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    Steam & Battlenet. Doctor Who. Harry Potter. Sword Of Truth. Tank Girl. The Labyrinth. A Clockwork Orange. Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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  1. SootSprite

    Day 4 - Tubular Kiko Racing [Team Challenge]

    Sorry if this is posted somewhere. But what does Team Challenge mean for this? Does it change anything with my score/prizes, or do I have to send it with someone or something? ***Nevermind, I saw it on the guide. Is there a specific place to find people to send scores with though? I never have used neoboards since coming back to neopets.
  2. Yeah! It took me over 30 minutes to just get up to level 3. I just kept dying and starting over. Also dropping all the potions off at once REALLY helps with the score points. And playing it over and over you learn the maps too. (Especially where those platform jumping bad guys start)
  3. Thanks! I knew it was something like that. I had both tabs opened. But sent the score first, and then chose, so thus had to play again. Will come in handy for tomorrow though. For the last two days I was just choosing Chadley before I even played a match, because I had played both games before. But I had never done this one before so wanted to play for a while and get the hang of it, so that's a great tip for games you don't know how well you'll do on.
  4. Did anyone else try the "lookoutbruno" code from the game guide? I tried it on every new game I started and nothing happened, So I was like "Okay maybe I need to loose a life in order to use it." So I also tried it after loosing a life and nada :/. Sooo bummed though, was playing for like an hour and just kept getting in the 570-700 range, so I was like whatever I'm tired of this, I'll just choose Abigail beat (the previous days I kept playing until I beat Chadley's). So I play one last game, after choosing Abigail, and what do you know, I get over 1000. :( Haha just my luck
  5. SootSprite

    My health is out of control (kind of graphic/TMI)

    I think some women just have it a lot worse than others. I started my period at 10, and my mom put me on birth control by 12 (not for sex, but to somewhat control my periods). I've always had super heavy cramps, like to the point where I have to sit in a ball all day, and can't go to work. I have straight lost jobs because I've missed too many days due to period stuff. Which in turn makes me feel depressed because I'm like why are all the other women around me able to deal and don't have to call out? But my mom has the same issues so its hereditary. Also been pregnant a couple times, and the pregnancies were BAD. Like so nausea I couldn't even keep down water and just get kept loosing weight. And then all my friends have babies and have perfect little pregnancies and don't understand why it was so hard on me. Anywho, sorry that was a lot about me, but ultimately, I just think each woman has very different bodies, I didn't even know you could get medicine for that stuff. But I have realized some birth controls work better than others. I've personally found that Nuva Ring makes my periods the most regular, and I can control when I want to have it and not. Have you tried multiple methods of BC? I wanted to get the one the doctor inserts in you uterus (forget what it's called) but my doctor told me it affects women very differently, and some women end up bleeding for the first year straight and some women are fine right off the bat, but knowing how unpredictable and painful my periods have been, a whole year of that really scared me off. Also congrats on the move to Japan! That sounds amazing!
  6. SootSprite

    School Girl Customization Help!

    You can always try! When I first started, I only had the NC items I had won from the money tree, and a couple items from the NC mall games. Or you can always just open a dark prism or dark sorcery mystery capsule. I've found a lot of people are interested in those items. You can just make a list at what you have ( I personally use Dress to Impress), and you can add what you are looking for, and then for every person you click on you can "Compare with your items" and see what they have that you want and what they want that you have. It makes it super fast and easy instead of having to scroll through a bunch of pages and lists. And if you do trudy's surprise, then you'll already be one step ahead with a bunch of spare boxes! It get's super addicting. But I've completed a few awesome customs that way that were way retired that I didn't think I could ever get. If you do decide to try trading, find me on neopets and send me your list, and I can see if we can work out a trade (if you were still wanting the take out box purse). Hope that helps!
  7. SootSprite

    Missed a random event..

    Totally! Especially when I'm doing dailies, because I just open a ton of tabs at once and quickly go through it. There's been many a times I found a Morphing Potion in my inventory and had no idea how it got there. Also missed like 3 faerie quests, didn't even know I was on one until I went to use the shop wizard haha!
  8. SootSprite

    School Girl Customization Help!

    Have you tried trading for those retired items? I think I have the takeout purse, and I got it from one of the current NC mall games ( I think shenanigifts ). Also, love the Kawaii theme!
  9. SootSprite

    Mysterious Symol Hole

    Yeah I thought that Turmaculus was pretty rare, I've only gotten something 2 times in the four months I've been back playing. But apparently the symol hole is like a miracle. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one then, I was wondering if I was doing something wrong, or if there was a special time or something.
  10. SootSprite

    Mysterious Symol Hole

    I'm curious, if anything, what people have won and how often from the Mysterious Symol Hole. I've tried every day, usually multiple times, and have yet to get anything. I've seen the page about it, and the prizes you CAN get. But I'm just curious to how that translates to real life. This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine). The topic was posted in the wrong area. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from 'TDN Questions' to 'Neopets General Chat'.
  11. SootSprite

    Daily Faerie Quests 2017!

    Thank you! This post has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  12. SootSprite

    The Runway Votes #34

    Same here, I'm seriously wearing my labyrinth shirt right now. Mostly because it's my big comfy shirt and I'm lazy today :o. But still, I thought the coincidence was funny. That entry captured the shirt, the hair, the crystal ball things, and the clock perfectly.
  13. SootSprite

    Daily Faerie Quests 2017!

    That would be lovely! I was just thinking about leaving this page up so I didn't forget about it tomorrow.
  14. SootSprite

    Daily Faerie Quests 2017!

    I know! I literally just chose my team like 20 minutes before I saw this. I almost chose the one with multiple quests boon, but then was like "nah i'm not going to end up buying the fortune cookie and I doubt I'll even get one during that period" :/
  15. SootSprite

    The Runway Votes #34

    That Labyrinth/David Bowie one though, perfection.