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  1. Welcome to December and Advent Calendar Begins!

    Clicked randomly today and got Snowflake Cake xD
  2. Welcome to December and Advent Calendar Begins!

    My additional prize was "ice cereal." Hmm, good thing I am not too hungry yet this morning!
  3. New Plot

    @balloongal247Thank you, I thought it felt a little small and rushed, haha. Been a very long time since I've done a proper plot on neo! :)
  4. New Plot

    I just had a chance to do all the current steps and I have to ask, is that it? Nothing for our profiles? :(
  5. What Are You Playing?

    I am replaying Dragon Age Origins then going through the rest of the series again. Almost done DAO and will be onto number two soon. (In mom time that could be any time in the next month). I also tend to bounce around World of Warcraft and Maplestory randomly, but usually more near March. I do play another petsite but I cannot recall the specific rules here on mentioning names so I'll just leave it at that. :)
  6. Christmas Trees

    We are a fake tree household I really love the white trees and coloring them up with blue, purple, or pink lights and decorations! I usually put the white one on the porch and everyone can see it, but our trees have grown up too much now, haha. This year only the green one is up...looks a little bare compared to normal since the 4 yr old did all the decorating xD I love Christmas season - winter in general. It usually leads to more quality time playing board games, cards, watching Christmas movies together etc. Summer is great for vacations and outdoor fun but I am more of an inside girl. My sister usually gets a Douglas Fir for her house each year, but I'll stick with our fake ones we grew up with.
  7. Captchas going away?

    I saw this the other day and was pretty excited, even if temporary is a nice relief. Especially when playing mystery member games and you have to check a ton of lookups, lol.
  8. Yo

    Welcome back to neopets! Is there any particular aspect of the site you enjoy the most, or are you still poking around to gauge your level of interest?
  9. New TDN Forum Member :)

    @lilhouseinthewoods Midnight Cat & Mouseykins gave some really great advice - sorry I am late in chiming in from now until January can be super busy in the household with holidays, vacations, planning etc. To me the easiest method is not to worry about hitting the 25 posts, simply look for topics that you find interesting. I lurk the introductions section a lot since it is always nice to meet new people and I feel a lot of greetings from forum members can help give someone a pleasant first impression. That being said - don't try to find 25 threads in introductions and spam them. There are rules to follow to make sure you aren't just posting willy nilly. Neopets general chat, neopets help, and general chat are all great places to start slowly at. Especially if you're not usually a forum person. In general chats you'll find more laid back conversation (and some sillyness!) and in neopets help, if you see a new thread you may be able to help a person figure out there problem which is always a bonus (for yourself, it won't affect the ALP standing I think). Happy posting and looking forward to seeing you around!
  10. New to TDN; Neopets Veteran

    Welcome to the TDN forums, Ally! Everyone here is pretty relaxed and friendly, I am sure you will enjoy it
  11. hi I'm new

    Have you ever watched escaflowne? I loved that anime and it really was what got me into them Watched gundam wing (original) around then too and vampire princess miyu. I really think I tend to like odd ones most people never watched, lol.
  12. Hi I'm New

    Lupe is my main pet! I love desert ones Do you have a favorite color?
  13. The Kindness Project needs Staff!

    I am completely OK with just a zapper Thanks for the consideration and prompt response!
  14. Hey

    Hello @Animeee is there anything you would like to share with us about yourself? What brought you to TDN? Favorite aspect of neopets?
  15. Transferring a stealthy pet?

    I only play with clothes on my two main pets thankfully, hehe! Or I would probably forget what was originally with the pet or not xD We did the transfer and if I check the pet page it shows the stealthy clothes on it, but on the user profile page it isn't displaying them. I am thinking they may need to just visit the wardrobe to get them to show. So overall, I think my first zap + sending over a dream pet seems to have went well! Thanks for the help and advice