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  1. TokaValencia

    The Runway Votes #61

    That Totoro is so cute!! I really love the dancing ghosts These entries are all wonderful!!
  2. TokaValencia

    Today's Random Events

    I was trying to look for my Dragoyle in Meridell when this popped up!
  3. TokaValencia

    Yay for Halloween Aisha Plushie

    @kuhlowie I like how the Disco Aisha looks like it's ready to dance. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒThe downward antenna's look cute in my opinion!
  4. TokaValencia

    Yay for Halloween Aisha Plushie

    Adorable! That plush looks so soft and in great condtion too. I have a small yellow Aisha that I keep on my desk, along with a little blue Shoyru. πŸ˜„
  5. TokaValencia

    Stuffed Animals

    I adore stuffed animals! Beanie Boo's are particularly adorable, Something about their big sparkly eyes. I like that TY also kept the traditional poem's in their tags for the beanie boo's. I collect a wide range of plushies. From different species of animals or characters from shows/films/video games etc. I'll admit that some of them I've forgotten their names, but most of my plushies i usually remember the name I've given them, especially one's that i've had for a long time. There's one that's a Webkinz cat called Miffy, who's the Woody to my Andy, I usually take her everywhere! Recently, I have added an Aurora Red Panda and an old Spyro the Dragon plush to my plushie family. @Kute I love your pin collection, Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorites! I've always liked Disney pins, I still have a pin i got years ago with all the Disney cats on it. 🐱
  6. TokaValencia

    I'm poorer but my gallery is fuller

    I agree with everyone, your gallery is simply organized and very eye pleasing! I'm a big fan when things have a rainbow-colorful theme like the basic plushie section does. 🌈⭐⭐⭐⭐
  7. TokaValencia

    The Runway Votes #59

    #2 is great!! Elton John makes a rather adorable Kacheek. 🌠
  8. Funny, I picked Jade for the 3rd round and made her my pick for Star Player since they said at the end of round 2: "With two rounds done, a lot of the underdogs are warming up for a big clash next week. Will one of them end up walking away as the winner?" The way Jade's head and necked looked I thought out of all the newbies she'd be a bobble head but then round 3 came and Binary Supagoo was picked, no newbies. I didn't want to choose her again with her score being so low. Was their choice for star player really chosen at random? β”πŸŽ²
  9. @midnight_spell360 Thank you! Krawk Island put up a good fight both times. Getting 15 was not an easy achievement with Dinksy speeding over to steal the ball! @Scoobert_Doo Congrats on completing your goals! πŸ† That's crazy you capped YB every day?? 1,012 games, Wow! I'm not sure if TM will take the top spot on the podium, but i think we have a good shot at 3rd. My goal for AC was to make All Star and try and play more games then i did last year. I managed to play more and reach rank 24. I was 4 YB games away from rank 25, but i didn't have enough time yesterday to finish. I'm happy with 24 though, along with the prize points. It was a long month and the games got tiresome after awhile, but it was another fun year. Glad to have been apart of Team Terror Mountain again! 🐼 β„οΈβ›„πŸ—»β›„β„οΈ
  10. My best score for YB was 13-0 and I only reached that score two times. (Whenever i do reach 13 its 13-1 or 13-2) However, the past two days I managed to score 15-0 three times now! I'm also feeling much better. No more fever, just a stuffed up nose. πŸ‘ƒ Thank you again @Nielo for the well wishes!
  11. After the loss with Faerieland it's nice to see the 4 W's for Haunted Woods. Great job TM!❄️⛄❄️ @Scoobert_Doo Definitely not giving up yet. I don't think i can max out every game ether, but i'll try to play as much as i can for each of them. Of course before the finals I start to come down with a fever. I'm hoping this weekend i can sweat it out and be better to play for the long hours!
  12. It is pretty exciting! Having four teams tied for the top with two not to far behind is very intense. Yesterday i also hit All Star which i'm super happy about! 🌟🌠 Last year I made it 4 hours before the cup ended, so i'm glad i still have some time left to get more points in! ⛄❄️We got this TM!!❄️⛄
  13. TokaValencia

    AC XIII Krawk Island Support Thread

    Good luck today pirates, you guys are tough! β˜ οΈβš“ I can see after playing a few games that your Shoyru is rather speedy. Miss Dinksy has been zooming all around the field!
  14. TokaValencia

    Happy Kau Day!

    Dr Strange Kau? That's what it looks like to me at least.
  15. @Nielo Moltara and Tyrannia's goalies are giants! When they go to the picture of you scoring the goal they take up half the screen lol