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  1. The Official Food Club Topic

    Pretty much everyone I've talked to agrees that today's odds are terrible, so I made some crazy bets and posted them, and now a lot of people are following my bets for today for fun. If we win I'm gonna laugh so hard.
  2. Avatars: What have you got?

    I finally got the Neggbreaker avatar (as well as unlocking him in the BD) after doing my puzzle today! Now I gotta keep trying for Kiko Pop... that's the one I really want!
  3. I spent a few hours on this Taelia picture

    Thank you very much! I hope to eventually finish coloring a Mr. Chipper picture I worked on a while back. I'm planning on putting all future pieces on one of my petpages.
  4. You could use "autie", though I know that not everyone is a fan of that. It sounds a little childish to me... even though I'm quite childish, too, honestly. XD
  5. I submitted it to the Art Gallery. I hope they'll use it for the Faerie Festival or for a winter-themed week in the future. I also submitted a little NQII comic to the Neopian Times but it was rejected for this week because they said there were "too many good submissions and not enough room", so I'll probably try again with that next week.
  6. The Official Food Club Topic

    I'm so happy I started playing Food Club, I'm actually making decent money on my own without having to always follow someone else's bets. I hope everyone does well today. I put a lot of faith in Dan and Gooblah today (though I'm nervous about Goob since he's lost a lot recently). Edit: I won 369888 NP today! Yay!
  7. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    Don't forget, Edna is out sometimes, too: she goes to the Battledome at certain times of the day so you can't always do her quests (which I don't know why you would unless you still need the avatar, like me).
  8. What's your Achievement today?

    I finally got the Kelp avatar. I just had to follow the guide... should've tried it a long time ago.
  9. Avatars: What have you got?

    I had a little bit of trouble getting it at first, but I managed to get the Ace Zafara avatar. It was a lot easier than I thought. I remember trying before and getting too frustrated to really try. Typing Terror, meanwhile... I'm so sick of trying to beat that for the avatar, haha. The best I can do is 3,400.
  10. Avatars: What have you got?

    I finally got the Evil Coconut avatar... ;w; I'm so excited.
  11. The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    I bought a Lab Ray fortune cookie and I used it yesterday (even though I should've saved it). Today, my Ogrin gained 3 HP and turned from pretty Maractite to... Maraquan. Now, I don't know if you've seen a Maraquan Ogrin, but they are UGLY AS SIN.
  12. The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    Today my Ogrin was turned Maractite. I only turned him into an Ogrin because he was a Grarrl for the BGC avatar and I didn't want him to eat anything in my inventory so I turned him into a red Ogrin, even though I think Ogrins are pretty ugly. So I'm kinda sad that I got a cool color like Maractite for a boring pet like an Ogrin.
  13. Help Yuiina with Fountain Dip *heart*

    I'd definitely go for a Chocolate pet. That's one of my dream colors! They just look so yummy and cute. It also helps that I love actual chocolate, haha. I have a huge sweet tooth.
  14. Today's Random Events

    I keep getting the "Shadow passed by" event on my Strawberry Usul... it needs to leave her alone and stop making her depressed. >:(
  15. Wheel of Monotony

    From the editorial, issue 363: Hi! :waves: Is it okay to have the Wheel of Monotony spinning in one browser tab while earning Neopoints from other games in another browser tab (if they are in the same account)? ~analliecat*waves* Yes, you're welcome to use multiple browser tabs or browsers, or even be on different accounts with different browsers while you enjoy the site, as long as you aren't up to any monkey business! Remember "monkey business" includes earning Neopoints on accounts other than your main, which isn't allowed. ------- I have multiple tabs open all the time and I've never gotten in trouble. I always have Wheel of Monotony running in its own tab while I go about my business in other tabs. The only wheel problem I had is when I put all my money in the bank and when I went to check the wheel later it told me I didn't have enough money to spin, even though I had already started it spinning a while ago.