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  1. Vlagopus

    Notable Donors?

    Oh my... what a dark thought 😱 Is a grape chia smaller than a normal chia? Because Lutaris are around 50cm, and Chias around 60cm... 🤔
  2. Vlagopus

    Notable Donors?

    Found this on Reddit. If Grape Lutari existed and looked exactly like that, I'd totally love to get one
  3. Vlagopus

    Day 20 - Volcano Run II [DOUBLE DARE]

    What kind of name is Glubgar?! It sounds like a swear word, which might be fitting considering how difficult this game is lol As for the code, I managed to type it (with one hand, while the other hand controls the mouse) right at the start before things started flying at me. Not that an extra life helps...
  4. Vlagopus

    Day 19 - Caves and Corridors [DOUBLE DARE]

    I have to say I quite enjoy this game! If anyone wants a level solution opened side by side with the game screen, I think Jellyneo has a clearer guide this time http://www.jellyneo.net/?go=caves_and_corridors
  5. Vlagopus

    Day 17 - Flycatcher

    I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that, not only am I afraid of insects, I'm crept out by cartoon ones too... 😂
  6. Vlagopus

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    My prizes today aren't appearing in the inventory, is anyone else having the same problem? I tried to submit a ticket but it didn't work 😞 Any suggestion on what I should do? EDIT: They eventually appeared
  7. Vlagopus

    Day 15: Turmac Roll

    Nice customisation! The flowers go very well with everything else! It looks like the Kacheek is living happily in a spacious tree dwelling! What background are you using?
  8. Vlagopus

    Day 15: Turmac Roll

    @Nielo I can't believe my luck! My personal high score as well! I begin to see why they rate this game as easy (Definitely take your time to decide! I used my fountain faerie for my Faerie Xweetok, and have since regretted it. And I rushed into using the CC Limited Edition Perk for another pet. I used the Maraquan Buzz Morphing Potion, and was hoping for a Maraquan Draik, only to find out Draiks and Krawks can't be obtained through this method, so I settled for a Maraquan Chomby. Btw why are some morphing potions so cheap? They're r90+ after all)
  9. Vlagopus

    Day 15: Turmac Roll

    I feel you. The only way I can score high enough is to get one of those high scoring berries near the start, but honestly I'm kind of relieved when I see this game - it's got to be better than Zurroball or Meerca Chase, and at least not worse than Super Hasee Bounce. (Congrats on getting the Rainbow Fountain Faerie! I've only had her once. Which pet do you plan to paint and which colour?)
  10. Vlagopus

    Day 13 - Nova Defender

    I played up to level 9 on Easy and the score is only 74,611. Must I play on Hard to beat AAA? Edit: Scored much more on Hard, but could never get pass level 2 :(
  11. Vlagopus

    Day 8 - Zurroball

    Wow what an impressive video! What I don't understand is, how do you get the ball to "jump" high enough from near the bottom to above the line where the points can be banked?
  12. Vlagopus

    Day 8 - Zurroball

    After 2 hours of trying I finally scored 91 points!!! phew~ I hope I'll never have to play this game again. Still couldn't do a grounder though. As soon as I started inching the cursor closer to the bottom, my ball goes sideways, so I just kept the mouse fairly close to the top, and score point by point until I've clicked the screen for over 90 times. My shoulders definitely need a massage lol
  13. Vlagopus

    Day 8 - Zurroball

    @Angeló Same here. I thought yesterday's Super Hasee Bounce was bad, but this? This game makes no sense to me. I just keep dropping them and game over
  14. Vlagopus

    Day 7 - Super Hasee Bounce

    My high score for this game is 454. I feel the daily dare gold trophy slipping away :( I read the game guides, but does anyone have better tips?
  15. Vlagopus

    Day 5 - Lost City Lanes

    @jellysundae folks at the Meerca Chase thread had some awesome suggestions - like playing at gravity mode, or restarting at gravity mode until you get neggs with high points right at the start. You might want to check it out. I almost gave up, but reminds myself that at the very end of this, the stamp/collectable charm etc. from gold trophy is going to worth a lot of NPs, so I'll persevere! @Angeló I challenged AAA and also got the Lost City Lanes stamp, so maybe we get it regardless of who we challenge?