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  1. Faerie Requests - Got a Paintbrush

    First off, congrats on getting a fountain faerie!!! Super lucky! I think my top three for your krawk would be: Candy, Eventide, Transparent Hope that helps! Can't wait to see what you've chosen!
  2. Got a new laptop!

    That's so awesome!! You're gonna have the best time with your new laptop! I can't wait to get mine in the summer for university! It's gonna be lightning fast so I can play Diablo, Warcraft and Sims!! Congrats on you're awesome purchase!
  3. Faerie Requests - Got a Paintbrush

    Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all the love on my very first post! And all the suggestions. After a lot of thinking and looking at every single colour for my Lutari I chose.................... drum roll please............... MARACTITE PAINT COLOUR!
  4. Faerie Requests - Got a Paintbrush

    I also have a Cybunny, Chomby and Poogle that I can use the fountain faerie with too. I love the Woodland Chomby and Cybunny too! It's so hard to choose! The last time this happened to me I chose to paint my Shoyru in to Stealth.
  5. I feel so lucky!! I was able to snag a Lutari this morning and after I finished the quest (which was from the Grey Faerie) I was given a free dip in the rainbow fountain!!! I would love to paint my Lutari but I need suggestions on what to paint him! I would love to get everyone's opinion!!!
  6. It is just me myself and I ... lalalaaaaa

    Welcome back to Neopets!!! I recently came back from a hiatus and now working on my second consecutive year on here! feel free to add me!
  7. When will lutari's be available to make?

    Got my Lutari this morning! Thanks for all the help and suggestions yesterday on the pets and accounts!
  8. When will lutari's be available to make?

    Yes, I noticed that I only mentioned 4 pets. I do have 5 - my bad. I have a Chomby as well.
  9. Shall I change my shop?

    My shop has battle weapons, plushies, petpets and toys. Sometimes I'll get a higher ticket item (codestone or dubloons) that I sell for auction pricing. But all my other pricing, I think, is extremely reasonable. All my battle magic items are a set price (35-50NP) and all my plushies and toys are 25NP. I keep everything pretty low. Just trying to help out my fellow Neopians!
  10. When will lutari's be available to make?

    Wow! I would love a Lutari - but that means I would have to pound one of my pets.... I really love all of them - always wanted a Poogle and Cybunny. My Shoyru has a stealth paint on it, and I know that is one expensive brush to get (got it from a fearie quest) and the Draik I hatched.... what's a girl to do!
  11. Daily Faerie Quests Are Back!

    This morning's daily prize for me was a "Chocolate Earthrole" and I had a request from the Light Faerie - Plain Black Glasses. Done and done for today!
  12. Daily Faerie Quests Are Back!

    Got my first reward and request! Fire Faerie Globe! I love doing the faerie fortune cookie quests so this event is right up my alley! Thank you for sharing! Also got the bonus quest from the crafting faerie and I got a sweet background!
  13. Festival of Neggs: Claim Your Prizes!

    I was able to get every day's prize thanks to the guide! That thing saved me! Pretty happy I got the galaxy book and lipstick!
  14. Salutations :)

    Welcome to a great Neopets community! I love the users on here! Supportive and friendly! Add me if you'd like
  15. So something really odd happened

    SOOOOO lucky!! Great job on that little find! Who are you going to paint???