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  1. I got myself into the most impossible situation, y'all. I'd really appreciate any advice, since I've been looking for hours and none of the solutions I've seen so far are plausible. Okay, so I just set up my side account in order to free up space for pets on my main. (lol I made a couple impulse pets but I don't want to abandon them!) I read the guidelines for side accounts and figured it was okay to redeem the NC mall gift? (since you can accept the newbie pack and stuff. it would've just gone to waste otherwise so it's not exactly cheating, y'know? no one else gets hurt) So anyway I redeemed the gift and bought a faerie quest fortune cookie because I swear I never get any random events and I'm not here for waiting 15 years for these fountain faerie quests lmao. So I was all ready to transfer it to my main because I didn't want the quest rewards to be "profitable" for the side account. BUT I don't have any NC gift boxes. RIP. I have five on my main but apparently they can't be reused so my side wouldn't be able to use one if I sent something from the main there. Ugh I'm frustrated just retelling all this. So one option is a mystery capsule thing but I don't have 200 NC on my side account and I'm not about to spend real money? And another is Trudy's Surprise but!! I can't use that on a side account! So, wait for Halloween or Advent calendar? But!! I don't think those are okay for side accounts either. I just honestly am stumped. Then I thought maybe I could use the fortune cookie on my side account and then just transfer a pet if I happened to get a FFQ and paint it something cool. But I saw that you're not really supposed to use the fortune cookie on side accounts, which was my original thought. My god. So, any ideas? Have any of you ever obtained a gift box without doing something forbidden to side accounts? Would I be better off using the cookie? I don't really want to have my accounts frozen so :') Thanks! EDIT: Thanks guys! I think what I'll do is finish up this cycle of Trudy's Surprise on my main (so I get my 100,000 before it restarts) and then quit all my dailies for a couple days, switch accounts and play Trudy's Surprise on the side account until I get a gift box from it, lol. Then I can send it and switch back to my main. I think that's the best option, thanks for all the suggestions!
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