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  1. FYI - if you win the obelisk skirmish and get quest refresh, you can refresh Delina into a normal quest.
  2. I've been skipping most of my dailies lately, I've been so busy...which is good because I had 5500 shares of yipp and normally I would have sold by now. Just sold 2500...we'll see how long I can hold off on the rest.
  3. I played the game with my siblings when I was a child, and I enjoyed it a lot. My deck was recently rediscovered in my parents' basement, so I have it still, but I haven't gotten a chance to look up the rules and have a game with someone.
  4. haha, that would have been the smart way to do it.
  5. It's ok, i figured it was worth double checking haha.
  6. I'll try it. I have the CC perk. Starting NP: 59,235 bought: FISH (displaying at 15 NP per share, 3:45pm NST) ending NP: 44,235 Nope, looks like it charged me 15 np per share and not 10.
  7. I've been using sword of malum and blazing embers as well. The next step I was going to take damage-wise is to buy a Ghostkerbomb, it's over a million cheaper than an anagram sword. Minimum 21 icons, average 25. I stick to 1p battling though, idk if an anagram is better for 2p. I get that 21 icons was too much for an easy prize. They should have made it 14 to begin with, or no-trade if it was higher. Nerfing after release all the time is sloppy.
  8. Thanks! So they're guessing based on the past. Ah well, guess the extra nps won't hurt.
  9. What are people talking about with the "playing a bunch of games by the end of the gmc" thing? I don't see anything on the challenges page about it.
  10. First things first, here's your reward for helping me out! You can go check your inventory for a: Grenanna My labrat was unaffected.
  11. How kind! If the Floating Bree Faerie Doll is still available I would love to have it!
  12. I have 12mil and consider myself poor - I basically just do my dailies, I don't restock or anything, I use the stock market but I don't do FC most of the time. So like, 12m is just what you can accumulate from basic dailies and site events over 2 years. I don't really collect anything expensive, I just...sit on it.
  13. I keep a respectful distance from bees and ants and things if I know they sting. I'll make friends with non-stinging bugs. Spiders? Can't deal. Funny story - everyone always says the big fuzzy bees don't sting, they're peaceful. When I was 13, my first bee sting ever was from one of those big fuzzy ones! I was trying to clear a path through the woods behind my house. Turns out they aren't so peaceful when a giant is unwittingly swinging a scythe at their home. Can't say I blame them, lol!
  14. I got the site theme before finding the dragoyle - I think it was when I clicked to start playing the game, before I actually did anything. So i would think getting the theme on sides would be fine? hopefully?
  15. I thought maybe it was based on the "estimated value" thing when you click on an item in your inventory, since those are always inaccurate, but both estimated values put together are waaayyy below 5000 still. With the new ticketing system it sounds like people are having more success, so maybe it's worth a try?
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