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  1. Ugh! I thought something was glitching with my computer with clicking on Angelpuss and then getting an error message... I love reading those books to my neopets! I hope that those who did get it are auctioning these books!
  2. Hi and welcome! So happy to have you here officially! Feel free to add me! I'm a daily player and I love coming to TDN just to read the forums and participate.
  3. Praise be the day!!! I'm actually super happy that the fog is lifted! Thank you to everyone that played that very VERY long Wraith Resurgance! I'm sure your final prizes were worth all the struggle and length of the plot!
  4. I love the clean look of this theme! Very nice! Didn't even know you could change themes! lol
  5. I would totally go for the Woodland Uni! Hope that helps! I want to make my Chomby Woodland. Looks soooooo pretty!
  6. I took on AAA's challenge cause I'm actually pretty good at Ice Cream Machine! Wow my computer was SO laggy!!! It would skip while I was moving around and then I would get caught in a barrage of scoops!!! Did not make the challenge score for that one! I have learned my lesson and will try Scoobert_Doo's tips! Great tips! I will also set my expectations for my skills of these games down a bit hahahaha!
  7. Welcome! I know I've said this in posts past but it's true; the community on TDN is like nothing else! Everyone wants to help and give their opinion (without being rude or demeaning). I have been with this community since I started playing every day again. I played when I was like 6 or 7 and it was with a couple friends and now only my best friend and I (who played along with me at 6 or 7) play. She isn't as active as I am but, she loves it too! Other than her, I have no real life friends that play it. I found some awesome people on this community site and it's updated so often! Welcome and feel free to add me up! Fingers crossed on your baby Gelert!!!
  8. Welcome to an awesome community!!! I hope that you have an awesome time on Neopets! Who are your pets you've chosen? What is your favorite thing about Neopets that keeps you coming back to it?Feel free to add me as a neofriend!
  9. I just took a look at all the comments on your thread! I have hair that is about mid back and I work the front desk at a travel agency. I would agree with pretty much everyone in saying that it's all about your professional attitude, care and attention to your clients. Keep up with neatness and keeping things polished looking but, don't lose who you are and your star quality personality! Hope my two cents helps!
  10. First off, congrats on getting a fountain faerie!!! Super lucky! I think my top three for your krawk would be: Candy, Eventide, Transparent Hope that helps! Can't wait to see what you've chosen!
  11. That's so awesome!! You're gonna have the best time with your new laptop! I can't wait to get mine in the summer for university! It's gonna be lightning fast so I can play Diablo, Warcraft and Sims!! Congrats on you're awesome purchase!
  12. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all the love on my very first post! And all the suggestions. After a lot of thinking and looking at every single colour for my Lutari I chose.................... drum roll please............... MARACTITE PAINT COLOUR!
  13. I also have a Cybunny, Chomby and Poogle that I can use the fountain faerie with too. I love the Woodland Chomby and Cybunny too! It's so hard to choose! The last time this happened to me I chose to paint my Shoyru in to Stealth.
  14. I feel so lucky!! I was able to snag a Lutari this morning and after I finished the quest (which was from the Grey Faerie) I was given a free dip in the rainbow fountain!!! I would love to paint my Lutari but I need suggestions on what to paint him! I would love to get everyone's opinion!!!
  15. Welcome back to Neopets!!! I recently came back from a hiatus and now working on my second consecutive year on here! feel free to add me!
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