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  1. Vlagopus

    New Avatar: Brain Tree Quests!

    Thanks! I got the avatar!! I might try my luck with a Trophy at the beginning of next month. The Spooky Food prices have dropped a bit, yay for quests but nayyyy for restocking. oh wells can't complain
  2. Vlagopus

    New Avatar: Brain Tree Quests!

    Hahaha go for it and good luck! This has taken less time than expected, since I only feed Esophagor if it costs under 5k in total. Do you know how often the avatar is awarded? I remember someone has asked before but I can't find it
  3. Vlagopus

    New Avatar: Brain Tree Quests!

    Thankyou, you are correct! Now that you have provided the correct information to the Brain Tree, it is his turn to reward you. He gives you the following magical item, and also 10248 NP! Finally have a chance!! Ranking #26 now fingers crossed
  4. Vlagopus

    Turmaculus Alert!

    You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has decided to grant your petpet a level!!! Your petpet is now level 3!
  5. Vlagopus

    New Lost Desert Map - Meet Xendrik

    I like the new maps, but having to answer a question every time I refresh the page is seriously getting in the way of restocking I didn't know either, but possibly during the Lost Desert Plot back in 2005, long before I started playing Neopets the first time
  6. Vlagopus

    Turmaculus Alert!

    You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has given you a The Tournament Handbook!!!
  7. Vlagopus

    PSA: Game Trophy Glitch

    The same thing happened to me. Managed to get two but lost out on another two. Maybe TNT will award the trophies retrospectively?
  8. Wow congratulations! I might have to include Pick Your Own in my dailies from now on. If I were you I'd wait for more bids to get an idea of what people are willing to pay for, and maybe try to negotiate for more than what they're currently offering. It's so rare and a lot of people have lots of NPs lying around. If there's any rare item that you've always wanted but aren't able to get, now is your chance!
  9. Vlagopus

    Pet lookup details

    By all means go for it! I'd be interested to read it 🙂 Which one is your favourite?
  10. Vlagopus

    Does anyone still play Ghoul Catchers?

    I stopped playing after reaching level 120 a few months ago. Took me a long time to accumulate enough power-ups by watching videos to get through some levels. According to JN guide we should get the Altador Mansion Background and Haunted Altador Amulet for completing level 120 but I didn't get it so kind of disappointed. Sent TNT an email about this but no reply either...
  11. Vlagopus

    Funny item descriptions

    Monster Cake: Eat it before it eats you! (exactly the same as Spooky Raspberry Pie, not very original) Blumaroo Steak: What goes bounce...bounce...whirr... splat? (If I feed this to a blumaroo will it eat it?) Cup of Pustulence: What happens when you mix pus and pestilence? (Ewww) Hair Stuffed Maggot: The biggest maggot Edna could find stuffed with as much JubJub hair as possible! (My Jubjub did a quest and how did Edna repay him?!)
  12. Vlagopus

    Create-A-Neopet + Neopian Pound Not Working

    I had the exact same problem yesterday. I've switched to using Incognito Mode on Google Chrome and it works now. Remember to enable flash again, by clicking "Not Secure" next to your URL. A dropdown menu appears, and go to the row for Flash and change "Block" or "Default" to "Allow". Hope this helps 🙂
  13. Vlagopus

    The Backstage: Alternative Entries!

    Here are my alternative entries for the Concealed round. I thought for sure someone else would enter a similar fire themed one so that's partly why I didn't. I also couldn't decide which background to use. As for the Bori, I think he looks better with the cape, but better concealed without. I'm rather pleased with how well the colours match the background, but the shadow looks kinda weird. @aleu1986 Your Jubjub is definitely the best one among the four, but I like how the Yurble's dress matches the seaweed. Also your Starry Cybunny would have made an awesome entry in the Unpopular Patterns round. As for the Korbat, basically change it to Ghost or Zombie and you're ready for the next round 😉
  14. Vlagopus

    Tarla's Toolbar Treasures

    Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. The Mystery Of The Shy Shoyru http://www.neopets.com/freebies/tarlastoolbar.phtml
  15. Vlagopus

    Avatar Alert :K

    There's already a thread on the Neoboard and people were bumping it so hopefully a lot of people saw it 🙂