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  1. GillyTook

    Would you eat Trudy's new Brrucicle?

    Silly (sadly) American here. I always thought rubbers only referred to the rubber ones which erased pencil from paper. Made since because they're made of rubber. It never occurred to me that ones for other things would also be called rubbers. I remember chalk boards, but I can't remember when white boards became more common. Also, that brucicle sounds kinda icky.
  2. GillyTook

    DTI/Neopets disagreement?

    DTI is where it shows up brown. I can't use the java part of the site on my work computer, which is the only place I'd looked at it, I suppose. Dagobah is what I was going for And it makes sense that it was an unfinished thing when it was uploaded. Thank you very much!
  3. GillyTook

    DTI/Neopets disagreement?

    Hehe, thank you! I was amazed that it hadn't been taken already! I like the clothing either way, but would definitely prefer the browns. Ah well, at least he's still cute.
  4. Luke has dressed like his namesake, but for some reason, on the site itself, his clothing is pink/purple. Is it supposed to be that way, and DTI just has it incorrect, or is it a glitch on the neopets site?
  5. Just a silly topic, but it IS! I've adopted 3 pound pets on my side account to use as a lab rat (including one whose name is Chinese for test drive-how apt!) and I ended up liking the colour that all three ended up! Definitely keeping the pink kyrii, but the pink grundo and the wraith gelert are quite tempting to just leave as is. I didn't even LIKE the way grundos look before I started this!
  6. Ooh, yay, thank you! May I have number. . . 2!
  7. GillyTook

    Happy Kyrii Day!

    The lab ray gave me a pink kyrii a while back. . . Guess she needs to stay a kyrii so I can get her that set of clothing Sorry you're going back to being the lab pet, little halloween grundo, lol.
  8. GillyTook

    How rich is rich?

    It's sort of like books. I'd EVENTUALLY like to get my dear col_mack to have read all the non-boring books that she can (and a few of the boring ones that are older) but holy cow that price tag! I have nearly 400 million neopoints to go just to buy them all (and a lot of them have no price on the jellyneo checker. Hoo boy!) Even the booktastic list I still have about 40 million to invest in it. And that's before stamps. . . I'm kinda glad I don't want a mansion for my pets, because the way the book list is, I'll be lucky if I can afford a cardboard box for them to live in :p
  9. GillyTook

    Flash games not working

    Oh my gosh, I thought I was going NUTS! The bank manager has been off centre for me for a while now, and I was assuming it was a browser thing on my end.
  10. GillyTook

    Happy Blumaroo Day!

    The Wasp is awesome! I dunno, I kinda like the water blumaroo's ears :)
  11. GillyTook

    Dragoyle Hunting Has Begun!

    Would I be able to just get the site theme on my side account without chasing the little guys? Shouldn't be considered cheating, right? Also, the Invasion of Meridell link in the guide goes to an error page, is that supposed to be that way?
  12. GillyTook

    Happy Peophin Day!

    And here I was thinking it looked like something out of Star Wars I'm. . . too girly, I think. I don't like snot anything.
  13. GillyTook

    Happy Ixi Day!

    Aww, I was all excited, too! I kinda like the wig, but the rest is kinda meh at best.
  14. GillyTook

    Can you take my survey?

    Done! I hope that my answers help you.
  15. GillyTook

    Happy Kau Day!

    Mysterious kau, Dr. Strange. Close enough that it works!