things up every once in a while, add something new to the mix. But to do that you need resources, i.e. something that JS lacks.
  15. I secretly wish they'd get rid of this event altogether, but (for whatever reason) tons of people love the AC and thus it increases the website's traffic, so it's a necessary evil