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  1. Shei

    Secret Laboratory Map

    I see. Thanks you very much :) Look like I won't break into my bank too soon lol.
  2. Shei

    Secret Laboratory Map

    Hello guys! I recently decide to buy the Secret Laboratory Map pieces but currently I only have 1.4 mil NP. Is that enough? (I already own one that costs around 50k so don't include the money for that one)
  3. Shei

    Where to start Restocking?

    Okay! Thanks you
  4. Hello! I recently though of starting to restock since it's one of the best ways to earn NP but which is the best shop for a restocker newbie like me to start off with? Also, if you have any other tips for me I would hightly appreciate them!
  5. Wow, thanks you very very much for the gift! I truly appreciate it! Yes I do have that skill! I use it everytime. Thanks you for your advice, I will follow it for sure! Strength was always my main focus but at a point it didn't let me train for it anymore, It said I need to level up my pet first and since I was a noob I kept leveling up my pet lol.
  6. Hello Aquamentis! First of all I'd like to thank you for the time you put on trying to help me! About the methods of training: I actually DO the kitchen quests every day since about 1 week and I kinda have fun doing them except that it eats my neopoints. I can't afford buying NC so the Faerie Quests are not an option. I knew from the begin that training requires a huge amount of NP that's why I was thinking of stopping or at least pause the training for awhile. I'm afraid that I'll spend much more NP than I gain from BD. This is why I asked if it worth it. This is my current Equipment : I bought the Sword and the Demise 2-3 years ago and then leaved Neopets. I recently returned so I have no idea if they are very good but they do help me win against the Koi warrior or other opponents with a similar stats. I bought the Greatest scroll very recently after someone's recommandation. Also I am interested in the Leaf Shield! How many NP would you like for it?
  7. Hey guys! I need a little help. I'm currently fighting the Koi Warrior as my daily BD and getting 2-6 codestones which I usually use for my pet's training but currently I'm running low on money... so, my questions are: Should I continue training my pet? Does it worth it? I get better rewards if I fight stronger opponents?
  8. Shei

    Let me introduce myself...

    Ohh- there are all so cool! I especially like Flower Chain Chandelier and the Ghostly Web Garland! Can I please have the Ghostly Web Garland? Thanks you very much for your kindness!
  9. Shei

    Let me introduce myself...

    Thanks you everyone for the kind words! I already feel like home here, on the forums!
  10. Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce myself: I'm Natalia but I like to use the nickname "Shei". I know Neopets since 9 or 10 years (I don't remember exactly) but I kept quiting and returning ;w; Hopefully I won't quit anymore cause I really love the game! I'm new to The Daily Neopets Forum tho but I'm excited to be here. The Reason I kept leaving NP is because I was alone. I hope here I'll finally find people I can get along with! I'd like to present you my beloved and main pet, Saekora! (Actually the SINGLE pet on my account lol) One thing I adore about Neopets are the amazing clothes! I go to Dress To Impress almost everyday to create outfits because I don't have access to NC Mall/Board and the only clothes I can get are the ones with Neopoints which are fine but they put a limit on my creativity. That's all I gotta say for now!