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  1. I haven't that trouble, since I pick the name thinking of the character, even when I adopted them, so the name goes everything
  2. I'm so disappointed right now, I thought better of the name
  3. Thanks you SOOOO much! I didn't have this one
  4. Not me! I didn't know It was so soon, and the last time I played was like 7 years ago, I don't remember how It was
  5. Yes, I remember that an old friend from the game, meet a woman in Mexico in the forum, and eventually, they got married, I don't remember his email or facebook name, so I can't reach him anymore. The same thing happened to me, I lost so many avatars in that one, the maraquan plot where one that I really like it, also the snowbunny, and all te names of my friends back then. All my game trophies (that were like 3 because I'm awful at them lol). That's why I stopped playing, and came back like a month ago
  6. I hope that something similar happened to me, but the first week daily I made it several times, when I started collecting thing for the rat pack I leave it in my security box for like 2 weeks and restarted now playing with it, and nothing
  7. Thank you , I hope that We get some place Thank you! I used the fairie scheme color, but without the wings. Er like 4 hours, the longest was the line art of the mane, the shading of the mane was the second one, because of the details
  8. Evil Fuzzle - BOO!, that thing, I have played like a hundred time with my pets and nothng
  9. Good day dear , thank you for the vote! I hope that we can get some place, since there are plenty xweetok entries, and the fight for every vote!
  10. The activity in the Spanish forum, we used to have a very big guild, talk about anything and nothing, and most of the users are gone, and the ones that are left in the forum co for like a week and after they are gone
  11. Thank you very much! Yes, since I took Him out from the squirellish aspect that they give him in Neopets
  12. I need votes (again) for my beauty entry to the beauty contest, pretty please ? Here is the entry!
  13. At least my autocorrect knows Merlin, so i'm voting for Mellon LOL It's been a polemic entry
  14. Mellon is the word for friend in elvish, is.a reference for the lord of the ring, the fellowship of the ring, when they are trying to get to Moria, It's the password *My inner superextrahypernerd is crying in the background for the missed reference* r Obviously, I voted for that entry, since I read the books at least one in a year. In the movie, they put that the one to ask Gandalf about the riddle was Frodo, but in the book was Merry
  15. lol yes, It may get you some day