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  1. GillyTook

    Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway 2018 - Now Open!

    I ALMOST put in to make my kougra spotted, but my poor little uni is just so sad looking as a blue guy. All the others on the side account are nicely zapped or painted, and he's just. . . blue.
  2. GillyTook

    Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway 2018 - Now Open!

    I'm entering my uni (side account) to become spotted. Now to just figure out how to change his gender. Hm.
  3. GillyTook

    New Site Theme!

    Well, to be honest, all I did yesterday was the dailies, so I didn't have the opportunity to figure out how annoying they'd be with games.
  4. GillyTook

    New Site Theme!

    Hrtbrk, cheers to a fellow grinch! Ugh. The snowflakes over the page are the ONLY thing I liked about the theme itself. I don't celebrate christmas, and am so sick of it being shoved in my face from mid-October on that I was thrilled to see that they allow us to change it back to our old themes instead of forcing us to keep it. Edit: Because this seemed overly negative, I'd have much preferred it if they'd given us the theme like the rest with a notification that something had happened, not just assumed everyone would want it. That way you can test drive it before having to deal with old computers not wanting to load preference screens while you try to change back :p
  5. GillyTook

    Look what's still there.

    I decided to visit Neovia this morning because of the daily question, and found this. Oops! Guess someone forgot to take parts of the plot down!
  6. Well this is easy :p I'm terrible at ALL of them! I see the various high scores people have gotten and wonder what in the world is going on that someone can actually score that high. The only one I CAN get a high score in is Neopian Battlefield Legends.
  7. I got up to 150 hours after reading the guide. I'm not good at a lot of the flash games.
  8. GillyTook

    Happy Usul Day

    ZELDA USUL! OMG!!!! ZELDA USUL!!!!! Okay, so apparently I need a usul now. I don't even particularly LIKE usuls, but I NEED A USUL NOW!!!!!!! Ah, sorry, just a bit excited.
  9. Well, no stamp for me if that's the case. I can't get past 150 on Skies over Merridel, and I've been playing all afternoon. I give up.
  10. GillyTook

    Qasala event is live!

    Thank you, Nielo! I thought I was going batty(ier) because I couldn't find it.
  11. GillyTook

    Qasala event is live!

    Rats, rats, rats! There's a page for this on the site, right? Didn't I see a plot guide here somewhere? I cannot find it now >_> Is there any way someone could link it to me, pretty please, since I forgot to bookmark it?
  12. Aw, the gloves are cool. Glad I joined the knights, though. Well, at least I am at the moment, who knows how I'll feel with tomorrow's challenge 😛 Edit: Okay, refresh my memory, please? How do the qualifying games work again? Is it ANY score sent, a minimum score, or do you have to play X number on a certain day for it to count towards the progress bar?
  13. GillyTook

    Lyra and the Lost Heirloom Has Begun!

    I kept clicking around assuming there would be more to it than this for the moment. Guess there's a few minutes of wasted time :p I can't wait to see where this one takes us.
  14. GillyTook

    Unreleased Birthday Petpets!

    I think the slymook looks more melted than overdone, but I can see that. They're cute.
  15. GillyTook

    Would you eat Trudy's new Brrucicle?

    Silly (sadly) American here. I always thought rubbers only referred to the rubber ones which erased pencil from paper. Made since because they're made of rubber. It never occurred to me that ones for other things would also be called rubbers. I remember chalk boards, but I can't remember when white boards became more common. Also, that brucicle sounds kinda icky.