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  1. GillyTook

    Is YIPP gonna make me rich?

    That is possible, too! Poor little scared stocks! It's okay, babies, you can climb, it's safe!
  2. GillyTook

    Is YIPP gonna make me rich?

    Haha, my neopoints account is barely getting that 4 mill per year in interest, so I understand where you are coming from getting excited about it! I never had luck with stocks. It seemed mine would very very rarely give me double what I paid for them. Is it really common for them to go so high, even the ones on the bargain page?
  3. GillyTook

    NC Mall: Collect Your Free Goodie Bag!

    Awesome! I just wanted to double check. Thank you!
  4. GillyTook

    NC Mall: Collect Your Free Goodie Bag!

    Sunnyneo says this: ► Neocash/NC Mall: You can redeem NC Mall gift cards on your side account but, if you want to sell the item prize for redeeming the card(s) you must send it to your main. [NT] You are allowed to put Neocash on any of your accounts but a Neocash card can only be credited to one account. [NT] You may collect the free 150 NC on your side account(s) [NT]. If you receive a Virtual Item Prize Code you can redeem it on your whichever account you receive it. [NT] You may only collect the free Birthday Goodie Bag or Halloween Goodie Bags on your side accounts, if they do not give out any NP items. [NT] So, you need to inform yourself about the contents of gift bags before claiming them on a side. You are allowed to claim the free neocash items that are sometimes given out at the NC Mall, such as free Gift Boxes. This only goes for neocash items that do not give out neopoint items (see above). [NT] Does this mean I can or cannot collect this on my side account since it is a NC item that the bag gives out?
  5. GillyTook

    Vote For Your Favourite Pose Now!

    Ick. I love my four legged pets, so I really hope this does not mean making them all into the various four legged characters who stand upright at some point. I will seriously cry if my ixi ends up on two legs. Also voted for #1.
  6. GillyTook

    My rabbit gave me a total scare the other day!

    I'm glad your rabbit is feeling better! Poor little guy!
  7. GillyTook

    Do you have a side account?

    This is what I do for my side account. I've got it for other pets, and for the lab ray.
  8. GillyTook

    Happy Kacheek Day!

    PLUSHIES! They need to do more of those on pet days ❤️ Also, I'm digging the pastel look. It's very cute.
  9. GillyTook


    With your current pets, or one you'd make? What don't you like? (pets or colours) What DO you like? Have any sets in mind? Like I found the hooded figure lupe set that looks like Jedi robes while playing with dress to impress, so I created a lupe, and narrowed down colours that I liked, and thought might match the set best for my guy.
  10. GillyTook

    It's a secret to everybody!

    But. . . but. . . We totally saw that she's totally naive, and that he is way not honourable! That's something, right? LOL!
  11. GillyTook

    Keep saving or buy a paint brush?

    Morphing potions are great They're the only reason my ixi isn't still red, heheh.
  12. I accidentally found this this morning. I wonder if it is a sign they are going to give us more plot soon, or if it just means someone put a place marker up when they put the last episode up. Sadly when you click on it, you're just given the header for the plot, but no content.
  13. GillyTook

    Keep saving or buy a paint brush?

    I'm that way with books atm >_> PERSONALLY, I'd say wait until you've got double the amount in the bank. Granted, you are apparently a lot better at earning neopoints than I am, and I saved up to the max bank account before I started spending np, but there's also daily interest in the bank, and you're close to the next level of interest now. It just seems like a lot less of a np hit to me if you are still earning a lot of interest to help make up for what you've spent. Of course you can look at the cute baby pet you have while you're making the np back if you get the brush now, though
  14. GillyTook

    What are you watching right now?

    I typically never watch TV. That said, for a class right now, I'm watching the 80s version of Journey to the West with subtitles. Such a campy 80s show! I can imagine if I'd seen it as a kid in the 80s I'd have thought it was the coolest thing ever, but as an adult in the 20-teens, I'm spoiled with modern special effects, heh.
  15. GillyTook

    Neopies Y20 Begin!

    Looking at the prizes, I must say that as a violist, I absolutely MUST have that pirate viola, even if I have to buy it after the whole thing is over!