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  1. sajixx

    Flying critters visiting me

    I keep a respectful distance from bees and ants and things if I know they sting. I'll make friends with non-stinging bugs. Spiders? Can't deal. Funny story - everyone always says the big fuzzy bees don't sting, they're peaceful. When I was 13, my first bee sting ever was from one of those big fuzzy ones! I was trying to clear a path through the woods behind my house. Turns out they aren't so peaceful when a giant is unwittingly swinging a scythe at their home. Can't say I blame them, lol!
  2. sajixx

    Dragoyle Hunting Has Begun!

    I got the site theme before finding the dragoyle - I think it was when I clicked to start playing the game, before I actually did anything. So i would think getting the theme on sides would be fine? hopefully?
  3. sajixx

    Scratchcard rip off :(

    I thought maybe it was based on the "estimated value" thing when you click on an item in your inventory, since those are always inaccurate, but both estimated values put together are waaayyy below 5000 still. With the new ticketing system it sounds like people are having more success, so maybe it's worth a try?
  4. sajixx

    Stuffed Animals

    I just looked at their online catalogue, I didn't realize there were so many dragons! Anora is my favorite, with Sapphire being a close second.
  5. sajixx

    Stuffed Animals

    I have a huuuuuuuge pile of stuffed animals at the foot of my bed :3 Recent additions include an AAAARRRRGH from trollhunters, a skeleton kitty, and a watermelon-colored bat - a "fruit bat". I actually recently got one of the small leopard-like beanie boos from a date, and it's cute, but the dragon is the one I really want! But I'm afraid I'd lose the small one, so I've been keeping an eye out for the big one. Unfortunately, I don't think my local convenience store will get new ones in until someone buys the ones they have, and they don't seem to be moving.
  6. sajixx

    Phew, what a scorcher!

    Here in Ohio it's been pretty miserable - We have a small, second floor apartment, and our little window AC unit just isn't strong enough. It's been running full blast all day and my apartment is still a cozy 85. And it's....*checks weather* 85 outside. Great. It's cooler than it has been the past few weeks though. I guess it's fairly humid here - on the 4th of July we tried to go for a walk and it was 94 percent humidity. It was hard to breathe.
  7. sajixx

    Happy Tuskaninny Day!

    Oof, how many pet days in a row is this where there's only one color? I get that they're busy but...it's still disappointing.
  8. Now that you have lens flare, you could get a healing item and use the battledome to heal your pet. Pick an opponent you can OHKO with one weapon, and then use lens flare, the weapon, and the healing item so you take no damage and heal. I haven't used potions in ages - if my pet goes all the way down from dailies or something I just feed it a blue furry negg to get it into the dome and then heal it there.
  9. sajixx

    Altador Cup: Sign Ups Opened!

    Hardtotame would definitely be a fan favourite! But I'm not sure if she wants us to know who she is. In the boards I've seen, tons of people ask her for a name or something easier to address her by, and she never responds to those posts.
  10. sajixx

    Altador Cup: Sign Ups Opened!

    Maybe they are! We don't actually know hardtotame's name, so they could appear in the staff tournament under their name without us knowing.
  11. sajixx

    Borrow a pet for wraith resurgence?

    I have 2 level 50 pets UFA, named ReverendSunlight and Kysarfish. They could both have throw pillows, but their stats are not super high - ReverendSunlight would be the higher one, with Strength around 80. You could borrow either of them, or even adopt one permanently if you're interested.
  12. sajixx

    lava pool

    My account's time is around 4:15am NST. I spent months refreshing every 4 minutes and marking down what blocks of time I'd eliminated, but It was worth it.
  13. sajixx

    Fog Achievement Now Unlocked

    Ah, I see it now and it's green. I could have sworn it wasn't there when I checked a minute ago, though. Oh well.
  14. sajixx

    Fog Achievement Now Unlocked

    I can't even find the achievement on the list. What category is it under?
  15. sajixx

    Graduating University Soon... What now?

    I will say about 3 weeks ago I got my first full time job. I've done work+school, I've done 2 part time jobs at once, and I've done 1 part time job, and this full time job seems to give me the most free time. Since you're only having the one responsibility instead of juggling things, it's a lot easier on the mind, and full time jobs usually have fixed schedules so you aren't dealing with the irregular shifting schedules of a part time job.