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  1. Avatars: Need help?

    Hey just responding to say thank you! The IE tab idea works as far as I can see, it's very laggy but it sent the score! Thank you so much for the help, #254 here I come!
  2. Avatars: Need help?

    Thank you! I'll be sure to check this out in the morning and let you know if it's worked! By the way I love your picture, Derpy was always one of the best
  3. Ermergerd News!

    Exactly why I hope to one day be able to take part in some of the lending programs! :) I'm so glad there are such nice people that would arrange a system like this, dream come true.
  4. Avatars: Need help?

    Hey, is there still any way to play games like Dice Escape? Would love to try for the avatar but the best I can do is play it on Firefox, but once I press send score it just restarts. Is the game just too old now or is there still some way to play it?
  5. Ermergerd News!

    I hope to one day be so Neo-rich that I can spare this kind of money without a second thought.