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  1. For me, the hardest thing about that adjustment period is resisting the urge to smother them in love. Most cats will like it better if they can approach you at their own pace and on their terms.... but it's so tempting to pick them up and give them a big hug! I'm sure they're glad they got to stay together, and that should help them feel more comfortable.
  2. Happy Lenny Day! *Two New Colours*

    *buys lab rays for my sides and starts frantically zapping a million lennys* I love the steampunk birb, and I love the outfit!
  3. Neopets & You

    @Yuiina The FFQ was a grey faerie reward from the faerie event, and I actually ended up getting a second one as well, because I rejoined right at the beginning of the event, so I was able to get a faerie xwee too. I couldn't believe my luck!
  4. Neopets & You

    When did you first heard of neopets? What made you try it? I first played in elementary school, and all my friends were playing it. What kept you playing? I stopped playing in middle school as I got into different games and then got too busy with school and other hobbies. With my new account, I found a great guild that has really helped the site stay alive for me! What fascinates you the most about it? How some people can have soooo many neopoints! I'm not any good at restocking, so I'm just slowly saving up from dailies and stuff. Almost to 7 mil. When I was a kid I would have thought that's so much, but nowadays people spend 80 mil on one item!! What annoys you about it? When I see people on the boards being mean and angry and negative. It seems so ridiculous to me for such a lighthearted game. What was the best thing that ever happened to you while playing? Within the first month of making my new account, I got an FFQ and was able to get my childhood dream pet - a shadow xwee! How many times were you on hiatus and why did you come back? Just once - a long hiatus from middle school till I was 22 (2 years ago) and made this account. I made my new account because I had a lot of time to kill at work, and also I was playing a lot of more intense video games and I wanted something more laid back and relaxing.
  5. Does anyone know how scoring works?

    If you're only doing a few battles, I'd say fight your strongest opponent. If you're doing hundreds of battles, I'd say go for the one-hit. The observation has been made that beating an opponent with full hp gives you more battledome points than if you take damage, but again, nobody knows if that affects who wins.
  6. Happy Bori Day!

    The outfit looks familiar, but I can't place it. My first thought was Tim from Monty Python, but not quite.