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  1. Trea

    New Userlookup Shields Found!

    Not to sound too dumb (I hope) but where do you find them?
  2. Trea

    Neohome Walls

    UndeadNinjbit posted: This is base on the Sims why because I'm sick and tried of users using calk boards and posters as the way to make a wall and a room. So I made this walls and someday going to make stairs so neohome can expand more like the Classic Neohomes and Expanding a neohome will cost more NC. The walls you get to make a room for each neopet from the bedroom or living room will cost 10,000 NPs maybe sometimes a bathroom. Are you submitting this as an idea for the staff to consider doing? Or is something users can do on their own? How does this work? I'm really tired of chalkboards and posters for walls. And the black floor tiles are glitched now too.
  3. Trea

    Stuck neopets

    a_niehaus said: I can still interact with them outside of it. The neohome app is basically treating it like a glitched piece of furniture --- it says it's in the neohome, but it's not showing up and there's no way for me to put them back into the shed so I can place them again. Sorry about the confusion. I have the same exact problem with one of my neopets. She just disappeared one day.
  4. Trea

    Will I Have to Cut it all of?

    I think a neat neat braid or bun would be fine, and would keep it out of your face on a busy day. When we bought our house, the realtor had long hair and it always looked neat and professiona, even when she left it loose. Your hair is beautiful, by the way.
  5. Trea

    It is just me myself and I ... lalalaaaaa

    Welcome back! I took a semi-hiatus for several years, but I play every day now.
  6. Trea

    Fesitval of Neggs Is Here!

    It's at the Rainbow Fountain, not the Rainbow Pool. I finally got it! Yay!!!
  7. Trea

    Fesitval of Neggs Is Here!

    That button isn't populating for me. The page is blank there.
  8. Trea

    Fesitval of Neggs Is Here!

    I don't see a green "join the Negg Hunt" button. Where is it? Is that the same as the "Let's Go Negg Hunting?".
  9. Trea

    Fesitval of Neggs Is Here!

    I went to the Festival of Neggs page. I clicked on the Mysterious Magical Neggs. I clicked on Search for Magical Neggs. I went to Neopia Central, then the Rainbow Pool. Still nothing. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Trea

    Fesitval of Neggs Is Here!

    Same here. I went there. Nothing. Refreshed the page. Nothing. Help please
  11. Trea

    Charity Corner 2018: Perks Shop Opens!

    I didn't donate very much so I only got a "thanks for participating" trophy, 2000 NP and a battered couch, but that's cool. (I usually discard or donate things I don't like, so I didn't have much to donate anyway.) How much do you need to donate to get really good stuff? And what were some of the prizes? I will save up for next year.
  12. I have a ton of gift boxes I want to get rid of. How can you do that? I tried to donate them to Charity Corner, but that wasn't possible. Also I have some NC items on a side account. How can I move them to another account. The pet they were for has been transferred and I wanted them to go with her.
  13. Trea

    Old Member Coming Back

    Don't feel too old. I'm 58. I've been playing Neopets for nearly 17 years, on and off. Welcome back.
  14. Trea

    Charity Corner 2018 Is Here!

    I'm new to the Charity Corner as well. How do you find the rarity of an item? And do you just put the item in inventory then go to Granny's to donate it?
  15. Trea

    Show off your galleries!

    @Granny63020Thank you for the great advice! I have started alphabetizing my galleries!