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  1. samuraimom

    Kiko Pop not working for me?

    Thanks @Scoobert_Doo !!!!!!! Krawk Island has returned from its tour of Limbo.
  2. samuraimom

    Avatars: Need help?

    OK, never mind. Neoboards came through. Advised me to use tinypic instead of bit.ly, and page works like a charm now. *phew* Now I can go back to earning a living in the real world!
  3. samuraimom

    Avatars: Need help?

    The Baby Pteri avvie (cracked.gif) is breaking my petpage because it has the word "crack" in it. (I put the page together over ten years ago; somebody on the Neoboards said they had really cracked (heh) down on their HTML and suggested a link-shortener.) "Yay," thought I. But bit.ly's gibberish is also illegal. Weirdly, the page still runs, but I can't update it because of TNT's own potty mouth. TNT unresponsive. Any ideas, please? Here's my (kinda puerile looking now) page: http://www.neopets.com/~SamuraiRiff Avvvies are at bottom. (For the curious, I finally used a potion and now Riff is a Pirate Wocky and doesn't get zapped anymore.)
  4. samuraimom

    I have returned to NP, but am brand-new here

    @okkusu: I am too new here to figure out how to do that, so I went and copied what Scoobert_Doo said in his very kind response: Best of luck to you! I can add that if you use other browsers, usually Googling "Firefox" (or whatever) "Flash problem" should get you to the requisite place. Sometimes the hardest part of any problem is how to phrase the question!
  5. samuraimom

    I have returned to NP, but am brand-new here

    Heh, whenever I run into that pipe mechanic in other games, I *still* think, "Meepits!" And that wasn't even the first time I'd run into that game! There's something about the little sounds they make. I didn't know there was an avatar . . . *slaps self* OK, yes. You're right. Absolutely no time as an adult!
  6. samuraimom

    I have returned to NP, but am brand-new here

    etrnldarkness, that's a good question! It fulfills some sort of hidden acquisitiveness. Filling my SDB was a peak experience for me, as was making my first million NP. (This latter came at a bad time--I was manning the front desk at my office, and yelled "Woohoo! I don't *think* anybody heard me . . .) And nurturing--making sure my pets are fed and trying to raise their intelligence levels. (OMG that *is* how I raised my kids LOL!) What about you?
  7. My daughter and I joined Neopets one night in I think '04 because we were bored. Little did I know . . . it was one of my main play outlets during my dissertation. Then life went all to heck for a while & I drifted away from my pets and fat bank account and carefully acquired STUFF. I would check in every year or so, but weirdly it took Flight Rising to bring me back--I was having fun over there, and it made me homesick for Neopia. tl;dr: I was away for 8+ years, but came back. Woohoo! And thanks to the nice people on the forum who diagnosed my Flash problem!
  8. samuraimom

    Hi (back after *I don't know how long*)

    Hey, me too! Playing Neopets during my PhD, I mean. I joined supposedly with my daughter, but would keep a couple of tabs open in the library. It was like throwing a cuddle toy into my backpack. *sigh* As your fellow returnee, welcome back!
  9. samuraimom

    customize page went poof

    Thank you both for your prompt responses! It is working again for me for some reason and Hippogriffsrockneo (I didn't name him!) is no longer dressed as *shudder* Elderlyboy.
  10. samuraimom

    customize page went poof

    http://www.neopets.com/customise/ isn't there anymore, at least not for me on Chrome. I came back several months ago after eight years or so and it's been like touring a decaying building, but at least the Closet was still working. I've tried to get to the working page through every sneaky backdoor I could think of. Help? Please? My beautiful Electric Peophin is still wearing the old man suit the lab ray gave him when he was colored Old (I forget what they called it).