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  1. Mutant Graveyard of Doom Avatar

    Oh my! I do about 10-20 pulls a day, maybe I should try my luck with just sitting and grinding it. Finally got the Mutant Graveyard of Doom It took so long lmao, I sat there refreshing while doing other stuff and it finally popped after an hour which seems much longer with you're just refreshing. On a side note, I have no room to complain right now. I tried for Dice-A-Roo yesterday, played 5 games total and got the jackpot with 10x multiplier and a silver trophy within 5 minutes. It all balanced out lol
  2. A total Doh! moment

    When did you take that photo? I was just there on the 15th/16th and actually accidentally stepped in that puddle lol. It was super slippery but got more gritty as you walked out farther.
  3. Hello little Lupe... BOOOM! avatar

    Oh thank goodness that there's a new strategy! I've adopted 3+ lupes without being able to get it and just chalked it up as I was doing something wrong or it was broken for now. Will go try and do that then and leave an update if it worked for me. Edit: Confirmed, I got the avatar by using a Lupe to win against a Chia Clown. Thank you
  4. The Symol Hole

    I just tried it for the first time. Cannonball! I must have really lucked out, got the avatar.
  5. habitarium

    I didn't know I could get it even if I didn't play. My hab was on my old main Thanks for the link and info though! Got my chest! Oh how I wish it would come back or something similar. Forever hopeful lol
  6. Mutant Graveyard of Doom Avatar

    Yeah I'm horribly unlucky with most random event avatars lol. I still need Tooth Faerie which is the least rare random Need sloth as well and they both drive me nuts since there isn't anything to improve the odds of getting them. Oh well, guess I'll keep refreshing. Fingers crossed!
  7. Anyone else using a Mac got a blue tint problem?

    What year is your MacBook? I had an early-2011 15 inch MacBook and ended up having to replace it the other month since the graphics cards in those models were doomed. It took a while to fry it, but I started having a lot of screen errors and issues towards the end before it completely became unusable. They replaced it free of charge up to 2015, but I thought mine was fine since I didn't have issues until recently. Now I just have the iMac, but I agree, I hate computer problems. Thankfully they are far and few in between for the most part.
  8. Need NeoFriends !

    I added you! I don't really have any neofriends either so I'll add the rest of you as well
  9. How long did it take you to get the Mutant Graveyard of Doom random avatar? I've been refreshing for quite a bit now and just wondering how long it took everyone on average? Should I be sitting refreshing for hours or days? Lol
  10. taunt the pant devil avatar

    Congrats! What items did you end up getting it with?
  11. OOOOO maybe I'll try refreshing then!! Yep, that worked! Thanks for the tip
  12. Show off your galleries!

    Mine is general beverage gallery found Here.
  13. I just went to test it out. Clicking on my profile from the actual toolbar doesn't make me enter captchas, but if I use links going back to my profile (From TDN Forums, Petpage, Pet Description, Etc) it makes me enter the captcha. I'm getting them still every time I try anyone's userlookup. Not sure why I have to enter it so frequently
  14. The Captchas get me every time! Even on my own userlookup. I don't get why it's needed so often because I almost avoid looking at people's profiles if I can help it because I'm too lazy to keep entering them. I hate the broken avatars as well since I've been on an avatar hunting spree lately. Especially broken easy clickables
  15. The Future of Neopets

    Yeah, it's definitely far from dying off thankfully. I feel like there are still way too many devoted users to let it get to that unsavable point. As long as progress keeps getting made I'll be happy! I do miss years ago as a kid when it felt like EVERYONE had a Neopets account lol. I think I'm the only one in RL that still plays Neopets out of everyone I know. I feel the same way, it had potential to be so much more but I guess it's just one of those things. I'm probably going to be that person that ends up being 75 still playing as long as its around That's like 50 years off for me though so let me settle down haha. Can you imagine 50+ year profile trophies?