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    Neopets, artwork, writing, food.

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  1. catterday

    Welcome to August

    The only things I remember getting from this month's freebies is the 2k NP and Chocolate Milk
  2. catterday


    (I am extremely sorry if it's against the rules to reply to a comment from over a month ago, my computer has been acting up lately and I just got it fixed.) Thanks! I'll be sure to check out the stock market guides, don't worry!
  3. catterday

    NC MALL: Third Free Birthday Cake!

    Well, tuck that in your SDB no more! I got a strength raise :)
  4. catterday

    Free 10th Year Black & White Cupcake at NC Mall!

    Thanks for the reminder! I got my Birthday cupcake. :)
  5. catterday

    Back from what I consider a long while.

    Welcome back! Dude... getting frozen with not much of a reason? That's completely unfair of Jumpstart's moderators.
  6. catterday


    Thank you! Oh, good job on getting the Pirate Draik morphing potion! I got a Pirate Draik Egg from the Forgotten Shore but I don't want to trade it or use it... so it's stuck in my SDB. Actually, I restock from Kauvara, The Scrollery, Sutek's Scrolls, Magical Bookshops, Faerieland Bookshop, Booktastic Books, Moltaran Books, Words of Antiquity, Mystical Surroundings, Merifoods, Ugga Shinies, Faerie Furniture, Wintery Petpets, and Plushie Palace. I do it usually once or twice a week, and I use 100k every time I restock, hauahehaheuah.
  7. catterday


    Here's my Chocolate Xweetok (he's just a little Xweetie <3) I don't know why I gave him cashews in his ears, but it looked good on him at the time. Now I'm just too lazy to change it, hah. Nope! I don't play the Food Club, the reason why I got money so fast was because I traded a Spotted Paintbrush from the Desert daily Fruit Machine for 500k and a silver paintbrush, and then I found a Sec. Lab map and traded it for 222k. Then I played the games that I was best at and restocked until I got 1mil. There were a lot of guides involved...and a lot of months were spent trying to get to that milestone. I got my other two dreamies, my Silver Kougra and my Brown Aisha. :)
  8. catterday

    Hello, newbie to the forums ^_^

    Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay! :)
  9. catterday


    Welcome back to Neopets, and welcome to the forums!
  10. catterday


    Good thinking, and thanks for the warning!
  11. catterday


    Oh no, I don't play the stock market. I just restock on codestones (red, normal) and snow paintbrushes, and I snipe from shops of all types.
  12. catterday


    Thank you! And yeah, it took me a while (haha, a while is an understatement) Nah, I'm kidding about Faerie L, it's flag looks good and it's painted neopets look good as well but I still wonder why it got so low in the ranks.
  13. Here I am! I'm ready to fight Virtupets! I hope we will win! But since they fought Roo Island and Krawk Island and won... Darigan doesn't stand a chance ; _ ;
  14. catterday


    Hello. I'm catterday. I'm new to these forums but I've been on Neopets for 8 years. I've been there since February of 2009. I have two of my dreamies. A Halloween Cybunny and a Chocolate Xweetok. (My Xweetok was from the Rainbow Fountain Faerie, my Cybunny was from a Gray Faerie quest.) I'm working for Darigan C. in the AC. I don't like how they're getting dragged through the dumps, but at least they're not as bad as Faerieland. I finally hit 1,000,000 neopoints yesterday, which was my goal ever since I got my account. What's up?