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  1. ahreinya

    Trick or Treat?

    OK thank you! I will check it out. I guess I was confusing this game with a couple of others that I play. One has Halloween for half of October, and the other has it for the entire month.
  2. ahreinya

    Trick or Treat?

    If there is already a thread for this, I apologize. I looked on a couple of boards, but may have missed it. Are there still Trick or Treat bags to collect? If so, when and where? Please and thanks! I don't know if they've changed how it's done...and it's been so long since I played, I don't really remember, anyway! Seems like we used to get five bags from different places on the map, but I can't remember if it was five per day, or only on certain dates.
  3. ahreinya

    Parental Consent Form

    I am a long time player, 13 years, and I signed up with my then 4 year old son. I signed a parental consent form for him to be my Neofriend, etc. (and he came back with me at 17, for nostalgia's sake, and to help his little brother) This was back with the original owners of the site. Now that I have come back, I have signed up my now 6 year old, and I filled out and mailed a consent form for him about a month ago. It hasn't taken effect at all, and I haven't gotten an e-mail, Neomail, or anything about it. Is there a way to actually contact someone at Neo? Does anyone know if the consent form address is still good, since there have been a couple of owners since the beginning of the game? When I try to click anything on Neo to contact them, I just get a FAQ page, and I see no way of directly contacting them. Am I missing it? I would like to be able to send him things, and there are a lot of games that he cant' play because of his age. Thanks!
  4. ahreinya

    Starting over after 13 years!

    Thank you, and I apologize for forgetting that I posted! I appreciate your answers, and you've helped me.
  5. ahreinya

    Starting over after 13 years!

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm an adult who plays. Not regularly, but I do find it entertaining, and it's at least a positive way to pass time. Anyway, I didn't play for several years, and I'm just wondering if certain things still "work", and what the function of some things are, if someone could help me out. Does Tarla's Non Tool Bar page ever give anything out anymore? Every time I go, it says that she has other duties, and there isn't anything there. Does the Attic ever give anything out? It's new to me, something added after I stopped playing. I made an account for my youngest son, and tried to go there for him, but it says that he can't play because his account was created after a certain date. It isn't an issue where I need to send the permission form in. So that makes me wonder if it's an active page, or something that is just leftover. I am signed up for reminders for Trudy's Surprise, but honestly, I do not remember signing up for this. I have gone to the page and won prizes since I started playing again, but who is Trudy, and does anyone have a quick back story on the game, or when it was added? I see that you can untick the box for the reminders, in the preferences section. (why would getting freebies be a bother? haha) I am also wondering if there are still Halloween Goody Bags given out every year. There was a time when I'd only log in for those, but then I just got to be too busy. Are they still in random locations like they used to be? I don't remember if it was this forum, or another, that would give the locations, making it easy...or if it's all just random now, because that was being done. I think that's all for now, thanks!
  6. ahreinya

    Is premium worth it?

    I haven't played in many years, but started again, a few days ago. Seems like we used to have access to SSW if we had access to the Zapper? Am I wrong? Is premium the only way to get SSW back? Using regular SW is sooooooooo tedious!