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  1. What are your Autumn plans?

    @eloralestrangeOh boy, I love roasted pumpkin seeds. They are delicious although we probably add way more salt than we should... >.> I think it is great you have friends over to do it too, it is a great activity to do together Even if it can get messy, lol @babayaga67 I hope you were able to find the pumpkins!
  2. Yay For Being Together 21 Years!!

    Happy 21st! My parents are one of the few whom have been together for ages. I think they are at over 30 years now married? Somewhere around 33 years - completely crazy! I hope we all get so lucky as them and you and yours <3
  3. Trick or Treat?

    Oh, this is interesting! I actually never got to participate in this event. Thanks for the head's up that it exists - I'll go check the main site out.
  4. Pretty much agree with most people here on how to make money - Food club + stocks In your case though if you are earning enough interest to buy some books (since that is your goal) each day, it is a good time to start working on them. For myself personally I don't have any large/expensive goals yet so I will continue to hoard hoard hoard, hehe. This is a tendency I have on most sites I play when it comes to money. I'll use/keep any 'extras' from quests etc that I can use (stamps, books) but hoard the money! I wish you luck with your book goals <3
  5. My name is Cordelia

    Hello @cordeliaviolet. Welcome to the forums :) Social work is a fantastic area to explore! I started out in psych but then was thinking social work was the way to go in the end. Ended up in business, lol. Funny how things work out like that. Now it's my husband with the Social Work minor. Glad you have a guild you like, that helps keep one around and interested!
  6. What are your Autumn plans?

    @babayaga67 oops sorry, I often forget to name the specific one! It was Dollar Tree. They aren't tiny, but not really that big either. Definitely could carve a full face if desired etc.
  7. What are your Autumn plans?

    @balloongal247 *giggles* No worries! I've done similar countless times before. We just hit up the dollar store and I found the carvable, foam, pumpkins! Got a couple for the kids to just play with this time. An idea I had that you may like @babayaga67 If anyone likes puzzles, you could spread a small puzzle out among the pumpkins then have a get together to put the puzzle together
  8. What are your Autumn plans?

    @balloongal247 Says right in her post she went to an Orchard. xD
  9. What are your Autumn plans?

    @Zafie That sounds like it was a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Yum yum! Our orchards actually do let you pick your apples. Is that common to not be done over there or just at that particular place you went to? We were supposed to do the wagon ride and pumpkins last weekend but someone was sick - so this weekend indeed! I see you're a Winter fan. Snowballs or snowmen fan? xD
  10. What are your Autumn plans?

    Sorry for disappearing! Lots of moving being done in the house over the next week or so <3 *** @babayaga67 Stickers has been our go-to in the headstart since they aren't allowed candy, haha. Glad the idea was of help! I actually forgot about / didn't consider using real little pumpkins. We do have one farm locally which sells them too so I should hit them up before they are all gone! Thanks for the reminder Maybe I will use some spare easter eggs and save the orange ones...and consider them pumpkins for next year. xD @eloralestrange Pumpkin carving! How could I forget this? Always seems like the kids start it and we finish though Do you do designs too or just carving out the innards? That is a clever idea for the candy!
  11. What are your Autumn plans?

    @babayaga67 That is a great idea! I saw similar in headstart event suggestions (while I was looking some up for this year). Never thought to turn it into like an egg hunt! May I ask where you found some mini pumpkins at to hide the goodies in? I think we will do that this year too on Halloween morning. I might put stickers in them though since as you mentioned - plenty will come from trick or treating!
  12. Blast from the Past

    @jaydeed That is awful about the codes! :( After you mentioned that though I think that was why I ended up getting the stickers (and further recollection it was stickers and paper...like stationary set). I believe it was one of few items where the code wasn't easily accessible since I was worried about people stealing codes too. I think that was a big problem at the time. :/ Sadly, I got rid of it a few years ago since my son had no interest in it I do have a lot of their cards though!
  13. I have returned to NP, but am brand-new here

    @samuraimom Haha, love the parallel between your pets and kids When it comes to neo I mostly play the stocks, food club, and chat with my guild. My guild helped keep me around neo instead of floating off like I usually do - having that contact helps a lot! Still trying to refind my complete passion on there. Haven't found it yet. On my original account it used to be avatars and I'd spend an insane amount of time working on game avatars (12+ hours on meepit juice break zen mode...) So trying not to get sucked back down that rabbit hole, lol. No time as an adult!
  14. What are your Autumn plans?

    For my family the beginning of October signifies a special time. We often do hay wagon rides to pumpkin patches, corn mazes, enjoying apple cider, and of course Halloween and all that entails! Does your family do this? Did you in the past? What are some of your Autumn traditions?
  15. new to tdn, returning to neopets

    @nyandere Welcome back to neopets! There are quite a few rejoiners coming around lately (myself included although it's been a few months since my return). If any of the new stuff confuses you don't be afraid to ask questions!