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  1. More Purple haze

    Thanks. I may try it. I suck at games like that though.
  2. More Purple haze

    I just don't like fighting games. Of any kind. I like exploring games or puzzles, but I have never liked fighting games. Thank you for the link to the Battlepedia. I looked it over, but it just isn't for me. I don't want to get my pets injured. I don't want to injure other pets.
  3. More Purple haze

    Will this go on forever now? Or will it stop once everyone is rescued, healed, whatever? I just can't get into it. Like I said, I don't even know how to do the Battledome thing, and apparently you have to do it many, many times to get what you need.
  4. More Purple haze

    This was fun at first, but now it is just annoying. I don't battle in Battledome. Never have. I don't want to spend a fortune in NP to get potions, because everyone has jacked up the prices on the components. They need to wind this up or give the pacifists on Neopets another way to play.
  5. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    They were working. I have them in my primary account. I wonder what caused the glitch?
  6. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    Is anyone else having problems with the Basic Black Floor Tiles? I can't get them to load into the Shed to use in my Neohome. My husband tried on his page as well with no luck.
  7. Aisha Day

    Thank you. I did go to Cap'n Threelegs for training.
  8. Aisha Day

    If there is a thread for this, I couldn't find it. What happens on specific pet days? Today is Aisha day. I have two Aishas. What is special for them today? This topic has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk). This topic has been posted in the wrong area and has been moved from General Chat to Neopets Help. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED.
  9. Dressing up my Neopets and decorating my Neohomes are my favorite things to do on the site. That's what I spend my NP and rare NC on. I think they need to fix the glitches and make more items available. Some are not even in galleries to look at.
  10. Spread the love

    Happy New Year! Glad you are back to playing again. I've been playing on and off for over 16 years.
  11. The one big thing that jumps out at me is the ridiculous prices for neopoint items. Seriously, millions of points for a paintbrush? They shouldn't be so expensive or rare. That's a big part of the fun with a neopet. It's frustrating not to be able to get a white or brown paintbrush, without having to spend millions of neopoint. And the neohomes need work. So many items are glitched. They never followed through on the additional walls and windows. You can't get curtains! It would be nice if all the neohome and garden items worked in both types of neohomes.
  12. issues with neohome

    I have several items that are glitched. Is there any way to fix them? They just leave a shadow on the floor and I can't even put them back in the shed. Can anyone help with this?
  13. Hi! I'm incredibly awkward! :D

    Welcome Rissa! Don't feel bad ... I'm 58 and I love Neopets!
  14. Rehoming my Cybunny

    Thank you very much for Miisha. She is now a Christmas Cybunny and with a Christmas petpet. They live in a beautiful home on Terror Mountain where it is always Christmas!
  15. Happy Wocky Day!

    How do the special days for the neopets work?