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  1. I'm really not a jubjub fan, but that outfit is the cutest thing ever.
  2. Huh. I wonder what I had on there, then. Weird.
  3. Does anyone know how much Bring Back the Old Days was? I have an extra 8,000 points, and cannot for the life of me figure out what they were for, though I counted how many points I'd need at least a half dozen times. That's the only one I see that I think I may have wanted? But for some reason it isn't showing up as one I can buy.
  4. Ooh, all star two. That is a much better goal than quad all star. Like, half the daily games required sort of better goal. I think I'll try for that one. Nearly 5 hours of playing daily would potentially kill me!
  5. Aha. I think the pet page was what I used last year, and I didn't know about the shield trick. Thank you 🙂 Edit: OH MY GOODNESS! If I wanted the max rank, I'd need to be playing thousands of the games daily. Are there people who actually do that??? Edit again: Points and trophies aside, does anyone know if there's a certain rank you need to get to to get the max "prize" like any special avatars or stamps or anything?
  6. Who would EVER have thought they would forget something like that? 😮 Also, does anyone have a chart that says how many games you must play to get whatever rank? I know I found one last year. Somewhere. . .
  7. I've got this one at the moment 🙂 It's CUTE! I sort of wish my first account hadn't been purged ages ago, so I could see what that one would have. Wow. My side account has this one. I am actually kinda surprised it is that old!
  8. OOH! I really like the oil paint ❤️ I absolutely hate those sorts of dresses for myself, but it looks totally classy on the koi.
  9. The only reason I was irritated about the extra week is that on the last day, I got panicky, and spent nearly 1 million NP buying rarer items to get up to my goal number of points . . . This thing IS ending soon, though, right? I want to get my bank bribery!
  10. Ooh, are you going to be publishing? I also enjoy writing, but more for fun. Well, that and I've only completed one of my stories *blushes* I do read a lot. I enjoy crocheting, gardening, video games, and want to get back into painting. Lately I've been researching ag, since I want to start a small farm. I'm also definitely into music/music history. I play multiple instruments, and am studying it in college.
  11. Went with Altador this year, since it's the Altador Cup. Why not, right? I'll probably forget to do anything halfway through again.
  12. Got him Thank you! Once I recover some of the money I spent on the charity corner, I'll have to expand my gallery and put him in there!
  13. ❤️ Thank you! May I get the spring faelie? It's absolutely precious ❤️
  14. I hope it is just one time. I so am not interested in donating more, even though it appears it is possible.
  15. Thank you ❤️ I dunno. Don't they change the rarity needed each year? Would it really help to get all of one, or would it be better to diversify? Like with the stocks. Also, HOW do some of the people get so many items? Like a few of the shops I was visiting had hundreds of a dozen high rarity things. I mean I think one may have been a cheater (had site awards from 2008, yet the badge said they'd been playing 20-something months. . .) but is that possible? I apparently am going about making np the wrong way.
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