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  1. The Wheels

    Wheel of Excitement: 256 np Wheel of Knowledge: free spin, free spin, free spin, free spin, free spin, King Hagan's wisdom: "The king who fixes his gaze on the clouds may trip over pebbles." (well that explains a lot ) but seriously how can I get 5 respins, but I still don't have the avatar?
  2. What constitutes the biggest part of your wealth ??

    for me it's probably the opposite of most people. all my wealth is neopoints & probably hoard those like people hoard items. I use the stock market daily & I run a shop by restocking so I'm pretty well off I could say. I have a huge problem with spending them though. I'm such a cheapskate! I mean what's the point of the money if you don't buy what you want?
  3. I love your username. Vanilla is delicious and I'm very vain so it's automatically awesome!

    1. VanillaVanity


      aww thanks! that's pretty much was I was thinking when I made it! well also the fact that I'm super pale lol

  4. Anchor Management

    I just got a pirate draik morphing potion! I would've posted the text from when I got it but I sorta freaked out & had to check my inventory to be sure I wasn't dreaming. I've wanted a draik since I played Neo as a kid soooo this is a pretty happy day for me.
  5. Secret Laboratory Map - worth it?

    I collect avatars & I was thinking about it mainly for zapping pets to see if I can get lucky with a pretty color. The price of the map is probably pretty steady so I might just need to go for it.
  6. Secret Laboratory Map - worth it?

    I'm probably gonna get a lot of slack for this, buuuut I really just can't decide. I want the map, but it's just so expensive. How do you even buy something like that anyway?
  7. So what exactly is the 'shop of offers'?

    Ohh alrightie. I vaguely remember some of the stuff you guys mentioned. I played neopets for a few years when I was 11, but that was 10 years ago haha. There seem to be a lot of 'leftover' stuff from things no longer working it seems. :/
  8. Reading books-is this a glitch?

    I was having the same exact problem with "The Secret Past of Albert the Kacheek". It kind of sucks, but I'll put it in my SDB & hope for the best as well.
  9. This is probably a question long overdue, but I've always done my dailies sort of mindlessly since it's just my routine. What is the shop of offers though? I mean I click on the link from the dailies page & I get the "rich slorg gives you NP" event, but is that it? Just wondering why neopets would make a page of random adds. Maybe I'm over thinking
  10. Omelette Economics

    I've been wondering the same actually. While I was going for packrat I was planning to get all of the omelettes (each fraction is a 'unique item' so that's 4 items per type of omelette!). I ended up buying the most of the whole omelettes & feeding my pet because I'm a cheapskate... I bought a few partially eaten ones because my poor pets were always bloated :x
  11. Dealing with the Darigan Yooyu

    Perfect advice! I usually get right up at the goal & stand backwards sort of at an angle. If it's an especially mischievous yooyu I just sit back and watch the carnage. Nothing makes me happier than to watch an opposing team score for darigan citadel with a darigan yooyu.
  12. Is restocking still profitable?

    Thanks for the link! I got it bookmarked for next time I can get that boon. I'm definitely excited for half price day I got it all planned out^^
  13. Thank you! I've definitely go buy Downsize!. Actually I do have a question as far as the 'math' of the battledome. As far as I understand it's basically: base damage = Strength x Boost x Icons damage negated = Defence x Boost x Defence Icons damage inflicted = the difference between the two above at least that's what I *think* I've actually been trying to find a breakdown of all of the math and calculations. I really like the battledome and I'm good at math so I figure that would be a good angle to approach it from.
  14. Is restocking still profitable?

    That's a wonderful idea actually! I've been hoarding interesting finds with hopes similar to that. so it IS worth it? I do the obelisk every week & I was going to try that one day. I actually have the Cheaper By The Dozen boon at the moment.
  15. Is restocking still profitable?

    I was actually thinking about premium honestly. It seems pretty nice & with the amount of time I spend on Neopets now it would probably be worth it. Still gotta get used to the feeling that I'm an adult on neopets & I can actually spend my money if I want.