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      Hello community! We are very excited to announce theĀ second versionĀ of our Items Database! We've redesigned the entire database from the ground up and added (mostly) every Neopets item in existence to our database. If something is missing, don't worry just yet, as we're still ironing out the final details. Find information about any Neopets item instantly at our items database, complete with search suggestions as you type! Try it out today. Visit TDN Items Database today! Enjoy,
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  1. Hey just responding to say thank you! The IE tab idea works as far as I can see, it's very laggy but it sent the score! Thank you so much for the help, #254 here I come!
  2. Thank you! I'll be sure to check this out in the morning and let you know if it's worked! By the way I love your picture, Derpy was always one of the best
  3. Exactly why I hope to one day be able to take part in some of the lending programs! :) I'm so glad there are such nice people that would arrange a system like this, dream come true.
  4. Hey, is there still any way to play games like Dice Escape? Would love to try for the avatar but the best I can do is play it on Firefox, but once I press send score it just restarts. Is the game just too old now or is there still some way to play it?
  5. I hope to one day be so Neo-rich that I can spare this kind of money without a second thought.