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  1. Woah! Candy kiko looks awesome! I first thought it was dimensional but with a new feature, but then I saw it was candy. It really looks like a tumtum (Dutch Sinterklaas candy). Only the eyes look sort of copy pasted. Custard looks custardy- drooping and all. For a plain colour it's very detailed. The outfit is GORGEOUS. I like that the skirt is long and gives the kiko extra length, as if it actually has legs. The wig fits perfectly and the eye make up will fit a lot of customizations. But I keep thinking: how would a kiko -having no legs at all- dance like a ballerina? And for that matter, how do kiko's even move forward? Do they hover? Do they bounce?
  2. Cookie looks okay as a colour, but it does not really have cookie features. As @Scoobert_Doo said, it looks more like a sand sculpture, which isn't bad, but just not cookie. But then again the colour is called biscuit and biscuits do not have chocolate flakes like cookies. I guess I'll always feel conflicted about this colour. What I don't like about eventide is the "shine" on the right side of the pet. None of the other pets have this. It's really unnatural, because sunsets do not have such weird white reflections. It makes it look like candy or rainbow coloured jelly . Also, there is this strange darkened shade on the belly which I do not understand. It cannot be a shadow, because the light comes from the right, as indicated by the shine on the right side. I don't know, the lighting and shadowing is off on this pet. I like the idea of a mermaid pet, but they should have used the already mermaid shaped tail of the tuskaninny. Mermaids do not have a seaweedy, droopy fin? Also, I get the idea of pearls, which are made by shells underwater, but they seem kind of chique for a mermaid? They would have fitted a chique dress (like the Tiffany moehong with her 'flute') better. I think more sealike accessories, like seaweed, shells, coral, would have fitted the theme better. The wig however is nice and I think it will fit a lot of colours and customizations.
  3. Pastel is really quite and I think great for customization if you're into that. Marble is detailed and you can really see through (for example the horns) but I am not a fan of the colours; a bit to snotty for me The outfit is cool too, it has an ancient Greek vibe and the pieces would be great for both altadorian and lost desert customization. Overal it's a good pet day!
  4. Dimensional looks pretty cool: like an old neon lamp that has dark spots in it and will shut down in a short time. I believe these dark spots are new on dimensional pets? The ice flotsam looks as if it's an ice cube that has been out of the fridge for a while with the outer ice layer already melting. I think that's also thought trough very well, as flotsams are aquatic pets and if they were hypothetically made of ice, their outer layer of ice would always be melting as the ocean is warmer than the ice (unless they live in the arctic seas, where the sea temperature can be below 0 degrees Celsius because salt water has a lower freezing point)
  5. Both of these look great! Transparant looks biologically okay, as far as I can tell and I am not an expert at all. The ears are boneless, like they should be, and the 'horns' do not have bones in them too, interesting! When seeing a new transparant pet I keep thinking about the transparant peophin that was a train wreck before it was fixed (notice the bones in the ears, ear fin and tail fin and the reversed spine in the chest) >>> Stealth looks good too: the lightning is very detailed. It kinda looks to happy for me though, I like the fierce facial expression of some of the stealthy pets more. Clothes are cool too, I think they'd look nice on a woodland Acara!
  6. On the clothing: is it a Loki reference?
  7. The candy nimmo really looks like a citroenzuurtje (sour lemon candy) or boterbabbelaar (butterscotch candy): Anyhow, I really like the candy nimmo: it looks edible! Cookie looks okay, but the chocolate chips look kinda 2D or even sometimes like zits or moles to me I am not sure I like the clothing. The small thumbnails are very pixely. When I enlanrge the nimmo pic, I get very confused: The headpiece is not situated on the Nimmo's head, as you can see on this large pic. Moreover, on the small pic the 'shirt' looks like a cape i.e. no fabric on the chest, but only on the back/shoulders/sides. But on the large pic the chest is white and the neck is pink? Is that the shirt or the colour of the nimmo? I don't think this grayish colour with white belly and pink neck even exists? Also what's up with the pointy -I am sorry, not sure what to call it- butt, that is normally rounded in nimmos? The longer I look at this picture the more confused I get
  8. Haha, I didn't think about that!
  9. Both are sweet! The stars on the Kau's forehead in the eventide are cute, like Rometus said. The Ice looks blocky and icy. The only thing I don't understand is why some kau colours have a bell (transparant, faerie, dimensional, magma, silver, stealthy and now ice) and other's don't.
  10. The Farnswap is cool! I really like the coat. The green and red patches look like emeralds and rubies instead of patch work cloth. The Weewoo is cute, but I don't understand the purple turtleneck-thing above the cloak. A cloak hangs from one's shoulder and this cloak hangs from the birds elbows/ midriff? How does it not fall down? What is the purple turtle neck doing? Is it attached to the cloak? Or is the turtleneck not a cloth but the weewoo's feathers? I just don't know.
  11. I think pastel is cute. I kinda like the faded characteristic of the pastel pets than make you squint your eyes to see them properly. Polka dot is okay, but as Jellysundae said: If you have noticed it can't be unseen. Outfit is okay. I don't know which popstar it's supposed to be... It's strange that the dress has sleeves (in the small picture) while jubjubs do not even have arms.
  12. I love both the colours! The polka dot is I think the best polka dot pet that's around currently; mostly because they did not polkadot the face and the belly. That causes it to look more calm as opposed to earlier polka dot pets. Also, the colour of the mane really fits the colours of the dots. I also like the pastel colouring of the nose and eyes. The pet really looks like a real life toy I'd buy! Very cute. The maractite is also stunning. The body part looks like if the pet is wearing armour (e.g., his arm) because of the relief/ depth effect of the swirls. The face, again is less crowded with swirls. I also like that they went with less swirly but more angular forms in the face. The manes are- just wow. A combination of metal/ water/ ice texture? It looks so beautiful! The artist really outdid him/ herself with the details! I was never much interested in yurbles colour-wise, but these colours (and the maraquan manatee yurble) make me want to have one! For the outfit: I like the concept, especially the traditional Russian clothing vibe with the shirt. The pose of the yurble/ its manes/ the dark colours of the clothes do not make the details you see on the individual clothes shine when looking at the dressed yurble. Also, I would have liked to see a head piece, like a hat or wig (or glasses or a moustache ;)). And I feel as if the chalice is a reference to something, but I don't understand it- anyone does?
  13. Marble is okay, I think the fins could have used a little bit more of the coloured striped (like the back tail). Relic looks very realistic, aside from the fact that the pet and the stone base do not seem to be connected (?) It looks as if the koi is placed before the stone instead of attached to it. The clothes are quite a nice idea and the dress and flowers look good. The wig looks a bit strange, but perhaps fish are just not meant to have hair
  14. Custard and jelly are both fine, I think. Especially jelly looks very gelatinous, orangy and edible But I wish they released some more exciting colours. Last few pet days have been not so spectaculair. Clothing is beautiful, but is she really smoking?
  15. Clay is okay, I guess. The texture could have been woodland as well, but oh well. Dimensional is also okay, but I like the dimensionals better when they seem to glow from the inside out instead of just their edges The clothes are cool, albeit pink (pink Jedi?). Too bad that master Lupe will never be able to wield his own light saber xD