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  1. Festival of Neggs: Claim Your Prizes!

    I forgot to check (had the tab open on my home computer, not the work one which I use during the week. Oops) anyone know what the stamp is so I can hopefully snipe one from the shop wiz before it becomes outrageously expensive?
  2. Spring Dyeworks Have Arrived!

    Ah, got it. Thank you both, for some reason I figured that it was new items, and not old ones.
  3. Spring Dyeworks Have Arrived!

    Where are the various things in the shop? I can't seem to find any of it in clothing, accessories, new, or spring.
  4. People's pets are turning into wraiths . . .

    Oh goodness. I really hope none of mine change. I just did paint all of them o_0
  5. Aha! Got that reward!

    I'm pretty sure someone mentioned that I was not the only person having issues getting both of the rewards from defeating Kaia on hard. I just got the second reward, so perhaps if anyone else was having issues, they will be able to as well :)
  6. CC boons: satisfaction/ suggestions?

    I got the site theme and avatar. I've got 100 points left, and am wondering what the codes for school of dragons are, since I don't play, but haven't been doing the games enough that it'd be a boost for me if they were ones I actually DO play. Hm.
  7. Happy Shoyru Day!

    I wonder if the wings will always sit in front of the shoyru's wings, or if they'll eventually just replace them. That looks a touch odd. It's a cute outfit, though!
  8. Fesitval of Neggs Is Here!

    Aww, I got the cupcake. Ah well, they can eat it. I'm hoping for the book tomorrow, then the gelert plushie <3 After that, so far at least, I don't care what I get :)
  9. How Do I Count How Many Avatars I Have ?

    Thank you. I thought I was going slightly mad, but I didn't want to create a new account, and have a double either!
  10. Kaia's Health Bar

    I tried it on an entirely different computer (at work) and it does the same thing. Rats. Ah well, guess I'll see if beating her again on easy will let me open it.
  11. Kaia's Health Bar

    Erm, has anyone else had this issue? I just beat her on hard. I clicked the bottom reward, and got it. Now when I try to click the top reward, it jumps the page backwards, and doesn't open it. It is not in my inventory either, whatever it is. Do I need to just beat her again for it to open?
  12. User Shop Limit Raised to 999,999nps!

    Haha, this would have been nice when I was looking for morphing potions for my pets Ah well, still exciting to have it happen now! Woo!
  13. What is your favorite UC ?

    I'd have to look them up since it's been aaages, but the faerie ixis are the one that came to mind <3
  14. How Do I Count How Many Avatars I Have ?

    I have a question. Is that TDN account different from the forum account? I've tried to log into it before, but it always tells me I am not entering a valid username/password combo.
  15. Kaia's Health Bar

    So long as it goes at least another five days, then! I'd have said two since that's when I'll finish, but YarnednDangerous needs more than I do. I doubt I'll be able to finish her off on anything but hard this once before it's at zero, though, so I suppose it is a good thing other people are battling her as well.