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  1. Happy Krawk Day

    Ah, yes! I like the execution of this one very much. I don't think we've seen blue candy pets before? The only thing that starts to bother me is that all candy pets are kinda similar: white/ coloured glossy stripes. Perhaps my hopes for candy colour in general were too high. The glitch is really, cool; the krawk is twitching his eye very fast. I secretly hope they don't remove it I think the candy Krawk also has candy between the spinal spikes, or is that also a glitch?
  2. Happy Krawk Day

    It's pretty for a polka dot pet, they're all a bit the same anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I just noticed that krawks have a yellowish thumb nail which I had never seen before (?!) I don't really know what's going on with the clothing; is it a chique beach outfit, but with a classy dinner style hat? A straw hat would have been cute and would have made more sense in my opinion. The wig does have nice coupe soleil colours though! I wonder whether there will be a second colour?
  3. Happy Chomby Day!

    What a good day! I feel the past half year they are spending more and more effort in these colours as opposed to before. Perhaps they hired some new artists? Woodland is cute. I like the colours and the flowers, but some of the outer line-art like the back and the facial features are very... harsh/dark? They don't really match with the softness of the overall colour. Wraith is cool as always, although like I said before it could have smiled more malevolent instead of happy. The clothes are cool, I like Assassin's Creed, but I wish it was designed for a bipedal pet like the lutari (lutari Ezio would be *so cool!*)
  4. Happy Scorchio Day!

    Oo those colours are both lovely! The purple of the marble is very cool, I don't think we've seen any purple pastel shaded pets like this one before. And candy really looks like candy, because of the little lighter stripes within each colour band -> reminds me of coloured sugar being streched into candt: I like the clothing, except of the white fluff at the bottom of the dress and the neckpiece. The style is a bit too different compared to the other pieces, which makes it looks weird.
  5. Charity Corner 2018 Is Here!

    I'm fine with the new CC; it is doing what it is supposed to do: clear junk from the site. So I just go through each category of my SBD with the jellyneo price checker and for each category I get rid of junk that is <1000 np. Perhaps I'll raise the np standard in the future, but I've already cleared about 200 items that I would never use or sell
  6. Happy Uni Day!

    What a good uni day 't is! Swamp gas is lovely. I always sort of like the base colour of swamp gas pets, but the actual gas is always sort off gross. But this gas looks more like green fire or a super hero glow as @Angeló said. Toy is very cute. It really reminds me of my old My Little Ponies. I love the curl in the hair! I also just discovered a whole evolution in MLP toy figurines. I can't say they got prettier? They became very cartoonish. I had a few of the G2 generation. I think I even got the pictured G2 one from someone second-handed xD Did you guys (girls?) had MLPs? Also, I just noticed that newer Uni colours have eye whites, whereas old uni's (like the blue one that models the clothing) do not have eye whites. That is a strange evolution xD vs The clothes are very nice. I am not sure about the theme- vikingish? I do wish that the skirt and blouse were two parts instead of one.
  7. Happy Tonu Day!

    Transparent is weird... it seems that the eyebrows are also holes in the skull? Water is very beautifull, I always love water pets :) The outfit is also very nice, especially the jacket, but I think it would have looked better on a bipedal pet; now it just looks a bit odd.
  8. Happy Chia Day!

    Well well well, they really had some inspiration when creating these chias!, which are (in my opinion) pets with a very boring figure you can't do much with. They always remind me of these stress balls:
  9. New Candy Lutari and Zombie Kougra!

    I said it in the Zafara topic the other day; the candies are too sparkly / (sour) dusty and not glossy and shiny enough. Or as @jellysundae @kayahtik and @wolfish_willow say: they're getting too generic. Out of all candy pets, four are taffy, glossy and stripey; one is chocolate-like (or whathever the poogle is?) and six are sour candy-ish. Perhaps they only eat taffies and sour candy at the TnT office... Zombie looks sort of good; it has a ruffled texture which it nice, but it still looks too happy and too sentient for my taste
  10. New Robot Vandagyre

    It reminds me of EVE from Wall-e
  11. Happy Lenny Day! *Two New Colours*

    I like the steampunk, the red and the bronze colours make it look quite old in terms of technology. I do wonder whether it is clothing and if so, what the lenny looks like underneath. Perhaps it works like robot? I already found the toy quite cute, but I really like yellow The clothes are quite nice; the cape and the wig look cool and fit wel. I don't really like the pink things because of the colour, and its feet look enormous.
  12. New Magma Vandagyre And Snot Lutari

    Oeh, I am excited for the coming days! These ones look good! I don't remember much of other snot pets, but if I look at all of them now most of them actually look pretty good in terms of lighting and droopiness, including this lutari! Magma vandagyre is b-e-a-utifull. It looks even better than some of the magma pets that were released in one go during the moltara plot- I think they were (not surprisingly) less and less inspired with each pet they had to draw. This one is very inspired on the other hand. It really looks like it is glowing from inside, like the Balrog from Tolkien. I also love the fact that the lava is solidified fragmented, so it created black lava scales on the pet- that's a great naturalistic detail
  13. Happy Zafara Day!

    @Panthersclaw ah that might explain it. Such colourful/ sour sugar candies are not really popular in the Netherlands. Here most candies are liquorice-based of course
  14. Happy Zafara Day!

    I love the way the zafara looks, but is it candy? I don't really see it. I find these candies the last few times too sparkly/dusty and less edible. I miss a certain shine or gloss. But perhaps that's just me. The way the zafara looks is lovely, and the hair and tail fluff are cute and candy cottony. I which they would have used the candy cotton theme a bit more, instead of going full sparkle again. But then again it looks lovely. I am torn! Clay is very decent. It has texture, so that's fine, but it is not very special. With the outfit I don't understand what's going on. Multiple shoes? An overall and a skirt? Can you layer them? Can you not? The details of the fabric on all pieces are however incredibly nice: the knitting on the hat, the fluffiness and softness of the sweater, a shine on the jewelry, the knitting of the socks. The only thing is that the right hand (for us) looks super weird because the thumb is hidden under the sweater. I keep laughing at it
  15. Happy Kacheek Day!

    Hmm... I am not too excited. Candy is very glimmery and glossy. It looks more like a sparkling diamond than any type of candy to me. I am not much a fan of transparent, and I'm creeped out by the roundness of the kacheek skull. I mean, I knew it had a round head, but the skull is just so perfectly circular.... Also, it has no heart apparently? The outfit wig is gorgeous, love the colour and the curls. The handheld is also lovely. However, the sweater is strange (why does it have a ruff) and looks very grandma-y. The boots seem ill-fitting, too large and just to pink for my taste. And... the kacheek is naked from down below the waist??