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  1. Charity Corner 2018 Is Here!

    @Nielo Thanks for all the info :) I can only hope to get a decent trophy and maybe an avatar out of this in the end (since we don't know the official avatar for this year or how to get it). Fingers crossed! I didn't participate last year so it is all new to me ^.^

    Oh wow, hope this gets sorted out soon! Sorry you lost some NP in the process. :(
  3. Charity Corner 2018 Is Here!

    I had heard you needed to donate 5 days in a row with at least 100 donations. Tomrorow is my 5th day so I was really hoping that was it I planned to stop at 2k points since the trophy seemed to be the highest at that pointage last year. Anyone else know differently?
  4. Pet Lends Suspended for April!

    @Mouseykins Aww, the poor peanut. I am glad they are doing what they can to make it less stressful and wish her speedy recovery and hope momma can maintain her sanity during all this! Goodluck with the party as well!
  5. Pet Lends Suspended for April!

    Little late posting this, but hope everything is OK with the family and you are able to get everything done that you need to :) Thank you for all the time you dedicate to this large project.
  6. New achievement

    I am joining the bandwagon of hoping it is based on what we already cleared, haha. I am very tired of spending money to make these concoctions
  7. Fiendish Formations- Let's help each other out.

    Missed the avatar due to time confusion :( Otherwise, yay!
  8. Fiendish Formations- Let's help each other out.

    Question: Anyone know why days 2 and 3 have checkmarks, but not day one? Is it because I did day 1 on day 2?
  9. Painkillers taking a dangerous step backwards?

    Whew, this topic! Can I say how nice (and horrible in its own way) that I know exactly what you mean @Mouseykins about a child coughing so much they get sick. My little cousin is like this and has been since we took him in at 18 months. I think it is a bad gag reflex. He doesn't do it so much now when he is awake, but in the evening if he has a cough...we can be up several times a night cleaning and doing laundry. And there was no medicine for his age to help!!! Flavoring in general - look, this same kid was on so many meds due to his living situation (he certainly didn't need them) he was even begging to be allowed to have the nasty stuff (stuff when he has to take now he hates it). For me overall a tasty medicine leads to less fights which leads to medication actually being administered properly (as oppose to wearing most of it as mentioned above). When I was a kid they had this Ghost buster toothpaste with a picture of slimer on it and I LOVED THE STUFF. It tasted freaking amazing just like candy and I would eat it in the bathroom, LOL. So they discontinued it (probably for this very reason) but before that my mom just stopped buying it since it wasn't like a medicine she could lock up (well, she could but it wouldn't stop me from eating instead of brushing, ya know?) Ultimately, as long as the parent is responsible and keeps the stuff away while the kid is at the age to not understand nothing should be of concern. Nothing wrong with making life a little easier. And if an accident does happen? I believe someone posted above the typical amount in a package of the children's stuff wouldn't cause death. Might make them sick though (upset stomach). I mean heck they sell children's pepto and they aren't even supposed to take it (oops on my end!) Accidents happen no matter how cautious you may be. =)
  10. Defeating Malum

    As a person whom is horrible at keeping up with plots in a timely fashion (working on it!) I can appreciate the fact I can still do some things at a later date (unlike healing...missed out on a couple of those!) However, I would also have completely understood if once they were beaten...it was over and I missed my part. I would have been sad though ;( So although it is a little sloppy, I can still appreciate it haha. Fought Malum again today and whew, it's intense even though I am only doing it one hit a day.
  11. Defeating Malum

    Hey all! I started the throw pillow method today and still have 4-5 days of tackling him to kill him. My question is: if the next part of the plot comes out before then (I don't know the usual day it updates) will I still be able to continue the battle since I am already in it?
  12. Avatars: What have you got?

    Joining the rest of you! I always seem to miss day specific ones. @lojoco49 If you copy the text starting with the word "something" then just come paste it here you should be good :) copy - ctrl+c paste - ctrl+v Just in case you don't know the shortcut keys Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Evil Jhudora' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  13. Help with moving items

    OK from my understanding - make sure to sell all stocks etc so you have everything done and over with. Then you can do it through trades (fastest way is using two browsers to be logged in at the same time). Now - make sure you link both accounts to the same email. After the transfer is done, make sure not to do any dailies on the new defunct account etc. Before doing this though wait on confirmation from another member this is still OK to do. My info is a few years old.
  14. what's wrong with Google Chrome ??!!

    I was going to check my version until I saw it'll update immediately. I'll um, wait a bit to be sure! I am curious about this new browser (Vivaldi) I mean even the name is a great thing. <3 Thanks for all the info and warning!
  15. Hello there

    Welcome back to the lovely world of neo :) Hope you find some enjoyment there again and enjoy visiting with us here on the forums.