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  1. Yeah, I love paper books. I have a kindle, and I use it like a library somewhat, to supplement my paper books with free kindle books, because I can read several books a day. But, I would never buy a kindle edition rather than a paperback (or a digital copy of a movie instead of a DVD). For one thing, I like to physically own stuff. With digital copies, you just buy the right to read/watch it. They could, theoretically cut off your access at some point. Or, there are compatibility issues with competing services. Or, society and infrastructure as we know it could collapse and you would no longer have access to internet and your digital copies of things. Or just power going out. If that happens, I have about 400 books in my room to keep me occupied (and battery powered lanterns). I love when libraries have book sales, and you can get books for like 10 cents each.
  2. As with everything, it depends on what you want. Very long term, it will increase the stats of a pet, though because it's uneven, it's pretty difficult to go back to regular training afterward. You shouldn't use it on a pet whose color/species you are attached to, as it can change at any time, and if you plan to use it long enough to get battle stat improvement, then it will change often. I got lucky, one time when I decided I was going to paint my pet when I could afford the pb, I decided to zap in the meantime (then use potion to get species back when it was time), and immediately got the color I wanted. Mostly I use it to take pets from the pound, try to zap them to a more "desireable" color, and put them back in the pound to hopefully find a better home. You can get some very cool color/species combos, if you are lucky enough. It can be interesting to see what you'll get. Nobody else can tell you if something is worth it to you. When someone asks me if they should buy/sell something, the thing I like to ask is, "what would you do with the np, if not this? Would that make you happier than this would?"
  3. Trudy is a fairly new daily, that is switched on by default (switch off for side accounts so you don't accidentally play, as that would be against rules), and gives you an average of 20k a day if you play it every day. They do do the halloween goodie bags, which are in designated spots that change each year. So, the help sites create a page that will tell you where to go to get them. They also do similar things at other times of year.
  4. Hello. My story is much the same. Been playing neo for ages. I don't generally chat much. I recently created a TDN forums account, before I'd just lurk. I created the account in part because I'm thinking of going back to collecting avatars, and a criteria for the TDN lending program is to have an active forum account. So, I'm trying to make an effort to be a constructive member of the community, so that when I decide to focus on avatars again, I'll have the cred. ;) So far I like these forums, there seems to be a lot of friendly people. And it's not scary overwhelming like some of the neoboards where your post has fallen into the depths 2 seconds after you post.
  5. I like the stock boon the best, so I always go with sway or thieves if they are an option. I guess Awakened has a chance of having that boon, but theirs are just random, so there's also a good chance of them NOT having it. If Sway is an option, they are usually the best, as they have stock, bank, and faerie boons, so more to draw everyone.
  6. Have you not played, or at least not gone to the battledome, since before the new battledome? Could the items be stuck in a limbo of old battledome equipage? Either way, your best bet is probably to put in a bug report, and include this screenshot.
  7. Yeah, the yellow in the map isn't wall, it's sand. The green is grass. You can walk on them both, as someone else noted when they gave you directions.
  8. TNT has said that you can collect the free NC things on sides as they only give NC items (and stats) not NP or NP items.
  9. The war for the Obelisk might have been the last "plot". Though besides giving us the skirmishes it didn't really change much. The Coincidence changed the random events, and gave us that daily. I wonder if the new plot might defog Lutari Island? They've been hinting they might bring it back for years, and at least they'd have a bit of a framework. Or there are a few islands and other land on the map that are unexplored. Some of them look pretty from the "satellite" image, so I could see someone planning an expedition to there. Given the mystery arena to the battledome, it might make sense that they are planning a war in a new land.