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  1. Vlagopus

    New Avatar: Brain Tree Quests!

    Bloody Ghost Toast, bloody expensive too haha It's a r87 so not that easy to restock. In a few days it'll probably naturally approach 15-20k, or maybe someone will buy out the cheaper ones in SW and push up the price
  2. Vlagopus

    New Avatar: Brain Tree Quests!

    I'm under no illusion I'd be able to rank top 50 any time soon, but in the mean time I'm gonna be happy about the inflation of Spooky Foods and do some serious restocking 💰
  3. Vlagopus

    The Runway: Special Edition Votes #2!

    Entries #2 and #4 currently have the same title.. perhaps copy and paste error? Would love to know what #4's title is originally 🙂 Anyway happy too see so many lovely entries, and not surprised no one chose clay lol
  4. Vlagopus

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 143!

    I still need the avatar for Brute Squad so hopefully it's gonna win this time 🙂
  5. Vlagopus

    Official Neopets down/having issues board

    @Angeló I had the same problem with Wheels (using Chrome), but I could play it again after following @Scoobert_Doo's suggestions here
  6. Vlagopus

    Kiko Pop not working for me?

    KP still doesn't work, but wheels work again, thanks @Scoobert_Doo 🙂
  7. Vlagopus

    Happy Poogle Day!

    The hair looks a bit like a broccoli *giggles*... and the body looks polished/varnished and not very natural, but maybe I'll get used to it
  8. Vlagopus

    Kiko Pop not working for me?

    @cassandrastorm I ended up logging in Neopets on my iphone using Safari for the Obelisk boons, maybe you can try to use a smartphone if you have one?
  9. Vlagopus

    Kiko Pop not working for me?

    I'm having the same issue with Kikopop as well as The Coincidence 😞 Someone had the same problem some time ago, and @Scoobert_Doo made a detailed suggestion at the end of this thread
  10. Vlagopus

    Restocking newbie asking for help

    Hi! First and foremost, welcome to Neopets! Second, basically what everyone said above. Dailies are very useful (even if just collecting junk - you might want to discard them if you're interested in the Rubbish Avatar, or just hang on to them for Charity Corner, especially the cheap ones with high rarity) As you become more familiar with restocking, you'll develop a list of items that sell well. Current examples include Ptolymelon (no idea why but always managed to sell them all within one day), Toy Sailboat, and Snorkle Snout. Chocolate Factory was easy and profitable when I started playing, but not anymore (likely because too many people restock there). Prices can also be seasonal - see price history of Gourmet Cooking For Your Pet. You can see when the last price update was on Jellyneo, but generally, shops at Neopia Central update more often, while non-food, non-collectable, non-book items might not be updated for over a month or longer, so you might want to check with Shop Wizard. For some reason, items priced at 2,500 NP (in certain shops) usually don't give you a profit. A lot of r90s are priced at 5,000 NP, but if you can still see them at the shop after refreshing a few times, chances are they will give you a loss. Some 2,500 NP items are worth buying, and it's possible to buy them at 2,000 NP, but too much time spent haggling means someone else will beat you to it. The employment agency is also a good place to earn some quick bucks (pick the ones with large profit and long time, and finish each task asap). You can also pay attention to which items are being asked for often, and those will likely be easy to sell at your shop. Hope that helps! p.s. I still haven't unlocked the Koi Warrior - can you believe it?
  11. Vlagopus

    The Runway Votes #63

    I won? OMG I WON!!!! Thank you everyone who voted for me!
  12. Vlagopus

    'Neopian Lottery' Avatar

    Or maybe just stick to Neopian Lottery and limit the disappointment to the virtual world lol
  13. @jellysundae thanks! Pound method sounds promising, although it's kind of hard to find the right colour and species especially if it's a rare/ expensive colour. @Trea Unfortunately no, they can't even be taken out of the closet.
  14. I zapped my labbie into an Elderlygirl, then into an Elderlyboy, then back into an Elderlygirl, and then back into an Elderlyboy again. (What are the chances of that happening consecutively anyway?) Maybe old people wear a lot of clothes, idk, but now I've got 3 extra sets (15 pieces in total) cluttering my closet. Is there any way to get rid of extra paint brush clothes?
  15. @Krytl You are so talented! I love your drawings and can't wait to see more 😍