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  1. BlushedRose

    What's your failure today?

    OMG, Me. I had a Magical Apple Chia Pop in my SDB for some reason and was half debating donating versus selling stuff since I got the SDB avatar. I chose to sell everything and THANK GOODNESS because I didn't realize the value of some items I had. The first realization was when I price checked the stuff and found out that the Magical Chia Pop wasn't just an average pop, nor could it be sold in my shop. PHEW. Lesson learned
  2. BlushedRose

    A total Doh! moment

    The dramatic temperature range in the southwest is due to low humidity and not as much plant life. The humidity acts almost as an insulator; It protects land in a way from some of the sun and heat during the day but also keeps the heat from escaping during the night (So lower humidity does the opposite). Plants also retain some heat which is why LA doesn't drop AS much as Vegas and Death Valley; Once the sun goes down the humidity and plant life is the only "heater" left so it all pretty much escapes. Yeah, just salt there though. It looks deceiving, especially when its wet and sloshes together. I actually went off the path a little to try some salt, gross I know. It's only a 2 hour-ish drive from Vegas and LA so it's a super cheap and quick road trip to get out of the city and enjoy peace and quiet. It's the largest non-Alaskan national park as well and features one of the darkest areas to star gaze as well as one of the lowest points on earth at 282 ft below sea level. So many cool things to check off the bucket list. Plus playing in sand dunes is always fun until it comes time to empty the shoes. I think the desert has a different type of beauty versus the normal green scenes. Its so vast and so much is going on, and you almost realize how small you are versus the gigantic land mass. Every piece of life there is put to the test and has to be super strong and resilient no matter the hardships thrown at it. Everything has such a strong will to adapt and survive and it's inspiring depending on how you look at it. Plus all the geology going on The mountains carved out by wind and water from years and years ago are gorgeous, especially during sunrise and sunset. I think it's one of those things that can't translate into pictures properly because partly it's the feelings you get. I know a ton of people, me included, from Vegas and LA go out to camp in the desert to recharge and get a break from the busy and loud city. I mean, there's plenty of forests as well nearby, but its an option to visit. It's a super humbling/relaxing break for a day or two lol. Again, I probably have an area bias. Had to share as well and insert two photos of the sand dunes and one at Badwater looking back at that mountain. I only have a video of the puddle though lol. We went to the dunes right as the sun was setting which was pretty. Had to resize it down so lost some quality lol This post has been edited by a member of staff (Mouseykins) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please do not double post. Use the Edit button to add new/additional comments. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  3. BlushedRose

    Mutant Graveyard of Doom Avatar

    Oh my! I do about 10-20 pulls a day, maybe I should try my luck with just sitting and grinding it. Finally got the Mutant Graveyard of Doom It took so long lmao, I sat there refreshing while doing other stuff and it finally popped after an hour which seems much longer with you're just refreshing. On a side note, I have no room to complain right now. I tried for Dice-A-Roo yesterday, played 5 games total and got the jackpot with 10x multiplier and a silver trophy within 5 minutes. It all balanced out lol
  4. BlushedRose

    A total Doh! moment

    When did you take that photo? I was just there on the 15th/16th and actually accidentally stepped in that puddle lol. It was super slippery but got more gritty as you walked out farther.
  5. BlushedRose

    Hello little Lupe... BOOOM! avatar

    Oh thank goodness that there's a new strategy! I've adopted 3+ lupes without being able to get it and just chalked it up as I was doing something wrong or it was broken for now. Will go try and do that then and leave an update if it worked for me. Edit: Confirmed, I got the avatar by using a Lupe to win against a Chia Clown. Thank you
  6. BlushedRose

    The Symol Hole

    I just tried it for the first time. Cannonball! I must have really lucked out, got the avatar.
  7. BlushedRose


    I didn't know I could get it even if I didn't play. My hab was on my old main Thanks for the link and info though! Got my chest! Oh how I wish it would come back or something similar. Forever hopeful lol
  8. BlushedRose

    Mutant Graveyard of Doom Avatar

    Yeah I'm horribly unlucky with most random event avatars lol. I still need Tooth Faerie which is the least rare random Need sloth as well and they both drive me nuts since there isn't anything to improve the odds of getting them. Oh well, guess I'll keep refreshing. Fingers crossed!
  9. BlushedRose

    Anyone else using a Mac got a blue tint problem?

    What year is your MacBook? I had an early-2011 15 inch MacBook and ended up having to replace it the other month since the graphics cards in those models were doomed. It took a while to fry it, but I started having a lot of screen errors and issues towards the end before it completely became unusable. They replaced it free of charge up to 2015, but I thought mine was fine since I didn't have issues until recently. Now I just have the iMac, but I agree, I hate computer problems. Thankfully they are far and few in between for the most part.
  10. BlushedRose

    Need NeoFriends !

    I added you! I don't really have any neofriends either so I'll add the rest of you as well
  11. How long did it take you to get the Mutant Graveyard of Doom random avatar? I've been refreshing for quite a bit now and just wondering how long it took everyone on average? Should I be sitting refreshing for hours or days? Lol
  12. BlushedRose

    taunt the pant devil avatar

    Congrats! What items did you end up getting it with?
  13. OOOOO maybe I'll try refreshing then!! Yep, that worked! Thanks for the tip
  14. BlushedRose

    Show off your galleries!

    Mine is general beverage gallery found Here.
  15. I just went to test it out. Clicking on my profile from the actual toolbar doesn't make me enter captchas, but if I use links going back to my profile (From TDN Forums, Petpage, Pet Description, Etc) it makes me enter the captcha. I'm getting them still every time I try anyone's userlookup. Not sure why I have to enter it so frequently