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  1. Giveaways are not against the rules. Asking to be given something is.
  2. Is the list for the boon ONLY the clickable ones? I thought someone said somewhere that it was clickable plus someone else, like an easy game one or something. I haven't taken the time to completely cross reference the list. So basically, anyone who bothers to get this boon has probably gotten all the clickable ones, so this boon is a "the other Korbat-Royal avatar" boon.
  3. I don't think that's one of the options. http://www.neopets.com/help.phtml?folderID=2599 However, you DO need to make sure you've got that darn emo shopkeeper one. Speaking of the list of options, does TDN have any plans to add a sort to the avatar checklist to check what you have against that list? Obviously everyone is missing at least one of the royal korbat ones, but it'd be nice to make sure I don't have any obvious blunders.
  4. I would say there's a pretty good chance that they'd at least raise the TP limit to 9mil or 9,999,999, because that shouldn't require a db update (like raising the shop limit) as it's the same number of digits. Though they raised the TP limit pretty recently didn't they? They may not raise it again because of the whole "the trading post is for trading items for items not buying with np" schtick. According to TNT, the np limit is just supposed to compensate for differences in item values, not outright buy expensive items. They'll probably just say that's what the auction house is for.
  5. In the very long term, a lab rat pet can be fairly strong. However they are almost untrainable again after that, due to the aforementioned fact that it has a tendency to lower level and raise HP. They also likely wouldn't be able to use the freezing faerie abilities for the same reason. However, I do believe that you won't get the level becomes 1 zap if your pet is above a certain level.
  6. Eep @GillyTook! I hope your ankle feels better! Rest it! My failure for today: I was baking cookies, and my last batch was about to come out of the oven, so I put some in the freezer for later to make room on my cooling racks. Then I was trying to rotate my cooling racks so that the space I made was next to where I'd put the hot pan. So I picked up the half full one, and slid the very very full one across the counter. Now, my cooling racks aren't normal baking racks, they are stackable shelf things with folding legs that I bought in college because they were cheaper. So, as I'm sliding the very very full one across the counter, almost have it to where it needs to be, it goes a little too close to the edge of the counter, the leg collapsed, and almost the whole tray of cookies goes on the floor. Probably about a third of my day's cookies, so about 40....
  7. The ray is fired at Dresdesna... ... and she changes colour to Tyrannian!
  8. Yeah, I wonder if it's not actually a step, just a teaser, and there's only a cloaked figure in the distance. I can't click on the bridge now to try again.
  9. You can see all your avatars where you change your avatar and font, here: http://www.neopets.com/neoboards/preferences.phtml HOWEVER, that's not an easy way to see what you have. I recommend putting the source code from that page into this page: http://thedailyneopets.com/neoavatars/import and then you can go to this page, http://thedailyneopets.com/neoavatars/solutions and the others linked there, to see what you have and need, sorted by category, with solutions for each one when you click on them. You'll need a TDN account if you don't already have one. Your TDN forums account (here) is separate.
  10. Wait a minute! I'm battling wraith-ball, and it SAYS it's giving me fur and claws, but I just looked at my inventory, and nada!
  11. Apparently there is a new plot step, or at least part of one. My friend said guides aren't up, and she made it through and nothing happened. So it might be a broken step.
  12. JN's trading post history is pretty good for that. You can see other recent trades, which can help if the price history hasn't been up recently.
  13. Well, I think they are now rather conflicted about what their target audience is. I think it's more teens and older who are more likely to be able to spend real money on premium and NC. Apparently the original target audience was like college age (the age of Adam and Donna) but because cute little virtual pets and faeries and stuff were so in then, they became popular with kids, and then they went with it. But then the kids playing grew up, and they weren't the cool new thing anymore, so they weren't as popular with younger people. So now I think most of the players are older, but they are still trying to be a kids site, but also not because again, it's not the kids who have money.
  14. Well, there are certainly some things that go for that much. Stamps and top of the line battledome items, for sure. Even some books and gourmet food, probably. But I'm not sure about a neohome item. Maybe if it were to complete a gallery. There are some items that there are only a few of available, and so people would probably pay a lot to get those. I don't remember this promotion, so I don't know how difficult it was to get this item, and thus how many there'd be in existence.
  15. That idling set to offline sounds like a setting. Search the preferences/settings options to see if you can find it and turn it off. I'm glad you found a chat program you like.
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