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  1. Vlagopus

    What do you do to make Neopoints?

    I used to do Employment Agency a lot, but have forgotten about it these days. Thanks for reminding! 😀 I do buy things for the job, as long as it costs less than the base reward, but that's mainly because I don't keep a large amount of items on hand. I tend to buy the items from the official Neopian shops since they're usually cheaper than Shop Wizard (with some exception). Items that you can buy from General Store, are usually cheaper at the General Store, so don't get them from user shops. If you can, get jobs with a long time frame, and high base reward, because the Time Bonus is 25% of the Base Reward, less the percentage of allotted time you took. Consider the two jobs below: Say it took you one minute to complete the job. If you pick the first one, your time bonus would be 9438 * (0.25 - 1/17) = 1804 NP. If you pick the second one, your time bonus would be 9438 * (0.25 - 1/7) = 1011 NP Items that are often asked for by the Employment Agency usually sells well (at least they did a few months ago when I still bothered), and might be worth restocking.
  2. Vlagopus

    The Runway Votes #60

    #6 makes me want to have a Cloud Gnorbu 😍
  3. Vlagopus

    What do you do to make Neopoints?

    I mainly rely on bank interest, Trudy's and stock market. I also go through the list of TDN dailies, and I sometimes get decent stuff e.g. a Zomutt from Test Your Strength, some job coupons and morphing potions from the wheels. If the items required at The Coincidence don't cost me a lot, I'd do that too, and I got a petpetpet twice. Not sure if it's a net loss or profit with the Spooky Scratchcard, but I buy and scratch it every day regardless. I haven't explored Food Club yet but I guess I will look into it since so many of you mentioned it. The only games I play for NP are Fashion Fever, Kass Basher, Catch the Petpet and Top Chop since they're quick and easy. There are some others I play for avvies and trophies. I occasionally restock stamps, book and food (only managed to buy 2 r99s so far, and still haven't managed to sell them lol)
  4. Faerie Xweetok Morph is just 1.5m, so there'll be more than enough left for Kacheek morph. I'm still having second thoughts so I'll sleep on it for a (possibly very long) while. I'm picky when it comes to colours and strawberry isn't a favourite. I usually just keep zapping until I get one I like, but I can't really do that to a battle pet
  5. If I ignore the cost of low level dubloon training, (and IF my basic arithmetic skills are reliable) I'd need about 2.2m in codestones to train my Xweetok up to the current level 86, assuming the price doesn't go up... Edit: Oh I know!!! 2.2m will allow me to use a Faerie Xweetok Morphing Potion on one of my other pets, then morph my battle pet into a Kacheek! And buy the Kacheek Life Potion. Problem solved 🙂
  6. The healing spring also works just fine for me. Whenever I need healing after battles, I just battle Mr Chuckles or Chia Clown, which I (and most people) can kill in one go, while using Greater Healing Scroll. Then repeat until I'm back to full HP. As @Duma said, Lesser Healing Scroll is a more affordable alternative, you just have to repeat a couple more times. Hope that helps 🙂 Healing potions are definitely worth saving up for Charity Corner @jellysundae omg I wasn't even aware of species specific healers! Considering how expensive the good general healers are, I might be better off training a Kacheek from scratch? My current battle pet is a Xweetok and I don't want to morph it into something else (unless I luckily zap another pet into a Faerie Xweetok lol)
  7. @neo_girl_300993 That site works wonders! I must be evil for feeling disappointed my petpet hasn't got eaten lol
  8. Might as well mute the sound and keep playing. The Evil Coconuts are worth quite a lot Does anyone know if the Techo Cheesy avatar work? I've scored high enough for the Gold Trophy multiple times, but still don't have the avatar... The only plus side to this was having lots of Quadruple Fudge Cheese to donate in the last charity corner lol EDIT: after 23 months of trying daily, I finally got it!! 😀
  9. 😱😭😭😭😭 No amount of snail-shaped trophies will cheer me up 😭 I decided to do Neoquest II first. On my way to beat the second boss.
  10. I did the Altador Plot almost 2 years ago so I don't remember the details much, but I followed TDN guide (http://thedailyneopets.com/altador-plot/part12/) to the letter, and managed to complete it. It did take a LOT of patience, especially when finding the Punch Club at the Colosseum. Worm Quest - I have a vague impression that the Black and Rainbow worms appear at specific times. And it's different for each user, kind of like Magma Pool. So if your worm times happens at a time when you're never online (in the middle of the night) then chances are you'll never find it. Neoquest... Can the game expire? I played about 1.5 years ago, and when I checked just now (with each one of my pet), it asks me to start a new game. I made my way to the Techo Caves previously, and I really really don't want to start all over again 😭
  11. Saw a fan while lurking on the trading post. This might be the most popular trophy in Neopian history
  12. Aw this is disappointing! The new ones are so uninspiring. In which case Lilian Fairweather might want to earn those NP back by selling "snail"-shaped merchandise. No point in letting the design go to waste. The double-headed one might be quite popular 🙂
  13. Vlagopus

    Altador Cup XIII Is Over!

    Perhaps you'd find the ones for 2nd and 3rd place more... palatable 😜
  14. Vlagopus

    Altador Cup XIII Is Over!

    @jellysundae @Nielo You guys are the best influence - see what I found today
  15. Vlagopus

    NC Mall Free Birthday Cupcake!

    @jellysundae @Duma Thanks! That's really helpful! Three of my pets' 2nd birthday is coming in about a month so hopefully I'll finally get those cupcakes It would be great if TDN has a birthday reminder function, which can also convert the age in days into the actual birthday. (Or Neopets can just list the pet birthdays for us in DD/MM/YY like all normal people do )