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  1. After the loss with Faerieland it's nice to see the 4 W's for Haunted Woods. Great job TM!❄️⛄❄️ @Scoobert_Doo Definitely not giving up yet. I don't think i can max out every game ether, but i'll try to play as much as i can for each of them. Of course before the finals I start to come down with a fever. I'm hoping this weekend i can sweat it out and be better to play for the long hours!
  2. It is pretty exciting! Having four teams tied for the top with two not to far behind is very intense. Yesterday i also hit All Star which i'm super happy about! 🌟🌠 Last year I made it 4 hours before the cup ended, so i'm glad i still have some time left to get more points in! ⛄❄️We got this TM!!❄️⛄
  3. TokaValencia

    AC XIII Krawk Island Support Thread

    Good luck today pirates, you guys are tough! ☠️⚓ I can see after playing a few games that your Shoyru is rather speedy. Miss Dinksy has been zooming all around the field!
  4. TokaValencia

    Happy Kau Day!

    Dr Strange Kau? That's what it looks like to me at least.
  5. @Nielo Moltara and Tyrannia's goalies are giants! When they go to the picture of you scoring the goal they take up half the screen lol
  6. TokaValencia

    Slushie Slinger

    Yes, wayyyyy to slow in the beginning and by level 14 they're in a cha cha line going high speed and you have no time to serve all of them!! 100% agree!! It takes to long to play this game for the amount of points you get. Something feels missing in this game.... I cant put my finger on it. Power ups maybe? Something to help this poor waitress? lol. Maybe randomly after a customer drinks down a slushie, they send it back with a power up that gives you more speed or "Invincibility" Or maybe something that lets you gain one of your lives back?
  7. We put up a great fight yesterday!! Terror Mountain did not back down! @rntracy1 Definitely don't blame yourself. You're putting in a lot of work to this team and then some. The scores were really close, and we got 8's for the first time!
  8. @rntracy1 🎶Hey now you're an All Star🎶 🌟 Congrats!!! That's crazy cool. You set your mind to your goals and reached them! I'm glad everyone is doing good!! I'm working extra hard, especially since we're up against Meridell today. My goal is to try and max out everything (I'm not sure about Slushie Slinger though. That game really fries my brain after awhile lol.)
  9. Yes! Lets trade our Bori Rinok who always seems to be to slow to make a goal or steal the ball Both the Maraqua and Brightvale Skeith's blocked the goal and loomed over the field every game. And that Nimmo on Brightvale has stolen the ball more then once today! Every time i rush to get the ball that Nimmo is right behind me! Look at those eyes 👀
  10. @rntracy1 WOW! that's awesome!! You're doing great, That is a lot of work. Kudos to you!
  11. How is everybody? It's been a long night but i finally reached rank 13. I also have been getting less darigan balls then before which i'm really happy about. Terror Mountain seems to be doing really great too! We're on a roll!!!
  12. I've been getting a ridiculous amount of Darigan Yooyuball's recently. So many games had to be restarted because i get 2 of them in a game and score nothing. It's the best when the other team accidentally throws it in!
  13. Aww, well at least we get the avatars for the remainder of the cup i guess. I got to rank 5 tonight, I'm a little rusty as well but getting the hang of Yoouyball again. That yellow Chomby in Tyrannia though keeps stealing the ball!
  14. My Pets treated themselves to the Slushie Shop before heading to Altador, we're ready to chill and play! Lets go Terror Mountain!!
  15. Go Terror Mountain !! This post has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Per the reason above, please review SPAM our rules.