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    Neopets, baking, reality TV shows

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  1. juliakare


    Hey Kittyours - welcome back! I really like your username. I sent you a neofriend request (my username is juliakare)!
  2. juliakare

    So, what are you listening to now?

    I'm curious, what German pop music do you listen to? I like listening to different country's music - be it Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Spanish but haven't really researched any German songs! Also I'm learning French right now and I love love love Stromae. :)
  3. juliakare


    Welcome back! Starting over is frustrating - I'm sending you good vibes and good luck! (I'm not sure if I have any luck though haha) I love reading too! What's your favorite book? Mine is Oliver Twist.
  4. juliakare

    The ALP

    Oh dear 100 forum posts sounds daunting. I've added that onto my "goal list" - should come easier than 20 million nps haha. I was approved today! With less than 25 forum posts, no less.
  5. juliakare

    Beauty Contest Avatar

    Thanks guys! After checking previous winners, apparently I won the Kiko species contest for 08/11. I checked neoboards too and I have the avatar - there just wasn't a neomail informing me like I expected.
  6. juliakare

    Battle Set Upgrade?

    Yeah I guess training agility isn't worthwhile from a time / np standpoint - it just irks me if one stat falls behind the others. I'll look into the agility battledome weapons, and if they're not amazing, I'll stop training agility after graduating from Dubloons.
  7. juliakare

    TDN Members - What is your "Dream Pet"?

    Garlic Kiko - but it's lab ray exclusive :(
  8. juliakare

    Battle Set Upgrade?

    My pet has similar stats (Lvl: 27 Str: 52 Def: 52 End: 52 Agi: 51) and I use two turned tooths, which cost ~100K each. If you're planning on fighting the Kreludian bot, I could defeat him easily with a Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer and Snowager Sword, both of which are very very cheap. With two turned tooth, however, I can comfortably defeat the Koi Warrior, which drops more codestones.
  9. juliakare

    The ALP

    Are there any requirements for Fyora Queen Doll lending? I saw forum posts and avatar requirements for other higher value items so I was wondering if the same applied to the Doll.
  10. juliakare

    Returning after 3 years

    Welcome back! As you noticed, games like Habitarium and KeyQuest are gone. Sniffle :'( But on the bright side, there's rumors on a new plot, which is very exciting.
  11. juliakare

    Hating your pet's name

    On Kiko day I was so excited to own a limited edition pet that I rushed through neopets creation in like 2 minutes, still a personal record! It was my second neopet, the first I named after myself, so fittingly I decided to name the second after my younger sister. At the end of the day, if all went to plan, I would be the proud owner of a red kiko named Karen24680. Except I rushed through creation so quickly that I misspelled her name. Kare24680 instead of Karen24680. Admittedly, it wasn't a horrible screwup, but I still facepalm thinking about it. And then facepalm again for not creating another kiko that day with the correct name.
  12. juliakare

    What is that one avie you just can't seem to get?

    Every single game avatar ... but I've accepted that it might take years of practice before I improve to avatar level, if at all. Yep, I'm that bad at games >.< For some reason the haiku avatar refuses to cooperate with me - I refreshed on the page for 5-10 minutes every day for the past three days and still nothing.
  13. juliakare

    Debate on stocks

    Same for me - buy low (15/16) sell high (60). I'm not very consistent with it, especially after I started food club, so sometimes I'll come back to my portfolio after a few months, pleasantly surprised that a stock has rose to 100+!
  14. juliakare

    Beauty Contest Avatar

    Last week I entered a Kiko drawing in the beauty contest. I read online that the top 3 drawings earn an avatar. However, there were only three entries so does that mean those three would automatically receive the avatar? I'm asking because the new beauty contest is up and running, and I haven't seen anything indicating that I get the avatar.
  15. juliakare

    Classic paper books - Time to retire?

    I always read paper books when available. The gentle crunch of a page flips feels so satisfying, plus it brings about the nostalgia of pleasant childhood afternoons. It also adds an extra something that reading online books or pdfs lacks - when I read I imagine myself as part of the book's separate universe, and being on an online device with access to the internet and billions of other people takes away from that magical feeling. I almost always ask for used books for presents. They're terrifically cheap at library sales or on thriftbooks, plus I feel personal gratification at the thought that somebody before me enjoyed the same story, and that I (and others) will continue to derive happiness from that story. I mean, everyone can enjoy the same story online too, but the history of a paper book is more personal. Maybe it was a cherished bedtime story, maybe it was a birthday gift from a beloved relative, or passed down from parent to child. It's harder to attach memories to an online version.