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  1. I possibly lied on #9? I mean, I haven't ever gone after someone for having a different opinion, but I do tend to be nasty to anti-science people in pro-science places. Not along the lines of what I got in school 'you're ugly/stupid/etc' but more 'aw, you're quoting a known psuedoscience source? Lol, try again, cupcake!'
  2. Oh. That's kinda funny. I saw their post on facebook yesterday, but it had this on the post, so I figured the joke was that the rewards couldn't be found 😛
  3. Awesomesauce! Thank you very much! Now off to battle and constantly refresh the tree, I suppose 😛
  4. You can donate less than rarity 90 things, right? (I never should have stopped battling/money-tree-ing) They just don't count for as many points? Like, there wasn't a cap on donations, right?
  5. That was probably it, then. I usually only am on TDN once a day, so it's likely that first half wasn't something I caught. Thank you!
  6. That's. . . unusual? I don't think I've missed a day, since Trudy hasn't reset, but I didn't get the dress. I wonder which day I missed.
  7. Ooh, this one sounds like it could be quite fun. Hm.
  8. This isn't FAIR! I usually can pick 1-2 I like more than the rest, but this time I want to vote for them all!
  9. I also got 1860 points. On the plus side, it is good to know that I would still have been shy of getting every single thing I wanted if I'd have gotten the keeping up achievement. I don't need to kick myself later for just missing out. Still debating between the background or the horus with a couple of extras.
  10. Ugh, JUST shy of getting everything I want! Hm. Books are always good, I could get the stamp now while I can afford it, and then it's between the horus and the background. I HAVE been looking for a deserty one for a apet on my side account for a while. Hmmm.
  11. Well that's not cool. As "often" as they updated the plot, how exactly were we supposed to keep up? Checking in every day for months at a time with nothing isn't really on my list of things to do, guys. Tsk. I had four on the day of release. Ugh.
  12. I hope that works for you. If not, maybe try a virus scan? I mean, I don't THINK it would be due to that, but it never hurts to manually run them occasionally anyway! I feel you on Edge. I haven't really ever liked any of microsoft's browsers.
  13. None of those do that to me. Have you tried clearing your cookies? Using a different browser?
  14. Heck yes! I got the sloth avatar! Woo!
  15. Ooh, I like! I sent mine to my side account so my lab rat has some sort of background stuff going on.
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