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    West Virginia, USA
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    Neopets, I am currently working on my game trophies and the rest of the obtainable avatars that I can get. I am interested in being part of a mall shop and maybe avatar lending.

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  1. Thank you very much! Good luck with Neopets as well!
  2. I cannot even remember what I got this month. Perhaps I should start screenshotting it!
  3. Hello ladies and gentlemen! I am Kayla and I am 34. I started neopets back in 1999. This is my 3rd account because I was hacked once and frozen on my first account when the game bots came out. Neopets said that I was scripting or botting and I was not. I have been off and on neopets for awhile. I am back on. If you wish to add me on neopets as a neofriend you can, my username is ominousshadows. You may also shoot me a neomail too. I am currently working on my avatars (which is a never ending battle) and my game trophies. I also try to keep my shop prices updated. I may be interested in avatar lending, as well. My gallery has a few items that I have that is up for lending. I hope to see you guys on neopets. Sincerely, Kayla (ominousshadows)