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  1. Almost lost it

    I actually like the shoyru more than the photo beside it. The shoyru is just so cute :)
  2. Robinchan33's Art Thread

    That fish bone is amazing! It makes me want to get that pet, lol.
  3. do you do this at the shop wizard ?

    I'm a penny pincher. If it means saving 1 NP, I'll do it. In my own shop, I used to refresh the shop wizard like crazy and price my items 1-5 less than the lowest, but that takes forever so now I use one of the neopet fansites to find prices.
  4. Meet DARKMO0N , my new Vandagyre

    Dark side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, or something from Star Wars.
  5. Meet Gelaxi , my New Peophin

    That's amazing! SO beautiful. Do it, she looks so cool.
  6. I don't spend it, I just like getting the interest and having neopoints to use as collateral for ALP lends. But I do like to buy books, and the occasional pretty item. I finally got my birthday alabriss <3.
  7. Hottest Pet Ever

    She's so cute! I mean hot. She does kind of look like the Carolina Reaper.
  8. What are your Autumn plans?

    I like to take out the innards and roast the seeds, then I invite some friends over and we all carve the pumpkin together. If I did it myself, I would get bored, lol.
  9. Avatars: What have you got?

    I only have 195 :( No pet lends for me.
  10. What are your Autumn plans?

    We like to visit all the churches that are having Halloween gatherings. In a rural area, it's really the best option in order to find concentrations of candy. I also try to go to the cake walk every year and stay until I win something. My personal tradition is to have a small Halloween party and carve a pumpkin (if you don't want to have to clean up a mess, do it outside) and play a certain card game.
  11. DoN has been broken for years. They may never fix it, but who knows.
  12. I think it would be much better to do it earlier. Red just seems more economical.
  13. Unreleased Baby Chia Morphing Potion

    Oh, I think I get it now. The top, the "superhero mask", is a pacifier pointed upwards. Pacifiers have those two holes at the base for some purpose. The mustache also looks like a bow, and so does the pacifier. The bikini top is the arms. The universal charging port is the belly button. Reminds me of a blue kacheek.
  14. Unreleased Petpets!

    I need the Mutant Werhond. I just do.
  15. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Or there might be an avatar, possibly.... ;)