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  1. Trea

    Faerie Festival

    So, has anyone seen anything different for the Faerie Festival? I have gone to the Faerieland page several times today, but so far, nothing.
  2. 33 and 66. (I didn't count how many have already submitted.) You are very generous. Thanks.
  3. Could you give them away? In a gift box?
  4. It's so cute! I love Alien Aishas. How DO you get one?
  5. Trea

    Mystery Portal...

    @Kute Midnight_spell360 gave me the Gold and Electric Dragoyles!! They're so cute. Trea
  6. Trea

    NC items giveaway!

    @indiechiquegeek I would love to have the Starry Wreath Wig if it is still available. So nice of you to do this. Trea
  7. Trea

    Chia MP/Chia Pop Inflation

    I think greed is the main motivation in the cost inflation. Some sellers price their items at incredibly (and ridiculously) high prices. Paintbrushes, in particular, shouldn't cost so much. I think Trudy's Surprise is a great help to players who don't battle all the time. It allows us to do neohomes and dress up our pets without spending neocash or waiting years to do it.
  8. Trea

    Mystery Portal...

    @Nielo I did get some random things. I don't even remember what they were now, but no Dragoyle. *sigh* I may buy one.
  9. Trea

    Mystery Portal...

    @Kute said "Were you not able to get one from the event? I think two (the regular and the electric) go for like 20K ish right now in shops." I never saw an option. I did get the jewelry boxes but no offer of a petpet. I did miss a day. Was it only on one day?
  10. Trea

    Mystery Portal...

    It's kind of cute. I got two different scripts from the little Kacheek so far, and found the portals on Coltzan's Shrine, The Giant Omelette, The Jelly, Discarded Blue Plushie of Prosperity, and the Fruit Machine. I like this kind of game. I really enjoyed looking for the little Dragoyles. I would love one as a petpet.
  11. Trea

    Random NC item giveaway

    I would like to have a Clockwork Eyepatch Facepaint. Thank you so much for being generous.
  12. Trea

    Suggestions for a new Neopet

    Thanks to everyone who answered. I was thinking about what could I start with and dress up until I can get a potion or paintbrush. I would LOVE a Halloween Kougra (I love Kougras), but I'm not ready to spend that many NP for a paintbrush. I would like a Ruki maybe or a Quiggle. Having trouble deciding.
  13. I have a Korbat who lives in the Haunted Woods. As I have created her neohome, I see it as a haunted B and B, with room for three guests. I would like her to have a companion. Should I give her a boy Korbat as a roommate, or another kind of creature to live in one of the other rooms. What would be a good neopet to live in the Haunted Woods? I hope someday to get Halloween paint brushes or morphing potions. Any suggestions?
  14. Trea

    Hello! Also, Question.

    The crosswords don't update every day. They will post the answers in a day or two.
  15. Actually, I have never received anything at all. She's never there.