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  1. GillyTook

    Flash games not working

    Oh my gosh, I thought I was going NUTS! The bank manager has been off centre for me for a while now, and I was assuming it was a browser thing on my end.
  2. GillyTook

    Happy Blumaroo Day!

    The Wasp is awesome! I dunno, I kinda like the water blumaroo's ears :)
  3. GillyTook

    Dragoyle Hunting Has Begun!

    Would I be able to just get the site theme on my side account without chasing the little guys? Shouldn't be considered cheating, right? Also, the Invasion of Meridell link in the guide goes to an error page, is that supposed to be that way?
  4. GillyTook

    Happy Peophin Day!

    And here I was thinking it looked like something out of Star Wars I'm. . . too girly, I think. I don't like snot anything.
  5. GillyTook

    Happy Ixi Day!

    Aww, I was all excited, too! I kinda like the wig, but the rest is kinda meh at best.
  6. GillyTook

    Can you take my survey?

    Done! I hope that my answers help you.
  7. GillyTook

    Happy Kau Day!

    Mysterious kau, Dr. Strange. Close enough that it works!
  8. GillyTook

    NC Mall: New Dyeworks Items!

    I think I have like five of that bowtie XD I still say it's kinda a shame they don't use current stuff, because the cloak may or may not look decent on my kougra.
  9. GillyTook

    Happy Jubjub Day!

    I was thinking the same about the origami resembling an onion.
  10. GillyTook

    Altador Cup XIII Begins!

    Oh, hey, I'm a dork, AbsoluteCorruption DOES have up to quad all star. . . which brings up the point, how in the world do people get that, and how do some people have over 3K in points already o_0 Like, if you were only doing yooyuball, it'd be 50 hours of playtime, and I can't imagine the other games would be much better?
  11. GillyTook

    Altador Cup XIII Begins!

    I'm not doing terrible at yooyuball so far. I've been getting way more goals so far today, though! The goalie for Virtupets is better at letting the ball in than he is at keeping it out! HAH!
  12. GillyTook

    Altador Cup XIII Begins!

    Well rats. That's not going to be a fun way to spend time. Do I really want that stamp? >_>
  13. GillyTook

    Altador Cup XIII Begins!

    http://www.neopets.com/~AbsoluteCorruption?t=19 This page has up to rank 19, I think? Is that the actual top, or do I need to triple that?
  14. GillyTook

    What are you saving up for?

    Booooooks!!! Col Mack has only got a few (high priced -_-) booktastic books to go, then a tooon of regular ones. I may do the cheap normal books, then stamps, though, not sure. I really need to start doing the food club again so I can really start racking up the np, though.
  15. GillyTook

    Altador Cup XIII Begins!

    Ohhh, I got it. I think. So basically I just need to figure out how many points it'll take to get the highest rank, play my three a day, and add in extra time to play for rank points? I can do that! Edit: Omg, I'm DYING! I adore the bit when they cut to the grarl and ixi in the box, and they're both cheering! It's adorbs!