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  1. The Friday at 12 noon, and sometimes there is a glitch, so the entry in the contest will show up a little late in the week
  2. I've got another random avatar! I spent like 5 years playing before my hiatus and none of them
  3. If a user is missing It, they will contact you, It's really nice of you to be worried when I started laying the transfer option wasn't, I lost on of my favorite, trying to pass him to my side account, I was really sad
  4. Welcome back! I loved your avatar! I've been crazy about Steven Universe! I just loved the last memorial day bomb! I don't know! because I came back after a 7 years hiatus
  5. I go to my room and say that I'm studying/working, and make like I'm listening to music, or go for a walk listening music, just kinda run away a little bit lol, or I start drawing, you know activities that Imply leaving you alone, I usually don't have that trouble since all of my family are introverts, but for birthday and such, I just scape a little
  6. OMG, I didn't know that I could do that! and just realize that I can play the games more times! I'm so silly I just manage to go to rank 1 because I started playing like a crazy = ___ = Just got the avatar now! Till now It's a good Neopets day lol
  7. I'm doing awfully because I I'm terrible at the games lol, But At least yesterday I manage to win all the games
  8. It's been like seven years since the last time I played the cup! I'm really excited about playing it again!
  9. I have profit, I don't have much time, so for my I buy a bunch of stuff, put the prices, and after like 2 weeks, if the items are still in the shop I change them prices and so on, It's not an "I will become a millionaire" in a week thing, but for my It Works ¯\(◉‿◉)/¯
  10. I hope so since I also bit my fingers, the only thing that has stopped the biting is getting gel nails, but It's because fiscally they are so tough and hard that there is no way I can take a bit for them
  11. I don't have an idea, I think they should help with concentration, but at least for my ADHD, I find more appealing the little fidget cubes In Chile We still have them, ussually for cheap birthday surprice bags and boxes, I don't like them, they made a lot of noise
  12. Congrats! It's difficult to get enough votes now, since the restriction in the forum for promoting your entry Yaaaay, congrats! Yaaaay, congrats!
  13. I'm really happy for you! Mine was never unfrozen so I'm still with the backup one = ________ =
  14. I'm so happy right now! I was chasing for this avatar since I started playing
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