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  1. Josi

    Happy Draik Day!

    Oo that is some nice candy! It is so glossy and it looks very edible❤️
  2. Josi

    Happy Kyrii Day!

    What a good day! All colours and item are lovely, and especially that desert themed gown is exceptionally beautiful! If only Kyrii's did not look so menacing... (yes I am thinking of the UC royal boy and girl)
  3. Custard is always a bit boring and this does not really stand out... I like that the hair tuff is droopy, but I with the tail would also be droopy. The dress is very lovely, and the shoe is also very fitting. It reminds me of a 1920s flapper dress with pearls. I don't like the earrings, I think the emeralds do not fit the colour scheme of the rest but well, you don't have to buy them 😉
  4. Josi

    Happy Nimmo Day!

    Hmm.. okay... Not the best execution we've seen from this colour, mostly because of the head. It looks HUGE thanks to the Darth Vader helmet and glowing goggles and additional camera eye (?). The body clothing looks good though, I like the knee caps and the bodice. I wonder what it looks like without clothing! The ninja outfit looks nice. I wonder whether it's a specific reference to a movie or comic?
  5. Josi

    Happy Yurble Day

    Ohh I love these colours! Toy is very vibrant and detailed. It really looks as if it were a plastic toy from the toy shop! Although I do agree with @Angeló that candy is nothing new, but I think it is very pretty. The manes look superb (although it does not remind me of a candy), and the body looks nice sugary. It's a lovely colour. The clothes are fine, I don't really get the reference, but especially the jacket looks cool.
  6. Josi

    Happy Koi Day!

    I like water, especially the tail fin which looks very droopy. I wish the dorsal fin was more wave-like and did not show the lineart, like the ogrin for example I also like wraith, especially the evil grin which was lacking the last few versions of this colour. It looks malicious again! The clothing is in itself okay, although I don't really know where the dress ends and the wings begin. Something is odd about the dorsal fin that shimmers through between the hair and the wings. It's as if the red of the fin is a wig and the spiked head fins are crown ornaments or something. 🤔 (we have new smileys? cool!)
  7. Josi

    Happy Hissi Day!

    Woah, steampunk is aswesome! The clothing add a lot of volume to the body, it looks much bigger than the polka hissi. I like how the steampunk has many different concepts in the executions we've seen so far. We have a futuristic, start trek remiscent borg robot made of space wreck scraps with dark and metalic colours and cyborg elements like the lupe. We also have a more alternate reality futuristic robots, i.e. real steam punk in that sense, with clear steam power elements and bronze/copper and ocher red colours, like the steampunk lenny with a little steam kettle and a pressure meter on it's legs. Then we have this new hissi, who is not very robotic at all (aside from the cog wheel thing on the head underneath the hat), but is dressed up with many different Victorian clothing items, like the top hat and pinstripe pants, but with the alternative reality steampower futuristic elements like a steam powered weapon on it's back (or what's going on there?) and another pressure meter near the eye. One thing that's weird is that the leather muzzle thing only covers the nose and not the mouth. The polka dot looks nice enough. The pink surrounding the eye looks kinda strange to me though. @Angeló for spotted, they already went for a realistic snake look (I think rattle snake?) so to me it makes sense that they went for true polka dots here. I like the clothes, it reminds me if Stravinsky's Firebird Ballet I once went too. I think the fact that hissi specific clothing sets often have shoes, like the pointe shoes this time, are a running joke at the office.
  8. Josi

    Happy Lupe Day!

    Water is pretty, I like how it creates waves at the ear tips and the tail. Regarding what @Yuiina said, the non-degrading eye colour is a species specific thing, since all lupes have a unicolor eyes and all tonu's and jetsams have eye-whites. BUT I think they could change that to eyes with eye-whites, like they changed the uni's eyes from unicolor (pun not intented) to eye-white eyes: -> I wonder what the other colour might be. Because it's delayed, I think it will be a new colour or a difficult colour, like Toy or Steampunk. The clothes are nice; again an Assassins Creed reference?
  9. I played in the Gravity mode (superextrahypergravitymode) and restarted the game until I got a power/fish negg as first negg. Easiest AAA beat I've ever done! (okay, perhaps for Kass Basher, that was even easier).
  10. I like the polka dot, it looks cute and reminds me of spring. The outfit is a bit meh for my taste, but I don't like ruff and pink and lace and all that stuff. I do really like the wig though, but I feel as if it does not really match the outfit with its ombre colours rather than pastel colours. The transparent... it's getting a bit of a bore, this colour, right? They all look the same and I still dislike the facial lines that go over the actual skeleton. I also feel that it might be anatomically incorrect, with the weird hole in the jaw and the right knee that has a very strange angle from the body
  11. The colours are okay. I do like the sponge, the colour is nice and vibrant, as @Naamah said. The clothes are nice, but perhaps green should be a better colour for a 'Wild Child' (that's the name of the outfit) unless the wild is a volcano and not a forest. I am also amused by the fact that the antlers are called horns xD
  12. Clay is cute, it looks detailed and I think it's a nice base colour for customizing. Origami is quite cool, although I don't really like it as a colour, it is nicely executed. What's the deal though with the eyes of origami pets? Are they supposed to be ' pencil drawn'? The outfit bothers me a bit. I know gypsy clothes are thought of as patched and having different fabrics and patterns, but this is a bit too much variation in fabrics. The skirt screams 'I don't belong here!'. I whish they would have modeled the skirt in similar colours as the top, because that one does seem gypsian to me. I also don't really like the head band, the colours just don't match the other colours in the outfit or even the flowers in the hair
  13. Josi

    Happy Krawk Day

    Ah, yes! I like the execution of this one very much. I don't think we've seen blue candy pets before? The only thing that starts to bother me is that all candy pets are kinda similar: white/ coloured glossy stripes. Perhaps my hopes for candy colour in general were too high. The glitch is really, cool; the krawk is twitching his eye very fast. I secretly hope they don't remove it I think the candy Krawk also has candy between the spinal spikes, or is that also a glitch?
  14. Josi

    Happy Krawk Day

    It's pretty for a polka dot pet, they're all a bit the same anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I just noticed that krawks have a yellowish thumb nail which I had never seen before (?!) I don't really know what's going on with the clothing; is it a chique beach outfit, but with a classy dinner style hat? A straw hat would have been cute and would have made more sense in my opinion. The wig does have nice coupe soleil colours though! I wonder whether there will be a second colour?
  15. What a good day! I feel the past half year they are spending more and more effort in these colours as opposed to before. Perhaps they hired some new artists? Woodland is cute. I like the colours and the flowers, but some of the outer line-art like the back and the facial features are very... harsh/dark? They don't really match with the softness of the overall colour. Wraith is cool as always, although like I said before it could have smiled more malevolent instead of happy. The clothes are cool, I like Assassin's Creed, but I wish it was designed for a bipedal pet like the lutari (lutari Ezio would be *so cool!*)
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