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  1. Thank you. That makes sense to me now.
  2. hrtbrk, the Sunny Side Up Negg is there from the first day. If you don't get the negg, how can you use the magic dust on it?
  3. Tonight I chose the Squeegee Painted Negg and the Negg Hat. However, the Squeegee Painted Negg did not show up in my inventory. This happened to me last year as well. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a solution? Trea
  4. I voted for number 2 because I feel that pose is more in keeping with the way pets are portrayed in the plots and other pictures on the site. Plus, to me, dresses on the Aishas, Wockies and Kougras just don't look right. I would prefer more "action" poses for all my pets.
  5. I don't know why anyone would judge you. I, personally, rarely use the user lookup. I have only a vague idea of what my lookups say and I have been playing forever.
  6. I can't bear to let him eat any of my petpets.
  7. I have acquired over the years 5 Holiday Snowballs. I dont have any " Really Warm Holiday Mittens" to open them nor does the NC Mall have any? Any suggestions?
  8. Thanks. I have never battled anything in the Battledome. I wouldn't even know how to begin.
  9. I have a question. Can you just change their gender? Aren't you taking the chance that it will change the pet into another species? I thought it was totally random.
  10. I got so busy that I missed doing the Advent Calendar yesterday. (December 18) Could someone tell me what the prizes were? Thanks.
  11. I thought that was odd as well. I wonder if it is just a glitch they will fix later on?
  12. If the Powers That Be know you are buying codes or anything else from Ebay, they will lock your account. Anything from outside Neopets is strictly forbidden and they don't generally give you a second chance.
  13. I agree with you about Neopets and this forum. It is a sweet little place to visit and get away from the nonsense in the "real" world. And it is a safe place to comment on life in general, if you want. Welcome back. I hope you will continue on with Neopets. I've been playing since 2001, thanks to my children. They don't play anymore, but I am still here. It is a nice escape for me.
  14. I got one or two Scrap Metal items in Moltara, but I ended up buying them in order to make the robot petpets.
  15. What would I need to do? Transfer him to you? I think "Ghost" would be nice. He lives in the Haunted Woods.
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