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  1. Welcome back! I am new to both but loving it so far! Enjoy your time here.
  2. naime

    What's your Achievement today?

    Yes, absolutely! And I've been stopping when I win maximum neopoints so far, but I assume that you can carry on playing and just not getting neopoints from it? I can't see how people would manage scores in the millions in just one month otherwise?
  3. naime

    What's your Achievement today?

    I am working on Neggsweeper, I would eventually like to get a trophy for the cumulative (obviously a long way off but I want to keep trying). I have been playing everyday so far and I find it quite fun. I also won an avatar for Meerca chase! I followed the guide here and jellyneo.
  4. naime

    New TDN Forum Member :)

    Welcome! Everyone here is very welcoming and friendly!
  5. naime

    Recycling - JS style!

    Thank you for replying. You all may be excited to see the new Faerie Festival page has been "destroyed" by vandals! There's a notice from the Faerie Queen, also there is a new theme on the site as well.
  6. naime

    Recycling - JS style!

    I feel bad for them, I've noticed people complaining on the neoboards about most things, and I know I am new and no expert but it seems like they do things and people complain and when they don't do things, people complain. They seem to be in a lose/lose situation from where I'm sitting. While I agree that they shouldn't make an item that costs real money available as a NP item because there is no point in paying money for it in the end, maybe they are super short staffed? Just my thoughts, sorry if I'm out of place as a newbie here.
  7. naime

    Faerie Festival Is Here!

    I didn't get the avatar but I only joined on the 24th. Congrats to everyone.
  8. naime

    Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Will we have until the end of today to visit? I started just after the event started so I think I won't get a prize. :(
  9. naime

    Hello, newbie here

    Thank you both too! Yes, Chi's Sweet Home. It's very cute, I recommend it. ^^
  10. naime

    Hello, newbie here

    Thank you both for the welcome, I am excited to be part of everything.
  11. naime

    So, what are you listening to now?

    I enjoy kpop at the moment, I like Red Velvet's song Red Flavor, it's super catchy!
  12. Hi there, I'm new here and also to Neopets - my friend introduced me. I heard about it before but never joined, now I have some spare time I thought I would give it a try. I like the games so far! Everything is so cute. Nice to meet you.
  13. naime

    Happy Poogle Day!

    I love the colours, very cute. I'd like a Candy Poogle.