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    Magical girls, figure collecting, perfume, collecting records

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  1. milkyymintt

    What Are You Playing?

    I've been back on a League of Legends kick and accidentally got my boyfriend in to it too. Lol Besides that, I have Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX, and Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma on my side table. Yay 3DS!
  2. milkyymintt

    Cheapest Transmogrification Potion?

    I already got one, @aishrah101! Sorry about that! I wish I would've seen yours first, however... I would've saved 20k!
  3. milkyymintt

    Cheapest Transmogrification Potion?

    Thanks! I ended up getting a Meerca one for 150k and got the avatar today!
  4. milkyymintt

    Cheapest Transmogrification Potion?

    I'm going for the avatar, can someone tell me the cheapest (or sell me one?), preferably under or around 150k?
  5. milkyymintt

    Who's ready for Altador Cup XII?

    Haven't played in the Altador Cup since I was literally 9 years old... can someone tell me how the team picking thing works? Do enough people have to pick it? If you pick a less popular team, are you destined to lose? If so, who should I pick? lol
  6. milkyymintt

    As promised, the ring!

    Congratulations!!! How adorable! <3 I'm so happy for the both of you, and I wish you many more years of health & happiness!!! <3
  7. milkyymintt

    Daily Dare 2017 - Claim Your Prizes!

    I'm willing to sell my Chadley stamp, I'm not quite sure what to ask for though...
  8. milkyymintt

    Avatars: Need help?

    Same here with Drackonack - Hungry! lol I can't do it!! Haha. Also, the Lever of Doom avvie... the Neomail avvie... the Geraptiku avvie... sigh.
  9. milkyymintt

    TDN Members - What is your "Dream Pet"?

    An UC faerie Ixi, faerie Cybunny, UC Grey Ixi, Snow Bruce, Maraquan Usul or Xweetok, or Pink Cybunny...
  10. milkyymintt

    I lost Trudy AGAIN

    I did all of this, restarted my browser & computer, and still nothing. And nothing else on the site does it. Bah!
  11. milkyymintt

    I lost Trudy AGAIN

    Chrome is my preferred browser. I'm not running any extra scripts... I don't think I have Flash disabled either...
  12. milkyymintt

    I lost Trudy AGAIN

    It doesn't do anything. I click Play! and nothing at all happens.
  13. milkyymintt

    I lost Trudy AGAIN

    I literally can't use it at all in my account. I'm so confused! I've cleared my cache, used different browsers, nothing...
  14. milkyymintt

    Day 3 - Brunos Backwoods Breakaway [DOUBLE DARE]

    I beat Chadley with a score of... 1050? 1150? Can't remember. Just wanted to quit the game already lol!! I did favorite it though for the future. I'd love to get the trophy one day and it doesn't seem too difficult.
  15. milkyymintt

    Daily Dare 2017!

    What a horrible lineup of games this year lol! There are like... bottom of the barrel, almost all of them are pretty unpopular in the games room. Huh.