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  1. Your Fashion Counselor!

    @deboratibi Elvithia is beautiful. I kinda like the cape, honestly. Maybe put a dress under it that would go with it? The Deadly Beauty Dress looks like it would make the bottom look a bit more interesting, but it takes away the pattern on the cape. The Dark Magic Dress might work, it makes it look sort of glowing, so does the Queen of the Forest Dress.
  2. I would totally love to get a trophy! That would be neat. And yeah, I think I only finished the Altador plot about a year ago? I know I've also seen people asking for help in threads here more recently than that. So theoretically it's still running.
  3. Happy Tonu Day!

    That outfit is really cute, but. . . it looks kinda odd in front of the ruff like that. . . Edit: randomly ended up on Dress to Impress. It's their THUG outfit? D= I would have figured it was some sort of royalty from the Baroque era outfit!
  4. So long as it isn't another variant of Fiendish Formations, or anything so difficult XD Of course this is my first plot, too (unless you count that Altador could be done at any time) so I've no idea what to expect either.
  5. Today's Random Events

    Kinda random. I finally got this one! YAY! It's kinda funny, it didn't show that there was a chest/money on the shore, so I was going to click out of it. But then I noticed that my cursor looked like I could click on the screen. Yay!
  6. Your Fashion Counselor!

    I was thinking so, too. Thank you for the second opinion, I've put it on her :)
  7. Your Fashion Counselor!

    Eep! I won a bone necklace at the Money Tree a bit ago! Which pet do you guys think it'd look better on, Rellee or Cutey Pie? I'm leaning towards my little kougra girl, but figure I should see what other people think of it, too.
  8. How the gross foods aren't all that gross comparatively? I mean, sure there are blueberry fish pops, and chewed gum ice cream. . . but. . . then you have items that appear to be made of pets and petpets! Roasted spyders, grundo toes. . . I think I'd feel worse making my grundo eat a toe off of one of his poor cousins than I would be making him eat chewed gum ice cream
  9. So, is ANYONE still curing the patients?

    I'm not either. I need to (after I finish Malum off >_> ) see if I can grab any more ingredients for profit, but since I had to buy most of them, I'm not going to waste my entire bank account on it either. And I was wondering the same about if they'll end up needing to nerf it for lack of participation.
  10. Wraith Resurgence: Fiendish Formations

    First try for day two and total dumb luck!
  11. Unreleased Valentines Petpets!

    I really love that Magaral! The pink suits him, as do the cute little hearts!
  12. Unreleased Turmac Items

    I totally agree! The robot turmac is adorable!
  13. Haha, happened to me this morning as well. Snowager blasted me and left me with 0 HP before I did my daily turn. Rats! Ah well, I can restart the fight tomorrow :) It IS midnight neopets time that it resets the pillows, right?
  14. Nay for stitches in my hand

    Ouch :'( Maybe a good trainer, and not Milan, but that bites. Erm, no pun intended. Didn't spend much time googling, but maybe look into tricks to reduce resource guarding? https://www.labradortraininghq.com/labrador-behavior/resource-guarding-aggression-between-dogs/ Here's a decent looking one. At least when it gets into the step by step bit.
  15. Annd the Captchas are back -_-

    Aw, boo. I was getting used to not having them, too. Not that I look up profiles much, but still.