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  1. Happy Vandagyre Day!

    I already saw these yesterday evening, but then there wasn't a post yet so I'm a bit late with commenting. But I had to comment because these two colours are just wonderful. Stealth pets, I probably love them all. Although this one doesn't look as mischievous as some others with squinted eyes (see below), which is for me a missed opportunity because I love that detail, the Vandagyre looks pretty rad. The clothing is nice and detailed and the colour is beautiful (I want to see it without the outfit!), but there are also some strange things going on. For example, is the tail feather clothed or coloured? I would imagine it to be not clothed, because you wouldn't clothe a tail feather, but the marking is so smooth that it also doesn't really look like it's coloured. Now Ilook at the arm feathers, which have the same pattern, I think it is actually coloured and not clothed, but then still the light blue line is amazingly smooth for a coloured feather. Other than that I do not get the bandages around the ears. I always imagined that those two fluff balls would be just that-fluff- and not actually ears. I thought Vandagyres to be sort of owls, and owls do not have physical ears, but only ear tufts made of feather... Look at this majestic Eagle Owl or "Oehoe" in Dutch (because they make ''oohooo'' sounds) The camouflage looks lovely. It's a nice base colour for customization (if vandagyres were good customizable-that is! They still cannot wear as much clothes as the old pets. The eyes are beautifully golden and really stand out with all that purple The clothing is okay. I like the lipstick, it has a nice bordeaux red colour. The dress is nice enough and the jewelry too. The wig is... I have no idea wat is going on there. It is 2D on a 3D head. I am just confused
  2. Happy Pteri Day!

    The colours are okay; the artwork is nice, but these colours are generally not very spectacular. The outfit is... I don't know. I like bits and I don't like other bits, even within the same piece. The skirt is nice, as well as the feathers of the headgear, but then the wig/turban/beanie(?) in that headgear is just ugly. The shirt is nice on its own, but not in combination with the other pieces, both colourwise and stylewise. It's too rough compared to the frilly feathers. The shoes are just shoes.
  3. Happy Jetsam Day!

    The Phantom has a mask that covers half of his face- the deformed part. The costume reminds me of Mozart's Don Giovanni (in the Amadeus movie): The polkadot is a bit too dull for me. I want the dots to be bright and colourful! Candy is also a bit generic- it looks like pink with texture. It does not remind me of a specific candy. They could have made gummy sharks instead (or are these things dolpins?)
  4. Happy Bori Day!

    Never noticed this but I totally agree with you. The face lines make it look cartoonish whereas without them they get the real 'transparant' feel. The marble is beautiful, but also reminded me of jelly. It looks very edible instead of glassy. When I look at it I start salivating (or maybe I'm just hungry) I really like the yellow eyes, though!
  5. Happy Eyrie Day!

    The female's base colour is extremely pretty: somewhere in the midst of purple and grey. I really want to know what she looks like without the cloting (ok that just sounded so weird). If they went for an IT-costume, IT (pun intended) could have been scarier and IT could definitely use some clownlike face paint.
  6. Happy Grarrl Day!

    The colours are awesome! I like the chocolate drippings and the whipped cream is detailed enough to make it seem overwhipped. Water is beautiful. The tail is stunning and it's translucent enough to see the left arm and leg through the body. I have no idea what's going on with the outfit. It sort of reminds me of a female Slash or something.
  7. Happy Skeith Day!

    Yea, for the full Jon Snow experience paint your skeith ice/snow or zombie and put the clothes on I agree with most here, zombie looks a bit too clean. Also, because they kept the Skeith's mean expression, zombie looks quite sentient, despite the fact that zombies .. err.. don't have (working) brains
  8. Happy Techo Day!

    Whoot! Pretty colours! Marble has a great texture: it looks very glasslike and see-through, which is pretty. Again on the chocolate, those textures! Droopy chocolate sauce on the shoulders, choclate nibs on the nose, and also droopy white chocolate glaze. Even the cherry looks real. The outfit: a warlock theme is a nice idea BUT its hair is just weirdly placed. Also, the dress is boring; shaped like a potato sack and the colours don't match the colours of the other pieces. The shoes are ridiculously large (ok Techo do have large feet, I know). The shoulderpiece is cool though. But from the InHuman theme, I'd rather have seen them modeling the techo outfit from Crystals garment:
  9. Happy Draik Day!

    The outfit is so cool! Commodore James Norrington The details on the jacket are great! For the colours, I am not so impressed, mostly because 8-bit and dimensional are colours I don't care about.
  10. Happy Kyrii Day!

    Oehh I like them! They are all very detailed. I like the pine tree theme on the woodland; I would always think that Kyrris were conifer forest creature rather than a broad-leaved forest creature. Aquaman Kyrri also looks great: those manes!
  11. Happy Grundo Day!

    The shrek theme is fantastic! For donkey: I guess a Vacana could work or a Bika? I like water a lot! Lots of details and a beautiful eye-colour. The dimensional is okay, I am not really fan of that colour.
  12. Happy Meerca Day!

    Clay looks detailed, pastel is a pretty base colour. Not much else to say. I like the clothing theme -great for customization- but I feel as if the hat does not fit.
  13. Happy Kiko Day!

    Woah! Candy kiko looks awesome! I first thought it was dimensional but with a new feature, but then I saw it was candy. It really looks like a tumtum (Dutch Sinterklaas candy). Only the eyes look sort of copy pasted. Custard looks custardy- drooping and all. For a plain colour it's very detailed. The outfit is GORGEOUS. I like that the skirt is long and gives the kiko extra length, as if it actually has legs. The wig fits perfectly and the eye make up will fit a lot of customizations. But I keep thinking: how would a kiko -having no legs at all- dance like a ballerina? And for that matter, how do kiko's even move forward? Do they hover? Do they bounce?
  14. Happy Tuskaninny Day!

    Cookie looks okay as a colour, but it does not really have cookie features. As @Scoobert_Doo said, it looks more like a sand sculpture, which isn't bad, but just not cookie. But then again the colour is called biscuit and biscuits do not have chocolate flakes like cookies. I guess I'll always feel conflicted about this colour. What I don't like about eventide is the "shine" on the right side of the pet. None of the other pets have this. It's really unnatural, because sunsets do not have such weird white reflections. It makes it look like candy or rainbow coloured jelly . Also, there is this strange darkened shade on the belly which I do not understand. It cannot be a shadow, because the light comes from the right, as indicated by the shine on the right side. I don't know, the lighting and shadowing is off on this pet. I like the idea of a mermaid pet, but they should have used the already mermaid shaped tail of the tuskaninny. Mermaids do not have a seaweedy, droopy fin? Also, I get the idea of pearls, which are made by shells underwater, but they seem kind of chique for a mermaid? They would have fitted a chique dress (like the Tiffany moehong with her 'flute') better. I think more sealike accessories, like seaweed, shells, coral, would have fitted the theme better. The wig however is nice and I think it will fit a lot of colours and customizations.
  15. Happy Ixi Day!

    Pastel is really quite and I think great for customization if you're into that. Marble is detailed and you can really see through (for example the horns) but I am not a fan of the colours; a bit to snotty for me The outfit is cool too, it has an ancient Greek vibe and the pieces would be great for both altadorian and lost desert customization. Overal it's a good pet day!